Some of the latest rumors and tid bits

Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun provides quite a bit of speculation in his latest article.

He begins by talking about the Habs continued interest in Mats Sundin. It is reported that Bob Gainey went to LA this past week to meet with Sundin in an effort to lure the ageing star to Montreal. It is noted that one possibility if Sundin did in fact go to Montreal would be trading Alexei Kovalev.

Garrioch also reports that the Canucks hold out the possibility to landing Sundin. It is well known that the Canucks 10 million dollar 2 year deal is still on the table and HTR believes that Sundin could be waiting for the worst of the Canucks road schedule to be over before joining the team. Garrioch indicates that if the Canucks are unable to land Sundin they may make a pitch for Jason Spezza.

There is a tid bit of information in the article on Brendan Shanahan. It is noted that the Flyers only have very little cap space left leading to a remote possibility of Shanahan playing for the Flyers this season.

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  1. Stubbs25ca says:

    This guy is an idiot . most of the stuff he reports is wrong . .and not only wrong .. dead wrong .. There is no way the habs are going to trade kovaleve especially with their recent scoring problems .. he is their top RW and not only that there isnt really another top RW on the team. Sundin comming to montreal is a stretch too . habs have about 2mill in cap space but sending down Dandenault or Begin could free up some cap space .. i would say bouillion too but with the recent D injuries in montreal i wont see it happening . either way im a habs fan but man this dude has to stop throwning out shit just to hear himself speak . he is worse the Al strackan . wait he isnt that bad but he is close

  2. hockey_lover says:

    I think your hatred for him is blinding you a bit.

    Gainey DID in fact fly down to LA to meet with Sundin. Its been reported in a few media outlets. So he isnt wrong there.

    As for moving Kovalev, he didnt say thats whats the offer was. He said it was a possibility. How can a possibillty be wrong exactly?

  3. hockeyhead says:

    montreals interest in mats sundin is a clear need of heart and toughness.

    i would start by firing that dirtbag carbeneau first.

    ole ole.

  4. hockey_lover says:

    Can you expand on that a weeeeee bit?  How exactly is Charbonneau a dirtbag?

  5. hockeyhead says:

    aahhh i dont know.  you ever watch him play?

    maybe dirtbag is not the correct word.  how bout weasel?

    wuss?  skunk?  fairy?  slimeball?  yellow? 

    sending out GL to shadow milan lucic was an embarrassment and a shame on roy night.

    GL is an enforcer.  Lucic is a first line winger who just beat up nick boynton the night before and cut up his hand real bad. 

    it was the move of a coward which carbaneau is and was as a player.

  6. hockey_lover says:

    Oh yeah. I have watched him play .. a lot. I have also seen Cam Neely play a lot. While he was the prototypical power forward, he was also know to chop at people's ankles from time to time. But I guess that doesnt count, right? 

    As for GL shadowing Lucic? So what? Why NOT shadow a star player with an enforcer? Might throw that star player off his game a little. Now, if GL would have started a fight with Lucic, thats not right. But as far as shadowing, not a problem with that at all.  Also, its interesting to note that, of both players stay on pace, Lucic will actually have MORE penalty minutes than GL will at seasons end. Maybe he should worry more about scoring instead of being in the box cause 50 big 'ol points as a "first line winger" isnt anything to write home about.

  7. hockeyhead says:

    see the difference between the habs and the bruins is the bruins play as a team.  not concerned with points and PP standings.

    it doesnt matter that lucic has 50 points (nevermind being the leader in hits in the nhl)

    he makes space for the scorers.  but you fail to see that.

    and since we are on the topic of dirtbags……….how is patrick roy's kids doing?

    what a fine example of sportsmanship.

  8. hockey_lover says:

    The Bruins playing as a team must be a new thing .. as in the last month or so. Cause they have always been so good at it, particularly in the last few years where they have missed the playoffs a couple of times. GREAT teamwork there.

    Listen, if you think that the players on the Bruins are somehow a special breed and they are immune to the desire to pad their own stats in order to secure the next big contract, then so be it. But you are only kidding yourself.

    Oh no .. you insulted Patrick Roy. You dare not do that *yawn*  Ok. So the guy isnt a high standing member of the morale club. He is STILL one of the best goalies of all time. *psst* Tim Thomas and Manny Fernandez will never appear on any list of any greats .. ever. But its ok .. they play as a team.

  9. hockeyhead says:


    as far as roy goes….his on ice accomplishments dont allow a free pass for his kids to do what they are doing.

    in fact…his on ice accomplishments are blemmished by these acts.

    when i think of patrick roy…i think of cam neely owning him.  him getting into the face of habs brass and saying he wants to be traded.  and his puke  sons who are clearly going to end up in somekind of prison.

  10. mojo19 says:

    Hockey_lover, I'm sorry bud but I have to agree with hockey_head. Everyone knows I am a Leafs fan, but the Bruins have done a great job to build a great young team (Mike Ryder signing aside), I like all the moves they've made to put together a good team, and they DO play as a team.

    And he didn't insult Roy, he insulted Roy's kids. I think that's fair. Roy's kids are little clocksuckers. That can't really be disputed.

    And Timmy Thomas might never make the hall of fame, but as of right now you have to consider he's playing like a top 3 goalie in the league (and I sniped him in my 14-team pool, 11th round)

  11. hockey_lover says:

    Ok. I'll give you both that Boston does play as a team. However, the players in Boston are just like they are in ANY other team in ANY other sport. They are no different. Unless they were born and bread in the organization with no contact to the outside world. They are people just like everyone else and as such, succumb to the same desires as everyone else. Savard, Lucic, Thomas, Chara, all of them want to pad their stats as much as the next guy. Its THOSE stats that will get them their next contract, not "playing as a team."

    Uhhhh he DID actually insult Roym indirectly. The previous post he wrote "and hey, speaking of dirtbags, how is Patrick Roy." If thats not an insult by association, I dont know what is.

    Hey, I like Tim Thomas. I think he is DEFINATELY playing like one of the best in the league right now. BIG TIME. He is the main reason why Boston is on top of the conference right now. I only referred to him to make a point. All I care about is what players do on the ice. Patrick Roy being a douchebag off the ice means nothing to me personally. I dont like the guy and am not condoning anything has done or will do, but that doesnt take away from what he did on the ice. Two separate entities to me. I watched him because he was a good 'tender not because he held hockey camps for little kids or beat up his wife.

  12. mojo19 says:


    "Uhhhh he DID actually insult Roym indirectly. The previous post he wrote "and hey, speaking of dirtbags, how is Patrick Roy." If thats not an insult by association, I dont know what is."

    Ya you're right. I just skimmed through the conversation between the two of you. My personal view of Patrick Roy is simple: Great goalie (best ever?), horrible, wife beating, bad parenting person.

  13. Radio says:

    You can't fire Carby, he's such a classy match for Montreal fans. I swear I saw Guy joining in the "O'Byrne" chants the other night.

    That sh!t would never have happened in any other Canadian NHL rink, including the Bell Centre.

  14. habs_100yrs says:

    How is shadowing a great player like Lucic an embarrassment and a shame?  Lucic is one of your top 3 players on Boston and to send someone out to shadow him is a smart hockey move.  If it throws Lucic off his game then great.  Just because Big George is an enforcer shouldn't matter.  Lucic is a big forward and not much players in the league can match his size and grit.  Not once did Big George sucker punch, drop his gloves or cheap shot Lucic.  Sure he chatted with him on the ice but that was because of the disrespect Lucic showed to Komisarek.  Lucic beat Komisarek fair and square in Boston, but to chear afterwards the way he did was very disrespectful.  Big George was just teaching Lucic that if he wants to show disrespect like that after a fight then he should try his luck with him.  Obviously Lucic knew better and didn't take his chances with Big George.  In no way does it make Carbo a dirtbag. 

    With all that being said, I look forward to more Boston-Montreal matchups.  They are tough fought games and the Lucic-Komisarek battles are great for hockey and the rivalry. 

    But if you want to throw insults at the habs then by all means show your ignorance.    

  15. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Hahhahahahahahahaaaa – you're talking about sportsmanship?

    How is Kostitsyn doing after intentionally taking Luke Schenn's feet out about 10' away from the boards on an icing play?  You remember the one, don't you?  Well, in case your convenient memory comes into play, here's the YouTube version of it:

    The Canadiens are a bunch of dirty wussy players.  They'll hack and grab and slew foot and take your feet out from under you and then turtle whenever someone calls them out.  What a bunch of candy a$$es.

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