Some Not so Hot prospects

Some people out there have a really limited view on the NHL, and mostly all they see is their team, and how crappy the Toronto Maple Leafs are. Well, I decided to compile a list of “hot” prospects they have who really have amounted to absolutely nothing thus far.In order to make my point somewhat valid, I need some sort of comparison, and what better comparison then Nik Antropov of the Leafs. I will use this comparison because of the amount of hate towards him and the leafs in the recent trade rumors article.

R.J Umberger (Vancouver–>Philly): This guy was a pretty big shot when he was drafted, and to this date has accompished zero at the NHL level. In comparison to Nik who is only 2 years older, by the time he was R.J’s age he had compiled over 100 games NHL experience and 50 points.

Mathieu Chouinard (Ottawa): 1 game NHL experience since being drafted in 1998, even the great drafting Ottawa Senators couldnt pull this one out.

Bryan Allen (Vancouver): Drafted 4th overall in 1998, this guy has amounted to nothing special, definitly not worthy of a 4th selection. Hes not a point getter, he doesnt take too many penalties, so what exactly does he do? I would compare to Nik here, but I dont think I have to.

Eric Chouinard (Montreal—>Minny): This is another first rounder who vanished and has 89 games of total experience, and an astounding 22 points

And the List goes on with players like Pavel Brendl, Brian Finley, Barrett Heisten, all of these players were drafted around the same Time as Nik Antropov, or of similar age, and even some of them being proposed big time prospects have yet to turn into anything. I write this because I felt when people called Antrpov a useless, gutless puke that they were just totally clueless about what may be going on in their organization.

Also if you notice, most of these players are from the teams that consistently make fun of the Leafs like Philly and Montreal.

Feel free to add to this list of players for others to see…