Some Trenchant Observations

Well, the Avs-Oilers game just ended (need you ask who won?). What did we learn?

1.) Outshooting a team does you no good if your shots are all from the perimeter.

2.) A healthy Peter Forsberg can beat the Oilers single-handedly (perhaps he pretended Conklin was Salo…or Corey Schwab). Seriously, 5 goals in 2 games against the Oil?

3.) Ryan Smyth would have made a great soccer player (he already has the hair).

4.) How many minutes did Big Georges play? 2?

5.) It would do no good to put a helmet on Kerry (“Hairy”) (“Fairy”) Fraser at this late date. Irreversible synapse damage has already occurred.

6.) The Oil’s power play sucks so fiercely, it should be named Lewinsky.

7.) Aebischer is tied for the most wins, and among that group has the least amount of losses. No All-Star game? Bite me.

8.) Forsberg has more multiple-point games than anyone in the league – and has done it in 24 games. Keep calling me an apologist – you’ll be playing golf, I’ll be going to playoff games.

9.) Boy, Raffi Torres’ face gets red! Anyone checked his diastolic numbers lately?

Sorry if I seem more misanthropic than usual – I am awaiting a verdict on whether or not I will need neck surgery (car accident – fortunately, the other guy’s fault).

Let’s pick up the pace on here, and get some dialogue going, or I’m going to be forced to do something drastic. Those of you who know me well know exactly what I’m talking about.