Some Not so Hot prospects

Some people out there have a really limited view on the NHL, and mostly all they see is their team, and how crappy the Toronto Maple Leafs are. Well, I decided to compile a list of “hot” prospects they have who really have amounted to absolutely nothing thus far.In order to make my point somewhat valid, I need some sort of comparison, and what better comparison then Nik Antropov of the Leafs. I will use this comparison because of the amount of hate towards him and the leafs in the recent trade rumors article.

R.J Umberger (Vancouver–>Philly): This guy was a pretty big shot when he was drafted, and to this date has accompished zero at the NHL level. In comparison to Nik who is only 2 years older, by the time he was R.J’s age he had compiled over 100 games NHL experience and 50 points.

Mathieu Chouinard (Ottawa): 1 game NHL experience since being drafted in 1998, even the great drafting Ottawa Senators couldnt pull this one out.

Bryan Allen (Vancouver): Drafted 4th overall in 1998, this guy has amounted to nothing special, definitly not worthy of a 4th selection. Hes not a point getter, he doesnt take too many penalties, so what exactly does he do? I would compare to Nik here, but I dont think I have to.

Eric Chouinard (Montreal—>Minny): This is another first rounder who vanished and has 89 games of total experience, and an astounding 22 points

And the List goes on with players like Pavel Brendl, Brian Finley, Barrett Heisten, all of these players were drafted around the same Time as Nik Antropov, or of similar age, and even some of them being proposed big time prospects have yet to turn into anything. I write this because I felt when people called Antrpov a useless, gutless puke that they were just totally clueless about what may be going on in their organization.

Also if you notice, most of these players are from the teams that consistently make fun of the Leafs like Philly and Montreal.

Feel free to add to this list of players for others to see…

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  1. cgolding says:

    how is RJ Umberger getting thrown under the bus here? the only reason he isn’t playing for the Flyers is because they have a GLUT of centers in his way. he was one of the better players during the preseason, but with Forsberg, Primeau, Handzus, Carter, Richards, and Sharp all around it’s pretty tough for a rookie C to make the lineup. hell, Zeus and Sharp are both playing wing and they were toying around with Carter going to the wing.

    if Carter gets sent down to the AHL at some point, Umberger may be up to replace him. Umberger also led the Phantoms in scoring during the regular season, so it isn’t as if he struggled mightily in his FIRST professional season.

  2. cgolding says:

    mono over the summer isn’t helping either… Hitch is quoted as saying he thinks he’s at about 75%.

  3. thatleafsguy says:

    those are the stats for marc chouinard…..eric chouinard is a bust so far.

  4. Marky2Fresh says:

    That was so incrediably lame.

  5. norutrat says:



    AKi Berg



    Jason Ward

    Chad Kilger

    Jason Bonsignore

    Bret Lindros

    Pat Falloon

    Dave Chyzowski

  6. N25philly says:

    Carter had mono over the summer. Also, look at his line mates. Richards reminds me of Brind’amour when he was young and score 90+ points a year and was awesome defensively as well.

  7. big_booty says:

    First of all, you’re jumping the gun on Umberger.

    Sure he was a first round pick, but to call him a “pretty big shot when he was drafted” is kind of misleading. If every player chosen in the middle of the first round is “a pretty big shot,” then why aren’t we discussing Igor Knyazev? Or Jens Karlsson? Artem Kryukov? Alexei Mikhnov? Scott Kelman?

    In addition, Umberger has only one season of pro hockey under his belt. He lost one season due to contract disputes, along with the lockout. It’s totally unfair to say that “to this date has accompished zero at the NHL level.”

    Second, I’ll agree on Brendl and Heisten, but Finley? Come on, he at least still has a future. You would do well to remember that not only does it take a while for goalies to develop, but he is stuck behind a workhorse in Tomas Vokoun. Are you going to call Maxime Ouellet and Ari Ahonen busts too?

    As for Antropov, he deserves all the criticism he gets. It’s a complete joke that Leafers still consider him a “prospect” (even pushing 26). His game is inconsistent, he’s injury prone, he’s slow, and his skating leaves alot to be desired.

    I’m not just saying that. This is what most people who know the game already believe and accept about Antropov.

    Maybe you should accept it too.

  8. habs79 says:

    To be honest Bret Lindros, was hyped cause of his brother and never really got a chance.

  9. Serdy says:

    I do accept that he is not the best player in the world, and not even close to being the best player on the Leafs. My comparison to Antrpov is just brought out by someone calling him a gutless puke, when really he has done nothing to deserve this label. So I decided I would pick out a couple players from their teams to show that they are not without fault. I realize this is not even close to a good article, infact i wrote it in about 10 minutes just because I am a little tired of people ripping the leafs because its fashionable. If I ever have the time I will conduct a real review and go in depth but for now this is all i felt like doing haha.

  10. Slavik says:

    Are you smoking crack????

    Allen has spent 50% of his time in the hospital since being drafted he has been injured so often, now that he is finally getting a chance to play he is doing what he was drafted for, kicking some major ass, p.s if you have missed him so far this season he is the gorrilla that just flattened your team. He was never drafted to be a point scoring defensemen, he was always billed as an Adam foote type defencemen…common if you watched hockey instead of statistics you would know that Allen is not a bust, he has just been slow developmentally due to many injuries.

    As for Umberger this is his first year where he even has a chance to play in the NHL. Last year there was no NHL, and before that he was playing college and at a contract impasse with Brian Burke. I wouldn’t rite him off yet, until he is given a chance, he is clearly one of the best guys in philly’s system and at the top of the injury call up list. You seem to keep pulling players who for reasosn out of their controll have yet to get a chance to proove themselves.

    I mena if you are goign to call out umberger 16th overal in 2001, then you better call out Mikko Koivu as a wasted pick at 6th overall in 2001. Or how about Carlo Colaiacovo taken just after Umberger??

    While I agree with Brendl, he was the worst or the worst, oddly enough build as a guranteed 50 goal scorer as being labled a bust, I think it is irresponsible to call out guys who still show a high level of potential but have been held back by reasons out of their control.

    As for Brian Finley he is a goalie, goalies take time to develop. Hasek took 7 years (?) to get to the NHL was he a bust?

  11. Mullet says:

    this new nhl sucks! no hits no grappling no fights its just that european hockey crap! oooh lets watch this little guy weave through the ice cause no one is allowed to touch him. i liked better when it was lets watch this little guy weave through the and bam he gets smacked with his head down. the new rules are causing players to hold back so they don’t get a penalty. plus all these penalties are tickin me off. i can only stand to watch a team ice the puck on the penalty kill for so long.

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