So if they can't play hockey than what should our favorite players be doing?

The NHL has locked out our beloved NHLers. Poor poor players might soon need to collect food stamps, beg on some dingy Ottawa street corner, or gasp…GET A JOB!!

O.K. not many NHLers are gonna be starving anytime soon, but what if…

What if NHL players had to get jobs? Here are a few ideas compiled be myself and a very creative member 19Yzerman.

Tie Domi—agression management counselor.

Eric Lindros—gay nightclub bouncer

Mathew Barnaby—the guy who changes the urinal cakes

Theo Fluery –Substance abuse counselor

Patrick Roy— Neck mobility therapist

Brett Hull—- Annoying spokes person for those miller for president of beers commercials

Donald Brashier–pianist at the night club where lindros and Barnaby work.

Chris Chelios and Rob Blake are going to try out for Starsky and Hutch part 2.

Fedorov still suffering from ANNA Deprivation Syndrome will be coaching high school girls tennis in L.A.

Peter Worel–Has taken a job with the John Wayne toilet paper company because they are both Rough, Tough and don’t take no S H I T off of nobody.

Mike Ricci—Ski instructor at VAIL for select female clientel

Anson Carter– intends to open a shop on Rodeo Drive doing hair braides for Hollywood Stars.

Please add your own ideas on what your favorite players would be doing if they had to get a real job!!