So Many Players, So Little Time!

This year could be the most interesting of any Trade Deadline of past years, mainly because of the new Salary Cap regulations. Plenty of players will be available for teams pickings mainly because of their salary or their lack of performance.Here is a list of possible Goalies who may be pcking their bags. Along with the names I will try to guess to most possible and logical destination for each of these men. Some of these players are most likely to be traded while others have been players who haven’t really been brought up but could be shipped for the right package.


Jean Sebastien Giguere– With young rookie Ilya Bryzgalov right on his heels and the recent fall off from his performance since the Ducks Stanley Cup appearance Giguere could be had for price. Most likely Destination if traded: Colorado or Detroit

Andrew Raycroft: With the pure athleticism of rookie backup Hannu Toivonen and Raycroft’s inability to get the job done lately Raycroft may be packing his bags very soon. MLD:Vancouver

Martin Biron: With his trade value very high after his terrific play of late and because of teo cheaper goalies in front of him Biron may be dealt for some young talent or D.MLD: Vancouver,Edmonton or LA

Nikolai Khabibulin: With his monsterous contract that seems to have come back to haunt the Hawks he may traded to give the cheaper Anderson a chance.MLD:Edmonton

David Aebischer: Will most likely be dealt only if another team is willing to trade a higher ranking goalie in return.MLD: Montreal

Marc Denis: With Pascal LeClaire ready to take over the starting role and Denis being to least appreciated goalie in the league it would be best for his career if he is dealt.MLD: Vancouver or Colorado

Roberto Luongo: The most wanted man in the league Luongo can win game all by himself with his magnificent skill. However, the price tag is quite high for his salary and for what FLA wants in return.MLD: Colorado, Detroit, Edmonton, Vancouver

Jose Theodore: With Huet over acheiving as of late and Theodore under achieving, Bob Gainey may pull the trigger on a Patrick Roy like deal which may end up hurting more then helping.MLD: Coloado.

Manny Fernandez/Dwayne Roloson: One of these pieces of the dynamic duo may be traded to acquire more help offensively for the club, plus with Josh Harding still waiting for his shot in the minors this deal has a high chance of happening, only problem, which one to trade? MLD: Carolina, Tampa or Philly

Curtis Joseph: The veteran may be traded to make room for David LeNeveu and could be had for a cheap price tag. MLD:Edmonton,Toronto??(insurance incase Belfour is injured during or before the plyoffs?)

Olaf Kolzig: The big man wants out of Washington and finish the last couple years of his career off with a winner.MLD: Vancouver, Colorado,Detroit

As you can see there are plenty of goalies that can be had for the right price. And plenty of teams out there looking for a good quality goaltender to help out. These next few weeks will be quite interesting!

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  1. habswinthecup-again says:

    Theo will not be traded, and no team in their right mind would take Khabibulin and his huge contract. I think Joseph would retire before going back to Toronto.

  2. Sundinfan says:

    Abby has won 5 games in a row. He’s back, and not going anywhere. I keep saying this. Mark my words. He’s staying.

  3. robinson19 says:

    I doubt Theo will be traded, it’s more liokely montreal will use their surpluss of skilled forwards to acquire grit or defence.

  4. wingerxxx says:

    If Giguere is indeed available at the deadline, a team like the Avs should definitely go after him. A change of scenery would likely help his game. He won’t command the huge asking price that Luongo would. Although I still don’t think that Florida would trade him anyway. But if Aebischer gets on a hot streak, I doubt the Avs would make a move. They also need scoring depth, with Turgeon out.

    Kolzig does not want out of Washington. I’d actually be surprised if he was dealt. Because everything I have been reading has been suggesting that he wants to stay. The Caps will be a team to watch in the next few years. They will likely have another high draft pick after this season, and with Ovechkin to build around…could be interesting.

  5. wingerxxx says:

    If he keeps going at that rate, the Avs definitely won’t make a move. I’m sure that Lacroix would love to see Aebischer playing well into the playoffs.

  6. mkfx says:

    theodore will never be traded thats bullshit

    why solving a problems by creating a new one

    gainey is smarter than those *****ing rumors

  7. david5764 says:

    good point but i still think that gainey is lookink for a top player

  8. robinson19 says:

    Yeah but he could package Ribeiro or a rookie with potential (Perezhogin) with a vet like Souray or Zednik and get a good big winger I think…. but you’re right Theo would be the only way he could pull off a real star, i.e. Bertuzzi or Tanguay

  9. digs says:

    So many rumors lately:

    The most recent Theo rumor has him going to Anaheim for Giguere, as reported in the Montreal Gazette this morning.

    I think everyone is correct in assuming that Abby is staying put Colorado since he seems to be getting out of his slump, so Colorado may be looking for an experienced backup.

    Rumors are rumors, and I guess we wil all have to wait and see what is going to happen. We all know some of the teams that are looking for some goalkeeping, and I think the goalies that are most likely to move are the ones who have not adjusted to the New NHL and/or have not played out of their season slump.

    So here is what we could assume in terms of moves if any:

    Goalies moving due to performance :Theo, Raycroft

    Money moves: Khabi, Theo, Luongo (he is staying put),

    Depth moves (lack or abundance): Fernandez/Roloson, Giguere, Denis, Biron, Weeks and maybe Theo can be here (we need to see if Huet is for Real!)

    Carrer moves: Kolzig and Joseph.

    Teams looking: Many teams mentioned, by who have immidiate needs: Edmonton, St-Louis, Boston, Vancouver and maybe Montreal and Colorado.

    Who and when and why, is all we can wait for!

  10. muckies says:

    St. Louis should look to get a good starting goalie at the deadline. They need a Luongo or Biron to turn the franchise around.

    St. Louis – Thachuk, late Draft pick.

    Buff: Biron

    This would load Buffalo up for the playoffs, Thachuk could do some damage in a Sabers Uniform, maybe take them an extra round or two!

  11. muckies says:

    If Atlanta is close to making the playoffs and still doesn’t like their goalie depth, they should go out and get a Joseph for the playoffs. He could be deadly for them, with their power-play, they could make some noise.

  12. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Theo to the Ducks for J.S. Giguere? Get real. Everybody is callin’ for theo to be traded because he hasn’t lived up to his 2001-02 Hart and Vezina Year. People call him a one year wonder, and you think he’s getting traded for the “Ultimate” one year wonder? Never gonna happen.

  13. stanleysmug says:

    I think you should know what u r talking about before you post

    this is from the Toronto Star

    the passage of time has not diminished the good memories he made while playing there and he acknowledged yesterday that he would certainly be willing to listen to offers from the Leafs, if they were interested, when he becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer.

    “It’s an honour to play in Toronto, no question, and if it happened that would be great and if it doesn’t I’d like to play here too,” said Joseph, whose Phoenix Coyotes visit the Buffalo Sabres tonight. “There are probably not a lot of places that I would play at this stage.”

    Are there only two?


    not to say it’ll happen but its not that he hates the idea of returning

  14. bundy316 says:

    Not really rumors…

    These are all stabs in the dark…

    Why not list all 60 current goalies, gather the sticks at center and toss them like we did when we were kids….

  15. habswinthecup-again says:

    My bad.

  16. Gretzkin says:

    Cujo spent his career chasing not his dreams, but the almighty dollar.

    I was glad to see him leave Edmonton, and I was glad to see him leave Toronto.

    By the end of it, he finally got his act together, and went to Detroit, turning doen a bit more money in Toronto, pursuing the Cup.

    My favorite, is that his stock dropped quite considerably after a dismal injury filled year in Detroit, not to mention the Dominic Hasek drama.

    I was so happy when Hasek decided to return, spoiling Cujo’s Detroit year. Finished with a disappointing first round playoff exit. Amazing stuff!

    Karma finally caught up with him.

    It would be a huge disappointment to see him back in Toronto.

  17. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Funny how Gigure is struggling now that they’re restricting the size of goalie equipment. Must be a coincidence.

    I can’t see Cujo going back to Toronto with Belfour still there. Maybe in the off season, but I can’t see him wanting to go back there to sit on the bench incase Belfour gets hurt. How long is Cujo signed for anyway? Maybe Ottawa should get him so him and Hasek can hang out, you know how close they are.

    Colorado should go for Luongo in the off season. Imagine a goaltender that good with that kind of team in front of him.

  18. penguinos66 says:

    wow mucks, thats probly the best proposal ive ever read from you!!!

    but i think it would be a good trade at both ends for sure. lalime is clearly not getting the job done, but you know all about him, and biron would be a good fit on that team. tkachuk would definitely add some grit and offense to a team that could do some damage in the playoffs.

  19. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    K, first of all, to Habswinthecup-again, CuJO once said “The biggest mistake of my career was leaving Toronto”. The reason he left is because he figured he’d have a good chance at a cup in Detroit. I don’t see him comming back these playoffs. He’ll be a UFA signing this summer if anything. Though I have faith in Telly.

    Theodore will be traded, I guarantee it.

  20. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    K, first of all, to Habswinthecup-again, CuJO once said “The biggest mistake of my career was leaving Toronto”. The reason he left is because he figured he’d have a good chance at a cup in Detroit. I don’t see him comming back these playoffs. He’ll be a UFA signing this summer if anything. Though I have faith in Telly.

    Theodore will be traded, I guarantee it.

  21. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    He also once said leaving Toronto was the bigest mistake of his life.

  22. suppaman says:

    Theo isn’t worth a bag of peanuts right now. Colorado won’t trade for a goalie since their biggest issue was playing defense anyway.

    Tkachuk won’t be traded, he has a no trade clause and said he would use it if the Blues tried to trade him (he likes St Louis and his kids and wife are happy there).

    With Biron continuing to play well, he’s going to be the hottest guy on the market it looks like because Kolzig and Luongo aren’t going anywhere. Denis won’t be traded this season. No one will take Bulin’s contract, even at the deadline, because it’s not a one year deal, so that team would have to deal with his 6.7 mil salary per year the next few years on the cap.

    Toivonen is injured, and Boston won’t trade Raycroft anyway since he’s not worth anything. They’ll wait it out another year and see if he can get back on track.

    Fernandez/Roloson, one might be dealt, but there value isn’t great because of their ages and lack of being able to solidfy the #1 job even on their current team.

    Theo could be traded, but if someone does, they aren’t going to give up much because he’s been one of the worst starters this season and makes 4.5 mil a season for the next 2 years after this season.

    Biron, sitting with a 2.2 mil salary for this year, which means unless he went into the playoffs and won the Cup, he isn’t really going to jump that much in a raise, long-term, or arbitration (i believe he has one year left as a RFA). He’s played well, great again last night, isn’t a locker room problem, and even with other goalies on the market, he’d still be a wanted commodity. The fact there won’t be really anything else, let alone close to how good he’s been on the market, he’ll likely be dealt to the highest bidder from the West, though they would probaby deal him in the East if someone gave a great offer. I’ll look for him to be traded in the range of late February-Trade deadline.

  23. MightyDuck89 says:

    “Funny how Gigure is struggling now that they’re restricting the size of goalie equipment. Must be a coincidence.”

    So you think that a record of 12-6-7, a 2.76 GAA. and a .908% save percentage is struggling? Yes i know that they are not GREAT numbers but they are not struggling numbers, considering that he was injured and probably had to play a couple games with a little bit of pain. So i dont think that Giggy is struggling, he is just having a average year.

  24. MightyDuck89 says:

    “Funny how Gigure is struggling now that they’re restricting the size of goalie equipment. Must be a coincidence.”

    So you think that a record of 12-6-7, a 2.76 GAA. and a .908% save percentage is struggling? Yes i know that they are not GREAT numbers but they are not struggling numbers, considering that he was injured and probably had to play a couple games with a little bit of pain. So i dont think that Giggy is struggling, he is just having a average year.

  25. burnz30 says:

    I don’t totally disagree with the value of of the exchange of Birion for Thachuk, but I don’t believe this will work. Firstly, at 7.6m Thachuk is making too much money for the Sabres. Buffalo is on record saying that they want to be in the bottom 1/3 of the league for payroll to get revenue sharing. This deal would add almost 5.5mil to the Sabres payroll. Also, I believe Buffalo is looking for a younger player who isn’t going to be a UFA next year. I believe that there is probaly a stronger bid out there from a playoff team looking for an upgrade. I doubt that St. Louis could/would match an offer from a playoff bound team. Frankly it doesn’t matter whether the Blues get a good goalie or not, they are still going to be brutal.

  26. goflyers16 says:

    I must agree with most of these, but there are a few I could change.

    1. As stated before, Aebischer will not be leaving. He has come to realize how replacable he is, and has truly stepped up. Unless he breaks down and becomes the goaltender he was at the beginning of the year, he keep the Avs sweater

    2.Cujo. It could happen, but its a long shot. Cujo is not going to be traded because the Coyotes can’t have a big roster change at this point in their season. With a young team like Phoenix, losing a veteran, and a leader would be a huge loss.

    And finally, number 3, Manny Fernandez. Fernandez has put up phenomonal stats as of late, and Minnestota is relying on him to keep this team afloat. A likely trade for Minnesota is, and yes I have heard this rumor float around, That Minnesota will trade a 1st round pick to Boston for Glenn Murray. I don’t think that’ll happen, but a smart move if it works

  27. 92-93 says:

    i totally disagree about your sentiments on cujo. how can you single out his actions as more selfish then other players in the NHL. all this talk about karma catching up to him is foolish.

    i dunno. i just don’t like it. you can read today’s toronto star for some of the charitable stuff he’s done. if you ever listen to him in interviews and the things people have said about him – nothing but positive things. i just don’t see how you can make such shallow, hateful comments towards this guy.

    if toronto gets cujo in the offseason – which is doubtful but it could happen – i’ll be happy because he’ll be a competitive transition goalie.

    both sundin and QUinn have urged leaf fans to not boo cujo this sat because he meant so much to the leafs.

  28. Gretzkin says:

    Cujo’s Charity work is Fantastic! He’s a well spoken guy, who had the Love of Toronto, the Love of Edmonton, and St.Louis.

    I know that his peers respect him.

    I’m just saying that he has almost always left teams right when everybody gets a huge hard on for him, for the wrong reasons. Money.

    I don’t blame the guy for chasing dollars. Survival of the fittest and all. I’m just saying that his reasoning was all wrong and the fans should remember that. I personally saw him do it in Edmonton, and I saw him do it in Toronto.

    Was I happy that Sundin lit him up in the Olympics and he got pulled by his own coach? Absolutely.

    Was I glad when he left for Detroit, chasing glory rather than money? Yes. And this time it was for the Cup, so I had much more respect in his decision that time, but seeing him and the Red Wings fail in the first round, and having Hasek set a huge pick on his days in Detroit warmed me.

    He was a Fan favorite on all counts in Toronto. Most would be happy to see him back in the Blue & White.

    But once you understand his reasonings, it just stinks of taking back a girlfriend after she’s cheated on you. And that’s weak.

    I’m sure his welcome back to T.O. tomorrow will mainly be a welcome one. But if I were in attendance, I’d be one of the few people booing him.

    That guy would sell his Mother for Money.

  29. Gretzkin says:

    I would agree that it was a big one.

    Unforgivable. If I were JFJ Jr, I wouldn’t offer him the left over french fries in my Happy Meal.

    Cujo can eat a dick.

  30. muckies says:

    The Blues got to restart building with something. Even if they only get Noronan, just adding a real, NHL goalie who can play 10 years in the league would be a huge start from what they got now.

    And a real Defenceman,

    and a real Canadian Center who can dominate.

    The list is long.

  31. 92-93 says:

    how do YOU know what the reasoning was? how do you know it wasn’t for the cup in Detorit (after they had just won one?). how do you ignore the fact that cujo battled ankle injuries during his time in detroit and had to play in their minor league affiliate for a time? how do you know he didn’t come to toronto to play for the Leafs and help them win the cup? how do you know that his pride wasn’t hurt when quinn chose brodeur over him after a bad game against sweden? how do you know????

    the point is – you don’t. how can you claim to no his reasonings.

    and you also don’t seem to realize that Cujo played awesome in the Wings two failed playoff runs (against Anaheim and Calgary) just like he did for the Oilers (against the Stars) and for the Leafs (against the Oilers, Isles, Sens, etc.).

    your arguments sound really weak – not Cujo.

  32. burnz30 says:

    Agreed. Things look bleek for the Blues, as they have barely any NHL talent and not much help on the way. They definitely need to address their goalie stituation. My point was that I think that a playoff team will be able to give up more and will have more to give than the Blues. I think that it will be tough for them to outbid playoff teams that need an uprade (like the Canucks, Oilers, Avalanche and so on). They may be stuck right now, as they don’t have much to give. Good luck St. Louis. But hey, they will probably get the first pick this year.

  33. thecaptainstevieY says:

    How is Detroit all of the sudden looking for a big name Goalie? They have Jimmy Howard waiting in the ‘wings’ and Osgood is all but gone after this year. It’ll be the Manny and Jimmy Show next year (after Manny wins them the cup this year). And who would they trade?

    I did hear Lang is up for TRADE, but what do the Wings really need other than TOUGHNESS???

  34. Gretzkin says:

    My arguments aren’t really weak.

    They’re just opinions.

    Some would even agree with more.

    More than you’d think.

    I KNOW it was for the Cup when he went to Detroit, not Money.


    I don’t IGNORE the FACT that Cujo battled injuries in Detroit.




    He did play awesome in the Wings playoff runs.




    And they are pretty close…



    Your Maple Leafs would hit an ALL TIME LOW if they signed that guy back.

    Thanks for the SELFISH MEMORIES Cujo.

    Now PISS OFF!

  35. UWSensFan says:

    I totally disagree. In fact, I think the Leafs will be in a decent position come the end of the season: they’ll have little salary committed to their core players and they’ll be looking to make some decent signings (i.e. not a bunch of old-timers that would be “fan favorites”). And bringing CuJo back just might be exactly what the Leafs need to transition from Belfour to Tellqvist. Personally, I’d love for the Sens to go after him if Hasek retires at the end of this season (which would not surprise me IF the Sens win the cup)…we all saw it happen after he won one with Detroit.

  36. UWSensFan says:

    The Kolzig thing is exactly what I’ve heard too: he’s been really impressed with the play and attitude of Ovechkin and wants to help mould him into an even better player. Would not surprise if he re-signs with Washington for a lower salary so they could still be cheap, but be more competitive.

  37. PuckMucker says:

    I don’t think Lang is going anywhere. Stevie Y is saying good-bye soon and the Wings like Lang at center. But you are 100% right – they don’t need JS or his bloated contract. They couldn’t afford it even if they wanted him. That’s just an ill informed rumour if ever there was one.

    Also, beyond Howard the Wings have Stefan Liv. Maybe the best Swedish netminder behind Lundqvist.

  38. 92-93 says:

    you ‘relished’ in him getting injuries?

    that’s just low and pathetic.

    ‘you do*****ented fact’ – boy, nice try at trying to make your opinions into fact and common sense. opinions are not facts, they may be made up with facts, but that’s it.

    i dunno, i’ve agreed with you on some of your comments but i can’t let you off the hook on this one. if you are going to harbour such hatred, you better have better reasons then this if you want to get into a debate.

    hey, they are your reasons, and your opinions, and i respect that. i just wanted to point out how shallow, pathetic and hateful they are.

  39. Gretzkin says:

    Okay, whatever.

    They are my opinions. That’s it.

    I’ve stated my reasoning for my opinions, and yes they are somewhat personal.

    Doesn’t make them shallow, or pathetic.

    A bit hateful, yes.

    I’m not a card carrying Cujo fan.


    I don’t need to tell you my reasons over and over again.

    End of.

  40. mmatras says:

    There are sure a lot of stabs-in-the-dark in that post. I’d be very surprised to see more than 3 trades involving goalies. Montreal will not move Theodore. Doing so would be as unwise and unclassy as other teams that have moved their franchis players and/or captains (St. Louis, Boston, NYI w/ Peca etc.). Joseph isn’t going anywhere. Keenan will hold on to Luongo to at least get some real compensation in the off season (upwards of four #1 draft picks which is way more than any team will trade for him with this being the last year on his contract). I think Detroit might be a team to ship a goalie and Lang to pick some prospects.

    Boston and NYI should be contracted for no reason other than poor and embarrasing management practices. As far as I’m concerened Columbus, Tampa and Anaheim look equally unclassy this year. Not enough credit goes out to teams like Minnesota and Buffalo who have an unheralded number of players in hte lineups that they’ve drafted and developed themselves.

    How do you think the way some teams/GMs have handled this year will influence their ability to sign free agents in the off season?

  41. shifterdarkwolf says:

    I see no reason to have CuJo be traded. Phoenix is far from out of the playoff hunt, and with teams like Vancouver and Edmonton floundering, I would not be surprised to see one of them out and Phoenix in. Boucher is good, but don’t mess with something that isn’t broken, CuJo has a good record, good GAA and good SV%.

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