Sometimes I hate my fellow Hab fans…

Oh, for the love of….

First off, this Kovalev thing was total and utter BS, but I see as a fan “since I was born” you are really willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

In case ANYONE was wondering, it is false. Not just my opinion either. Want to know why La Presse couldn’t get hold of the actual recording of his RADIO INTERVIEW?? Because he was telling the truth, and the article that La Presse translated was from a tabloid…in fact, the whole story has been pulled from Oh, and the reporter who gave the interview backs Kovy up…interesting, isn’t it?

And do you really think that the team is better off without our most talented player?? Waive him?? Yah, great idea. Last season, prior to his knee surgery, we were all singing his praise, as we were in the playoffs. Habs fan for life, huh?

I also love the Koivu remarks, they are perhaps the most retarded things I’ve seen on this site. Trade Koivu?? He isn’t a good leader??? How the hell do you guys call yourselves Hab fans? Have you just tuned in the past month? He isn’t the most vocal guy infront of the media, but thats because he talks IN the dressing room where he needs to. Ask Red Fisher, ask any respectable journalist in Montreal about Koivu. He is the heart and soul, the captain and the team’s best player, and you want him to be traded….clap clap, good job guys

And my final point: never seen this sort of spiral before?? What about last season? Oh wait, we started off strong, had a losing streak, then barely made 8th…sound familiar?
How about those seasons prior to the lockout? How about those season we didn’t even make the playoffs? The team is still REBUILDING…let me repeat that, for those who missed it:

as in Gainey has, and hopefully will continue, to make this team better

And that means we aren’t a cup contender. That means we are suppose to struggle for the playoffs. Yes, I’m frustrated as hell by the inconsistent play we’ve seen, but half the team is made of rookies and sophmores . The team showed it can play well, but calling out Koivu is not the answer. There are issues, but hey, guess what? The team is, you guessed it, rebuilding and that’s why Gainey didn’t waste his draft picks and prospects on rentals!!!

Really, you ask? Really.

So wait, getting a UFA rental isn’t the way to build a team? Nope

We shouldn’t just trade away what few good prospects and high draft picks that we have? Right again!

Man, sometimes I hate Hab fans…