Somethings Gotta Give My Habs Rant

First off I am a huge Montreal fan and I will stick with my team through the good and the bad.  But something has to be done, take last nights game for instance Koivu(or captain hook) has been taking far too many penalties lately, not blaming everything on him the team took 9 penalties to New Jersey’s 3.  It’s nice to see them playing hard but they have to use their heads and avoid the pointless penalties.

Also on another note I think Gainey has to make up his mind and start pulling the trigger, either buying or selling, please do something to help this team.  If you can’t sign your UFA’s please get something so we don’t walk away from the table with egg on our face again.  Although I would much rather see Gainey get us some help right now for this season, I truly feel that if some sort of deal is done that it might just be the spark we need to turn the corner and get back to our winning ways.