Some rumors: Toronto, Montreal, NYR, Florida

Sundin possibly to Montreal, New York; Maple Leafs may target Bouwmeester or Weiss

If you’re like me, you’re probably starving for fresh new trade rumors.  Well here are the latest I managed to dig up.

On the Mats Sundin front, it appears that the Toronto Maple Leafs are “turning the page” and will not have Sundin back for this season, even if they won’t declare this publicly.

Eklund – the patriarch of false-alarm rumors – believes that the Montreal Canadiens are the favorites to land Sundin, considering that the New York Rangers are either unwilling or unable to clear enough salary cap space to accommodate Sundin.

All this of course depends on whether Sundin decides to play for another season.  Another possibility is that Sundin might return to the NHL in the middle of the season, like Scott Niedermayer last year.

Meanwhile, the Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Mike Van Ryn is on his way to Toronto this week, as announced 2-weeks ago.  The Sporting News says this will probably happen Tuesday.  Also, according to the Sun-Sentinel, Florida might also toss in one of two veteran forwards – Radek Dvorak or Richard Zednik.

However, Eklund reports that there might be a snag in the McCabe “trade”.  Apparently the Panthers only want to send the Leafs draft picks for McCabe, rather than defenseman Mike Van Ryn.

Also, a source apparently told Eklund that Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher is trying to lure D Jay Bouwmeester or C Stephen Weiss.

So clearly there’s some conflicting information on the McCabe front, and we’ll have to monitor this story.

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  1. mojo19 says:

    Nice rumours Leafy. I still don't think trading for Bouwmeister or Weiss is completely out of the question, as Cliff Fletcher is known for his multi-player, big trades. I don't think its likely, but I would never rule anything out especially when it comes to teams like the Panther's and Leaf's. Could see Jiri Tlusty going back to Florida in some type of package.

    The rumour about Florida only wanting to deal draft picks for McCabe only makes sense for them, if they have other deals in place because they'll have an overloaded roster. Also the reason dealing MVR for BMC makes so much sense is that Florida only picks up a couple million dollars towards the cap.

    Also I think Florida throwing in a guy like Zednik or something makes sense. That's a good rumour.

  2. mtlman2005 says:

    I would be a little surprise if Sundin comes in at the midway point of the season. He didn't want to be traded last season because he wanted to win the cup with a team starting the season with. He wanted to whole "team experience" feeling. So coming in at the middle won't be much different. In my opinion he is in at the beginning or he won't play this season. Notice that I didn't say he would retire, I wouldn't be too surprise to see him take a year off and then come back for a year or 2.
    However, I think he is going to have the "raymond bourque" syndrome, and want a cup. He is going to play with a contender (Detroit, NYR, Montreal…) for a season or two. The real question is what's going to happen if he doesn't win the cup with them? A player like him just isn't the same without a cup. Don't get me wrong, no matter what, he will end up in the hockey hall of fame, but depending of wether he has a cup or not (and who is on the ballots that year, ect…) it could take a little longer. A cup would pretty much garanty him a spot right away.
    Now, where will he end up? I think NY is a long shot at best. They already have cap issues that signing Sundin won't help. And if Sundin does decide to play, I don't believe that can have those issues resolved.
    Montreal, I would believe that would work out pretty well. He will have a good salary (around 7 million), will be 1st center and on the PP. The only reason I can think of for him not coming is because they are in the same division as Toronto and that he wouldn't want to the reason they don't make the playoff (if that is the case). So It would be a sentimental reason rather than a hokcey/money reason.
    Vancouver: he knows money WILL NOT be a problem. But their teams isn't a cup contender just yet. And its far. He will have to do a lot more travalling if he is in the West, and for "an old guy" that is something to think about.
    Detroit: The money might not be as good, and he won't be first center. However, he is pretty much garantied a cup if he goes there. On the other hand, people will say that him being there didn't really bring the cup, he was just along for the ride. They won the cup the year before without him and Hossa, so obviously they would with both of them.
    And finally, Toronto. Cup chances, VERY slim. Money wise, not really a problem. First center, thats his.
    So it all really depends on what he wants: recognition, money, a cup, … time will tell, but my money is on Montreal, NYR if they can clear something FAST, or maybe a surprise team like Boston or Buffalo.

  3. mtlman2005 says:

    I think the question is: does Toronto want/need a player like Zednik?

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

     Sundin is not coming to Montreal, Eklund saying he is probable for Montreal all but guarentees that he will not sign in Montreal.

  5. Fromage_Blanc says:

    Thank you Eklund, you make my day. I was so worrrrrried about Sundin comin' to Montreal. Now I still have HOPE.

    Ok. Nay. Sundin might not retire, but he won't play at the beginning, that's sure. I don't want him in Montreal either. We have much young talented players, so let's give them chances. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind if some players like Bouillon and Dandenault are traded.

    As an Habs fan, I can't wait for this season!

  6. pezzz says:

    The Panthers won't trade Stephen Weiss, that's for sure. no chance at all. If Martin trades Weiss, it's gonna be for Antropov and a 1rst round pick. so it won't happen. If Bouwmeester moves, it's gonna be in February, at the trade deadline. not before.

    McCabe will probably be trades for Van Ryn and Dvorak/Zednik.

    and you know what? my guess is that Sundin will land in Florida, for the Panthers. you heard it here first! If Sundin signs with them, they will lock the 1rst spot in the SW.

  7. pezzz says:

    and if the Panthers make the playoffs with Sundin, it might get Bouwmeester to sign an extension. and that's crucial.

  8. Kramer says:

    The remains of the first trade rumors were once found in ancient Babylonia.  I read local tradesmen routinely use to trade gladiators.

    I think the Maximus character in the movie Gladiator was one of the first big trades to happen.  The Babylonians were advanced peoples.

  9. mojo19 says:

    he earns around $1.5 million and he should score around 15 goals, give or take. So ya, its not like he'd really make a huge impact but I'm sure he would be able to crack the Leafs line up and play for them.

    But I hear what you're saying, maybe Cliff wouldn't want him.

  10. mojo19 says:

    If its McCabe only for Zednick or Dvorak and Van Ryn then the Leafs will have a lot of forwards and defensman ready to go for training camp

    Blake – Antropov – Steen
    Kulemin – Stajan – Tlusty
    Hagman – Bell – Mayers
    Ponikarovsky – Grabovski – Dvorak/Zednik
    Devereaux – Moore – Hollweg

    There's 15 forwards, not including guys like Mitchell, Williams, Earl, who should all have a shot at camp.

    We also would have 10 d-men with a shot at making it

    Kaberle – Kubina
    Van Ryn – Finger
    Frogren – Stralman
    Colaiacovo – White
    Kronwall – Schenn

  11. pezzz says:

    you know what I think?

    Florida will add a 2nd round pick with Van Ryn and Dvorak/Zednik, and the Leafs will send Ponikarovsky and Bell the other way.

  12. Bure96 says:

    That actually kinda makes sense.

  13. pezzz says:

    yeah…and you know what?

    I think Sundin will sign with the Panthers

    McCabe, Belak, Ponikarovsky, all good friends of Mats.

    with Sundin, the Panthers will become a real threat. Best D in the East, good forwards (with Sundin), strong Goalies (Vokoun, Anderson). With Sundin, they will make the playoffs, and then maybe Bouwmeester will think of signing an extension with the Panthers…..

    Booth – Sundin – Stillman
    Ponikarovsky – Weiss – Horton
    Zednik/Dvorak – McLean – Olesz
    Belak – Kreps – Campbell

    waive Peltonen, who cares about him.

    Bouwmeester – Allen
    Ballard – McCabe
    Welch – Murphy
    Skrastins – Boynton


    that's scary, no? it looks like a playoff team to me.

  14. Kramer says:

    Fakelund may be right this time, according to my source.

  15. mitchamac says:

    fran 590 radio had some guy on and he was saying mccabe and antropov prospect or pick for boumeaster but whatever the case is noone willknow utill the day mccabe is traded. However the rumors are fun reading

  16. leafy says:

    I agree you can't rule out anything with Cliff, the king of multi-player trades.  Who can forget that classic 5 for 5 trade with Calgary way back in '92?

    But if I were the Leafs, I'd hold on to Tlusty.  Something tells me this guy's going to be a star, a 40-goal scorer for sure.  And we all know how valuable guys like that are.

  17. leafy says:

    I've always liked Zednik from his days with Washington and Montreal.  The only problem I have with getting him is that, first of all, he's starting to show clear signs of decay, and secondly, he suffered a VERY scary injury last season…..very often, players become gun shy or lose their competitiveness when suffering an injury like that.

    Remember Nikolai Borshevsky?  He was a good little player for the Leafs until he ruptured his spleen.  Very scary incident.  After that, he wasn't the same player because he lost his fearless play.  I'm afraid the same may happen to Zednik, because scary injuries like this affect players psychologically.  The mental part of the game is HUGE.  This might explain why Martin wants to get value for Zednik right now.

  18. leafy says:

    There's clearly a huge logjam at defence.  Wow!  Remember 3 years ago, right after the lockout, the exact opposite was true……we didn't have enough defenceman, so we acquired Khavanov, and also had Berg and Belak on the blueline in the season opener.  Not a very good D.  Now we have several pretty good options for D.

    Our forwards are, again, loaded with plenty of solid 3rd line guys, but very few bona fide top 6 guys.  On the other hand, if younger guys like Tlusty, Kulemin, and Steen have a break out season, and new guys like Hagman and Grabovski can fill the net, and if Blake returns to form, the Leafs could surprise a few people.  We'll still probably miss the playoffs this year, but at least we're going in the right direction.

  19. leafy says:

    Of course losing Antropov will make the Leafs razor thin at center, but what the heck.  Maybe Cliff will consider this season a writeoff and position the Leafs for a top 5 pick in '09.  Bouwmeester would certainly solidify an already emerging Leafs blueline.

  20. leafy says:

    Florida is actually my sleeper pick in the East this year.  I think they might squeak into the playoffs finally and be this year's Washington.

  21. leafy says:

    It's very hard to say.  Sundin is a tough nut to crack.  It's very difficult to read him because nobody knows what he's thinking.  I honestly don't think that even he knows what he's going to do.

  22. leafy says:

    But Maximus was in Rome, not Babylon.  He ends up killing Johnny Cash in that last scene at the Colliseum.

  23. leafy says:

    The sausage vendor?

  24. leafy says:

    Eklund kind of reminds me of George Constanza in that "opposite" Seinfeld episode, where George does everything the exact opposite of his initial instincts, which ends up being correct.  Eklund should start reporting the opposite rumors as well, which would be the correct rumor.

  25. leafy says:

    Maybe so, but Sundin could be a great pick up for Montreal in the middle of the season.  Mats is the type of game breaker every contender could use.

  26. i_know_hockey says:

    omg if mccabe is traded which player will move up to the top banner of this site

  27. leafy says:


    Here's an interesting article on the worst trade rumors in recent history.  They include:

    – Mario Lemieux to the Rangers, March 2003 – Larry Brooks

    – Ryan Smyth signs with Edmonton, 2007 – Dwayne Klessel

    – Kyle McLaren to the Islanders, January 2003 – Sportsnet

    – Evgeni Malkin to Los Angeles, June 2008 – Bruce Garrioch

    – Marian Hossa to Montreal,  February 2008 – Press of Montreal

  28. leafy says:

    The had Martin Brodeur before, and before that around 2004, they had a photo of McCabe.  Maybe they'll go back to Brodeur?

  29. nordiques100 says:

    TSN is saying mccabe and a pick for van ryn. good they got this out of the way before camp.

    mccabe, despite all his mistakes, was a good player in his time with the Leafs. Paul Maurice is really to blame for mccabe's demise. sure you could say the pressure of the contract was too much and mccabe caved, but really the coach didnt use him very well and as a result, mccabe's play declined.

    the first thing maurice did was to break up kaberle and mccabe. they were at the time, arguably the best defence pair in the league. instead he insisted on defence balance. they got the righthanded shooting kubina via free agency and because he played with kaberle before, it made sense to him to have this left-right pair. its safe to say the breakup hurt both of their games.

    unfortunately kubina got suspended immediately, then hurt and his season went downward. maurice was forced to put back kaberle and mccabe together but by that time it was too late.

    the two of them were 30 minute machines playing in all the key situations. they were terrific together and had wonderful chemistry in the pat quinn years. they thrived on not only the playing time but the responsibility. this is why they were the two alternates assisting captain mats sundin.

    to break them up was a major mistake that rarely gets mentioned about maurice. it was a blow to their confidence, especially bryan's. while they still played together on the PP, it wasnt the same. eventually, mccabe lost his spot on the top unit. at times, he too wasnt even on the top PK unit losing his spot to of all players andy wozniewski.

    kaberle lost his spot completely on the PK. something that absolutely has had me at a loss. is he soft? yeah, but certainly a fine stick checker and positional player. he isnt lidstrom by any stretch but you didnt see the wings coaching staff not use him on the PK because he didnt cream anyone into the glass. he is far superior defensively to wozniewski, coliacovo, white and any of the other stiffs the leafs had on the PK. i can only assume kaberle was being "saved" by the coach but you need your best guys out there. kaberle could handle the minutes. hopefully wilson will have him playing up to 30 minutes again.

    if mccabe is used frequently and relied on in florida, he should get back to being an effective player. his mistakes were magnified here in toronto so the anonimity should help him down south.

  30. leafy says:

    I wonder why it's the Leafs who are giving up a draft pick.  It might be because Van Ryan is younger, or perhaps because Florida is taking a greater risk by adding a larger contract.

    Well, we are gradually moving out of the sad John Ferguson Jr era.

    Yes, I have pretty well the same opinion about breaking up the Kaberle-McCabe duo.  They always played well together, so why change a good thing?  Not the only time I questioned Maurice's decision making prowess.

    Some of the very young Leaf fans may not remember, but McCabe was a really good player when he joined the Leafs in 2001.  He also finished 4th in Norris Trophy votes in 2004, and made the 2nd All-Star team.  Too bad many fans will remember his last 2 years the most.

  31. mojo19 says:

    I like Tlusty a lot too. I don’t know if he’ll ever score 40, I think he’ll turn into a good player, totally first line worthy, but not an all-star. Think Daymon Langkow.

  32. mojo19 says:

    You are right Leafy. Blake could put up 20-25 goals this year, why not? That's not a stretch for him at all. Hagman could do the same. I think a lot will depend on Tlusty, Kulemin, Grabovski, Steen, and hopefully the emergence of Matt Stajan as a 2nd line centre.

  33. mojo19 says:

    I don't know why the Leafs would give up the pick either. McCabe is the higher profile player. Guess its a salary thing….

  34. nordiques100 says:

    he was a workhorse and a key contributor in the quinn era. its too bad everyone just remembers mcclutz.

    i thought he wore his heart on his sleeve and gave it his all in most of his time here. he was as big of a warrior if not moreso than tucker or domi but will never get that love here. probably yet another reason why the leafs are in such a drought. the fans and team dont know a good player when they see one and run them out of town instead of giving them a major pre game ceremony.

    i bet that complete dumb a$$ tanenbaum will have number 28 not just honoured but RETIRED in the ACC.

  35. Kramer says:

    I wanna apply for a job as the Leafs Zamboni driver.  Do I need a real driver's license?

  36. mojo19 says:

    Easy Nords, McCabe wasn't that good during the Pat Quinn era. Granted he was a pretty good player, but he had bad games back in the day too. A lot of them. Most notably Keith Primeau's playoff hat-trick. Remember one of the goals when McCabe bobbled a puck rolling along the boards to him (as he does 1 every 4 or 5 times that happens) and Primeau zipped by him. McCabe was a train wreck that night. But it happened other games too they just weren't as important.

    Its funny because before the lockout I tried to tell everyone, my friends, people on here, etc. that Kaberle was so much better than McCabe and I bought my Kaberle jersey and so many people had McCabe jersey's and I just didn't understand it, and finally everyone started understanding, it just took a bit longer for them to figure it out.

  37. nordiques100 says:

    yes he did have a few bad games. who hasnt? but on a leaf team that wasnt a winner, he was pretty decent in my book.

    he gave a pretty good effort most nights and produced most of the time in toronto. he was no star by any stretch and shouldnt have been paid like one, but again, who wasnt overpaid in toronto?

    i'm not going to get sucked into a kaberle argument. i'm still waiting for this god like figure to lead his team to the playoffs.

    perhaps under a half decent coach like wilson, he will actually do just that and maybe actually play in more key situations than the ian whites or wozniewski's of the world.

    until then however, he, mccabe, sundin, etc etc were all failures when it became their team. he doesnt deserve a free pass but for some odd reason he does.

  38. nordiques100 says:

    hagman played a ton on the PP in dallas where he got a chance to produce. in toronto will he get that same chance? on the 1st unit? hard to say right now.

    blake. well blake actually needs to make a play instead of just throwing it at the net. he'd get more goals if he wasnt such a hog.

    and just who is going to pass the puck to these fellows? really hard to find a true top playmaker now with sundin and wellwood gone.

    unfortunately not all of them will get a chance to play with antropov.

  39. paulieplatypus says:

    Slats Johnson is right!  With all the players the rangers would have to rid themselves on the roster in order to sign da big Sweed, it's just not worth picking up Sundin to play at a position that the team is already stacked with talent.  Personally I believe New York is no place for a player like Sundin who is flipflopping back and forth between retirement and playing in NY… Especially if Slats has to cut players from less stacked positions on the roster to do so.  Maybe if Sundin in the first few days of free agency showed 100% commitment to playing for the Blueshirts, he might have convinced Sather that he would not quit the game and retire midseason the very first time the New York Media started questioning his lifestyle "etc" and how things like that might be causing a slump he or the team might be currently going through.  Anyway anyone who is not in love with Sundin, surly believes Slats is doing the right thing by not signing this flipflopper.  

  40. paulieplatypus says:

    In the memory of Eddie Tribet and his greeving wife Carla from cheers…  I'm afraid you would need a licence these days.

  41. mojo19 says:

    19 even strength goals and 4 shorty's last year. And he played most of the season on the third line. Hagman is someone to get excited about.

  42. TurboTronix says:

    Apparently some dude with reliable source (Alex Tanguay's good friend) states that Mat Sundin has signed with the habs 3 weeks ago. He states that the media is trying to pull this story as much as they can. Anyhow I don't know how legit this is but hey this site is all about "rumors" after all 🙂

    His quote in French:

    D'après de source surs, j'aurais entendu dire d'un bon ami d'Alex Tanguay que Mats aurait déja apposé son nom sur un contrat pour jouer pour l'organisation du Canadien de Montréal. Nous apprendrons dans quelques jours que ce dernier à signé avec le club mais depuis cela fait déja 3 semaines que c'est dans la poche. C'est de plus en plus vrai que cette histoire ressemble d'un roman-savon car, les médias avait besoin de sujet chaud pour alimenté les nouvelles durant l'été ou nous entendons seulement parlé des déboires d'Éric Gagné et des bons coups de Russell Martin. Je suis prêt à parier que nous entendrons plus parler de cette nouvelle ( à part au moment que Mats convoquera les média) avec le début de la NFL cette semaine.

    J'ai bien hâte d'entendre ce roman-savon se terminer à RDS lorsque nous pourrons voir le grand suédois endosser le prestigieux gilet du bleu-blanc-rouge.

    Sur ce, soyez patient Mats va annoncer d'un moment à l'autre qu'il appartient à la Sainte-Flanelle!!!!

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