So what now?

This post is not for the main page, but if it finds itself there, lets try and keep it objective or just don’t respond.

Well as I sit here, the Ilses have defeated the Devils in a shootout to claim 8th spot in the East. A shootout to decide the fate of both teams seasons is not a scenario that i looked forward to, but it happened, and thats how it goes in the “new NHL”.

So one thing that Leaf fans can agree on is that JFJ will probably lose his job. The question is who will replace him? I don’t want to turn this into a “JFJ sucks” type of article, and i would rather hear some educated and realistic responses.

In my personal opinion JFJ has done some good things which we may not see for a few years yet. Why couldn’t we keep JFJ in some capacity, asst. G.M. possibly. JFJ has a knack of finding filler players who have been left for dead, and resurrecting them (Pohl, Battaglia, Devereaux) just to name a few and you always hear about these minor league players he is signing and taking chances on. JFJ could do a good job of running the scouting staff and taking care of the organization at the minor league level. We could get a new G.M. who could run the big club and work with Fergie in terms of who is movable, and who we should keep regarding our prospects. We need a G.M. who has a better vision of the now to work with Fergie who has a solid vision of tomorrow.

Another thing i would change is the coaching staff around Maurice. Top notch goaltending, and special teams coaches. The Leafs have the money, so why not spend it on getting the best staff possible in here. I have to believe that our poor penalty killing is a result of coaching.

I’d like to hear any ideas of available G.M. candidates who might fit this type of a position.