Some Big Rumors – June 19, 2010

Capitals Shopping Semin Around the NHL

Bruins looking to move Thomas

Sources say the Caps have offered winger Alexander Semin all around the league. He has one year at $6 million left on his contract, and is a looming unrestricted free agent after next season.

Nobody is sure what Semin might fetch, although there’s a belief the Caps will want two high-end prospects and a pick. Semin had 40 goals and 84 points in 73 games last season.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if they moved Semin ,” a league executive said Friday. “They need to make that lineup a little harder to play against and that guy is up and down.”

Tim Thomas , come on down.

The Bruins goaltender likely isn’t long for Beantown after the Montreal Canadiens traded playoff hero Jaroslav Halak to the St. Louis Blues for two prospects on Thursday.

Indications are Boston GM Peter Chiarelli is looking to deal Thomas and his $5-million (all terms US) cap hit before July 1 to free up money. Thomas, who lost his job to Tuukka Rask last season, had a 17-18-8 record and 2.56 goals-against average.

As teams gather for the draft in Los Angeles next week, expect Thomas to be at the top of the most wanted list for GMs seeking help in goal.

The Blues were looking at the 36-year-old Thomas before acquiring Halak . It’s believed Philadelphia, Washington, San Jose and Tampa Bay are all still looking for goaltending. However, the market for netminders promises to be strong with the likes of Marty Turco (Dallas), Dan Ellis (Nashville), Evgeni Nabokov (San Jose) and Martin Biron (Islanders) poised to hit free agency.

Thomas , who has another three years left on his contract, likely won’t be kept by a Bruins club that currently has more than $50 million committed to salaries for next season and is desperate to free up cap space. The Bruins tried to deal Thomas midway through last season, but couldn’t find any takers.

8 Responses to Some Big Rumors – June 19, 2010

  1. leafy says:

    Yashin…er uh, sorry, I mean Semin, has been a big dud in the playoffs.

    Would you cough up 2 high-end prospects and a $6M cap hit just for that?


    How about Semin for Kaberle??? Leafs need a top six winger and they'll get it with Semin… hes a legitamite 40 goal scorer..

  3. casevo17leafs says:

    if the leafs get semin i will be pissed we dont need some girly winger we need some skilled tough canadian boys up the middle or i would be willing to give up kaberle for pominville and kassian………i know roy is small but id still take him

  4. leafy says:

    I haven't agreed with everything Burke has done, but I like his long-term vision of building a team for playoff success.

    Semin would help the Leafs get to the playoffs, but is not the best bang for the buck in terms of playoffs production. The guy struggles even while playing with Alex Ovechkin. Not good.

    I'd rather Burke go after guys who are more suited to the playoffs. Semin will never be confused with Federov or Datsuk.

  5. ChyldProdigy says:

    Thomas is garbage, Boston will be the one paying if anyone will ACTUALLY take him.  He's a product of a Claude Julian system that also saw Manny Fernandez putting up identical numbers.  Then his 'unorthodox' (read: reckless) style caught up to him.
    If Semin is available any team would be lucky to have him.  He's got an Ovechkin-like release and can absolutely be a game breaker.  Yes he was snake-bitten in this playoffs, but I wouldn't give up on him.  If the cost was simply Kaberle and a prospect (I doubt it) I would be all over it.  Semin-Bozak-Kessel.  Now THAT is an NHL calibre first line!  Which wing do you guard against with two lethal shots on the wing and a creative guy with speed down the middle?

  6. broc says:

    Yeah, I don't see anyone just taking Thomas contract- which runs too long- without giving almost as much salary back.

  7. Boston_Bruins says:

    People forget that Boston already had a done deal to send Thomas to the Capitals at the deadline but Thomas nixed it. It's solely up to Thomas on whether or not he is back in Boston next season.

  8. inurface says:

    semin should never come to tml no matter the price cheap or not…
    (no def…. no grit,,,,, yes skill but gets under pressure easily))

    also tim thomas has proven to many ppl he is a legit goaltender.. but
    if i am a gm i would not take a risk on him bc of his style/age/contract u name it..

    if u really want thomas it has to …….for some salary aswell

    >>>jus wondering if huet had one yr left thomas for huet+someone

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