So Whats so Great About CUJO ?

This adresses to CUJO, Leafs and Wings fans.(I think this is more logical than Koivu)

No Vezina, Hart or Stanley Cup wins doesn’t exactly spell superstar, yet people keep talkin on how great he is. Cujo is overrated mainly because of the media depth in Toronto. To them anyone who can stop a puck is their hero. Toronto has never had a great golie since the early 70’s, all overrated “flops” that would make little impact on any other team in their day.(ie Mike Palmeteer, Damian Rhodes, Rick Walmsley, Don Beaupre ect.)

Detroit in my opinion have lost all hope of repeating their fortunate season ever since Cujo was signed and Yzerman was injured. He’s no Dominek Hasek, but what exactly is he? Goalies I think he compares with are:

Byron Dafoe

Milan Hlinca

Damian Rhodes

Dan Cloutier

JS Aubin

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  1. TML51 says:

    Cujo is a great goalie…is it any wonder why the Wings went after him as soon as Hasek left?

    Cujo wants a legitimate shot at the cup, and, as big a Leaf fan as I am, it’s obvious that by staying in Toronto, He’d have no shot at it. All the best to him!

  2. Overtime says:

    You write, “As for the teams he’s (Cujo) played for, that’s such a weak arguement.”

    Why did Cujo accept a lot less money to play in Detroit if the team that you play for means so little?

    Do you think Cujo is capable of accomplishing what Chris Osgood and Mike Vernon accomplished in Detroit, or are Osgood and Vernon just in a much higher class than Cujo?

  3. Overtime says:

    Go tell that to Manta and big_booty.

  4. leafsrule31 says:

    wow.. is it really possible to be THAT big of a loser??.. hmm.. guess so?

  5. TheBricks says:

    Plain and simple, if you don’t win a championship, then people will think you are a never was. CUJO hasn’t won a championship and has fallen short oh so many times. I think I am starting to sense a little TO jealousy in here. I mean, don’t even say you’d rather have Belfour in your net right now. Cuz everyone knows damn well that when CUJO walked, TO was crushed. Yet again, any team that loses their goaltender will. I even think Dallas is going to miss having Belfour, but Tugnutt is a good safety valve if Turco drops. As for Boston with Dafoe, don’t get me started. I can see why they don’t wanna spend that much money tho.

  6. leafsrule31 says:

    the baby leafs got nothing close to 100 points.. the leafs didnt have big injury problems during the regular season.. cept reichel and renberg at the end.. and goalie problems.

    i think the best move curtis could have made and will ever make was going to detroit. he needs what every other great goalie in history has had to win the big one.. a great team in front of him. and he’ll definitly get that in detroit.

    i dont think the leafs will suck this year.. but i dont think they’ll do anything near to greatness. its not nessacarily that they will suck without cujo.. its that they will suck with belfour. hes a joke.

  7. leafsrule31 says:

    1… they dont quite say it like that exactly..

    2… they only compliment him after he steals a game.

    3… what kind of pointless arguement is that.. and what.. the hell.. does it have to do with anything.. ?!?

  8. leafsrule31 says:

    he plays better busy then not busy.. just ask torontos “scapegoat” defence.

  9. leafsrule31 says:

    thaaaank god. someone else sees the patrick roy i see. totally nailed the cujo bit to.. well said.

  10. leafsrule31 says:

    did i not just read that up there?.. someones desperate for some attention..

  11. leafsrule31 says:

    hmm.. im not gonna spend 20 minutes explaing why roy is a tool.. so just look at the greatwhitenorth comment right above my main one.. and look for the mossrocks response..

  12. leafsrule31 says:

    hmm.. ok

    i got all the social skills i need.. and only dislike the french. so think what you want?

    as far as your thoughts are i can kind of agree with em. im not saying cujos a better goalie then roy not by any means. but i dont think patrick roy is the goaltender that anyone makes him out to be. hes played his whole career on stacked teams.. and when montreal got bad.. he bailed. yet.. he still chokes. everyone can keep blowing hot air up his ass but patrick roy is nothing but a coattail rider.

  13. leafsrule31 says:

    totally in agreement.. but i think theodore will turn out to be one of the greatest goalies in the history of the game. ive just never watched a goalie do the things that jose theodore can do. its incredible. just hope he stays away from the hockey politics and keeps his head in the game.

  14. YingYan says:

    mange un ostie de char de marde kalisse d’innocent, après ça on se demande pour quoi le Quebec veux se séparer! ouf! “OH CANADA terre de nos CRÉTINS!” etc…

    fuckin’ bigot you waste your whole post with such classless prejudice!!!

  15. Motherpucker says:

    Is there an echo???

  16. Motherpucker says:

    Good form

  17. MossRocks says:

    Theodore will continue to improve and likely will take over the title of the best goalie in hockey. I’m not sure he will rank as one of the greatest ever for one simple reason – he’s a late bloomer. Jose’s already 26 yrs old with 7 yrs in the NHL. He has really only had one good year and he probably only has maybe 8 good ones left. It will be very hard for him to get enough done in the 8 years left in his prime to make the same kind of impact that Roy, Dryden, Sawchuk, Plante, Fuhr, etc have made on the game.

    To be one of these types of goaltenders, you need to start young, grind through some lean years and then thrive during your prime. Recently, Fuhr and Roy have done this (and had the fortune of playing on some good/great teams) while someone like Brodeur did start young, but got a little burnt out during the grind. Winning a Hart or Vezina or two is one thing, but getting into the HOF that’s a whole other ballgame. (or puckgame, as the case may be) Hasek managed to do a heck of a lot in a short window of opportunity – Theodore needs to match Hasek’s success and mirror his career to get to that level.

  18. Robert says:

    bare with it, leaf fans put up with their idoit remarks for 4 years…you guys will for the next 3. If cujo won stanley cup all three years, put up the best save %….they still say he sucked..

  19. Robert says:

    bare with it, leaf fans put up with their idoit remarks for 4 years…you guys will for the next 3. If cujo won stanley cup all three years, put up the best save %….they still say he sucked..

  20. TheBricks says:

    Thank You lol

  21. TheBricks says:

    Thank You lol

  22. TheBricks says:

    Thank You lol

  23. HockeyRules says:

    I agree with the guy who posted this and I disagree. I think CUJO is overrated. Hes played with teams which were really good at the time he played with them (St.Louis, Edmonton and Toronto). He was Canada’s number one goalie in the Olympics until he bombed the first game against Sweden and lost the job to Brodeur. And he has never won a Stanley Cup, Hart or Vezina…so what does he do? Sells out by going to the best team in the league. But he still wont win the cup, he will make Detroit lose.

    But the part I disagree with is who you compared him to:

    -Byron Dafoe is a good goalie but is inconsitent. CUJO is better.

    -Milan Hlinca…well he just sucks. CUJO is WAY better.

    -Damian Rhodes, well, why are you still playing Damian? CUJO is also WAY better.

    -Dan Cloutier…Ok Dan is good. VERY underrated, he was 2nd in shutouts last season only behind Roy. And had over 30 wins. And he is very young. The only reason people think hes bad is because he played for the Rangers and Lightning before the Canucks. The Canucks is the first good team he has played for. CUJO is alittle better.

    -JS Aubin…hes decent, hes a backup and will always be a backup. CUJO is better.

  24. aaron says:

    Hlinka actually had one of the best Sv% in the league; he gets no credit b/c he plays for the Thrashers, who have one of the worst defenses in the league. But I agree that CuJo is better than everyone on that list. Only ones who even come close to comparing are Hlinka, Dafoe, and Cloutier.

  25. big_booty says:

    Shouldn’t you be changing your screen name right about now?

  26. big_booty says:

    Look at yourself. You are one of the biggest believers in revisionist history.

    ’85-’86: Roy’s rookie year and only Chelios’ third. I highly doubt many pundits were pegging them as future HOF-er’s at the time. The team’s record was 40-33-7. Six other teams in the league had 40 or more victories that season. Roy’s record in the regular season was 23-18-3, but his playoff record was 15-5. That’s money at money time.

    ’92-’93: Montreal’s record was 48-30-6, and they finished third in their division. The fact that you call Patrice Brisebois “solid,” and that you believe that an OT victory must have meant the goalie was “lucky” further solidify my belief that you are a grade A nimrod.

    Yes, they were above average, but I never said that they weren’t. I merely stated that they weren’t the “greatest.”

    If you replace Patrick Roy with Curtis Joseph (in his prime) on those teams, does Joseph win the Cup? No. That’s the whole point. Roy is money (that last shellacking notwithstanding) and Joseph isn’t. It’s just that simple. And I’m not jumping on the bandwagon, I’ve been saying this all along. I never wanted Cujo in orange and black.

  27. leafsrule31 says:

    ohhhh… see thats just good.. your as crafty as you are a hardcore computer nerd.

  28. leafsrule31 says:

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    see the part where it says “comments are owned by the poster. we arent responsible for their content”?..i will take advantage of that and waste my whole post with as much “classless prejudice” as i want. and there isnt a god damn thing you can do about it you god damn hick

    …. dont you have some retreating to do?

  29. Tradedude says:

    Broduer #1, the guy is amazing, he’s not only my favourite goalie (saying im a leaf fan) but he also has 2 stanley cup rings, im not sure if he has an mvps, vezina trophys, but he totally deserves one of each, he gets what? 5 million 6 million a year, he’s practically ew jersey’s only great thing after trading holik, sykora, arnott, mogilny, ETC, althougb they still have elias , gomez, few others, they have no depth, as we speek now, FRIESEN, r u kidding me, !! he was only good on teh sharks, so roy, ya! 2 rings a a some vezina trophys and mvps, but colorado can work without him, i mean blake, foote, skoula, players like that will back him up, not in net, ofcourse., lol, but defense, like if aebisher improves, i believe they still be good, not as good ofcourse, but u get the point, what im trying to say is, roy is a bonus on the avs, when the devils NEED broduer to stay alive, they would have never made the playoffs without him, nor win the cup in 2000, how much is roy getting, 8 – 9 million, i dont know here, somethings wrong, and broduer is only gettin’ 6 mil, common, i know there payroll isnt high, but common, devils wouldnt be good without this guy, now that they have a backup, SHCWAB they should improve when not have to be using damphousse back in goal, lol, i cant really agree with you saying cujo is overrated, like i said b4, overrated does not mean overpaid, in that fact, he is overpaid, the wings could have easily used a guy like leagce for there #1, i mean just look at there team, shanahan, yzerman, federov, listrom, datsyuk, hull, robitaille, chelios, maltby, and jason williams, and that avery dude is looking good, so maybe, just maybe legace can be goalie for the wings, instead of cujo, cujo never did a thing for the leafs, not saying he sucks, ok.. he never brought the leafs anywhere, he never brought team canada anywhere, never brought st. LOUIS anywhere, not the oilers, if anything cujo will be brought toward the cup, dont expect anything wild from cujo, anyone see him receive any awards ??? anyone see cujo in the all star game the past 2-3 years??? no!! no!! no!! man, im not getting anywhere with this post, lmao, anyway, the poll is probably a fan poll, and there ARE alot of wing fans, since everyone likes to go for the BEST team around here, it should go BRODEUR #1, ROY #2, THEODORE, (he brought the habs to the playoffs, him and gilmour, well the whole team worked together, u know what i mean, theodore did most of it, as im sure everyone knows) anyway, he should be at #3, (cujo #4, pothetic shit, NOT GUNNA happen, what kind of #4 goalie gets a career best at 2.23, and only 50 games? oh and one other thing also coming from a leaf fan ( i OBVIOUSLY PREFER CUJO OVER BELFOUR AS WOULD ANY LEAF FAN!) i dont know what im proving, lol, but have a nice day, later all! :):):):)

  30. MossRocks says:

    Obviously, I am the second biggest believer in revisionist history, since you are the one trying to make two Cup-winning Habs teams into the sisters of the poor brought to salvation by St. Patrick.

    Chelios was a solid player by his third year in ’85-’86. He had 34 points in a 41 game regular season shortened by injury. The season before he had 64 points in 74 games. i’d say he was already a top NHL defenseman based on those numbers by’85-’86. I didn’t even mention Roy as a HOF player at that point, so don’t bother there. But you didn’t mention the fact that there were three other guaranteed HOF players (Gainey, Robinson and Carbonneau) I pre-empted your attack on their regular season by stating that this team had injury problems. I remember Robinson’s broken leg that caused him to miss most of the second half and I know Chelios also got hurt. I seem to recall there were others but I can’t remember. Anyway, these injuries definitely impacted their regular season numbers. Roy was also a rookie and he probably made some mistakes to earn that mediocre 23-18-3 record. Nice try.

    My point is that goalies don’t win Stanley Cups, teams win Stanley Cups. ’85-’86 is a prime example; a team loaded with veterans with playoff experience and an extremely strong team defense won a Cup with an exceptional rookie goaltender. I don’t want to diminish Roy’s role in that Cup in reality, I just want to change your clearly inflated perception of what he did that year.

    As for ’92-’93, Brisebois used to be a pretty decent defenseman. His game has severely declined in the past three years. Do you think that maybe the thirty or so injuries he has had since that year may have diminished his skills. Quite likely. In ’92-93, he had 10 goals and 31 points in 70 games and finished +6. He had similar seasons two years before and two years after that year. This is not the Brisebois we have the misfortune of watching today, his play is in a freefall.

    You are kidding yourself if you don’t think there is a certain amount of luck involved in being associated with a team that set a playoff record for OT wins. Certainly, Roy played a strong role in getting these victories but he wasn’t scoring the OT winners so there is more involved than just his stellar play. There might not be luck in winning one or two OT playoff games, but there is some involved in setting a record for them.

    You have no idea if Cujo would have won with those teams. Cujo has never had defenseman (just try and argue this point)like Roy had in ’85-’86 and he’s never been on a team of destiny like ’92-’93. I was hoping for better from you; this was a pretty weak effort. Your only statement of fact was that I may be a grade A nimrod.

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