So Whats so Great About CUJO ?

This adresses to CUJO, Leafs and Wings fans.(I think this is more logical than Koivu)

No Vezina, Hart or Stanley Cup wins doesn’t exactly spell superstar, yet people keep talkin on how great he is. Cujo is overrated mainly because of the media depth in Toronto. To them anyone who can stop a puck is their hero. Toronto has never had a great golie since the early 70’s, all overrated “flops” that would make little impact on any other team in their day.(ie Mike Palmeteer, Damian Rhodes, Rick Walmsley, Don Beaupre ect.)

Detroit in my opinion have lost all hope of repeating their fortunate season ever since Cujo was signed and Yzerman was injured. He’s no Dominek Hasek, but what exactly is he? Goalies I think he compares with are:

Byron Dafoe

Milan Hlinca

Damian Rhodes

Dan Cloutier

JS Aubin