Sometimes I hate my fellow Hab fans…

Oh, for the love of….

First off, this Kovalev thing was total and utter BS, but I see as a fan “since I was born” you are really willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

In case ANYONE was wondering, it is false. Not just my opinion either. Want to know why La Presse couldn’t get hold of the actual recording of his RADIO INTERVIEW?? Because he was telling the truth, and the article that La Presse translated was from a tabloid…in fact, the whole story has been pulled from Oh, and the reporter who gave the interview backs Kovy up…interesting, isn’t it?

And do you really think that the team is better off without our most talented player?? Waive him?? Yah, great idea. Last season, prior to his knee surgery, we were all singing his praise, as we were in the playoffs. Habs fan for life, huh?

I also love the Koivu remarks, they are perhaps the most retarded things I’ve seen on this site. Trade Koivu?? He isn’t a good leader??? How the hell do you guys call yourselves Hab fans? Have you just tuned in the past month? He isn’t the most vocal guy infront of the media, but thats because he talks IN the dressing room where he needs to. Ask Red Fisher, ask any respectable journalist in Montreal about Koivu. He is the heart and soul, the captain and the team’s best player, and you want him to be traded….clap clap, good job guys

And my final point: never seen this sort of spiral before?? What about last season? Oh wait, we started off strong, had a losing streak, then barely made 8th…sound familiar?
How about those seasons prior to the lockout? How about those season we didn’t even make the playoffs? The team is still REBUILDING…let me repeat that, for those who missed it:

as in Gainey has, and hopefully will continue, to make this team better

And that means we aren’t a cup contender. That means we are suppose to struggle for the playoffs. Yes, I’m frustrated as hell by the inconsistent play we’ve seen, but half the team is made of rookies and sophmores . The team showed it can play well, but calling out Koivu is not the answer. There are issues, but hey, guess what? The team is, you guessed it, rebuilding and that’s why Gainey didn’t waste his draft picks and prospects on rentals!!!

Really, you ask? Really.

So wait, getting a UFA rental isn’t the way to build a team? Nope

We shouldn’t just trade away what few good prospects and high draft picks that we have? Right again!

Man, sometimes I hate Hab fans…

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  1. bleedingblu says:

    People react out of anger. Everyone thinks when your team is not winning, the team needs a new player RIGHT AWAY!! No one likes watching there team lose.

    People should relax and have faith…everyone wants to play GM… or the Ref. If this year doesn't go right, there's always next year. I personally think Gainey is going to make some moves this summer.

  2. blarneylad says:

    hey, kov is my favourite hockey player i don't want him going anywhere. or koivu for that matter go habs

  3. habswinthecup-again says:

     Well said.

  4. McLarenchamp says:

    Amen to that brother, great article!!!!!!!!!

  5. TheStryker says:

    Whether or not what Kovalev said was true or not, has no factor to the point that he is a cancer on the team. He get's paid 4.5 million a year. Can you tell me that he is worth that ? 13 goals….He's played with every player on this team and still can't produce. Usually when you are a good player you make those around you better, well he hasen't. He is one of the biggest factors that got Claude Julien fired. And we can all see now that Julien was a bad coach…come on.

    Im not saying that Saku is a bad guy, but if he is the heart and soul of this team we are in trouble. If he was such a great leader the Montreal Canadiens wouldn't be in the situation they are now. This isin't only on Koivu but all the supossed LEADERS on this team. The thing is there is no leadership on this team. Saku gets paid 4.75 million a year, now if you think he is worth that, you have lost your mind

  6. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    For close to 10 million a season, its pretty sad that our "superstar" and "heart and soul" of the team barely have a combined 100 pts. I hope the habs tank the rest of the season and battle Philly for a 1st overall pick.

  7. JuicemaN says:

    Glad to see the Habs deal with reatrdedness like the Leafs do.

  8. habsoverserver says:

    if we are rebuilding why did Gainey (1) build around Koivu who is past his prime (2) trade for Kovalev (see comment above on Koivu) (3) sign Samsonov (4) trade away all the prior draft choices like Hossa, Ward, Hainsey, Beauchemain, Ribiero

    the answers you will give me are (1) Koivu was the only choice, no decent player with any other option would stay in montreal (2) Kovalev was a playoff rental who didn't cost a piece of the future (3) yeah, Samsonov was a dumbass move, but who thought it would be this bad (4) Gainey didn't think they were any good and Ribs had no discipline

    i would counter that (1) a smart team like Buffalo managed to trade for a great young center and since over a dozen teams got their top center through trade, it isn't asking Gainey too much to go do the same (2) if Kovalev was a rental, why is it that three years later we are paying him $4.5 mil to anchor a hopeless second line (3) if you looked at Samsonov's historical anemic even strength scoring relative to his ice time, it was blatantly obvious that this wasn't going to work (4) maybe they weren't very good and Ribs wasn't disciplined but good coaching and leadership are a better answer than dumping assets for little return.  

    let's define rebuilding as taking the safe path of least resistence that still turns a profit without dashing the hopes of a Cinderella run to the Cup.

    if Koivu isn't being paid $4.75 million to win any playoff games, then he at least owes it to the team to create some harmony through his leadership. he doesn't seem able to do that.   the bickering, lazyness and finger pointing has to stop somewhere.  i am tired of coaching changes.  Gainey isn't leaving.  so who is left to step up and take some responsibility for these childish ice capades? 

    maybe we should just blame the media….

  9. robinson19 says:

    If you didn't think 110% was retarded already: last night P.J. Stock was basically arguing your very valid point, that it was from a tabloid, where's the tape, benefit of the doubt, etc., and get this:


    They're such idiots, they're so obsessed with being anti-Carbonneau and anti-Gainey that they want to cling to this stupid piece of non-journalism.

  10. Rickoo7 says:

    lool The worst word a habs fan can heard…REBUILDING…in any time…Carbo…Gainey…or Boivin…said that word ….and its for a reason!!!The Media…they always turn every word in a insult…every act in a bad intention….

    Just like kovy interview…yeas he probably speak to a radio in Russia…but hell no he said that…personnaly….im sure its a sabotage by in another team…!! Like Trashers ( if they don t make the playoff…They gonna clean the house )…Maybe Bruins…with the UFA Chara and Savard…they pay so much for them …but they gonna miss the playoff…sabotage always exist in pro sport…if u can read french…just go on…and and  go see the Dominic Roussel in the chronical…he talk about that…he have a couple a example…

    So just understand….REBUILDING…that a natural way to improve at long term a team…for sure we don t have Crosby…Malkin…Staal…but who can predict who gonna be a hundred pointer…Higgins…Ryder….they are long shot…we just have to wait 🙂

  11. EddieAVS says:

    i do believe that kovy said it. the only reason this has become so unexpected is that kovy probably never thought that a report in russia would ever get back to montreal. pretty dumb thinking on his part, but oh well. You theres a couple of factors that should come in to your thinking before you freak out and start defending your player and team so easily. do you have all the facts?? obviously not. Did anyone know that Kovy has done SEVERAL interviews with the journalist who initially made the report. now why would he be interviewed by someone who has the potential to make up stories. Secondly, the journalist backed her story up initially, it was only in the recent times, after the big blow up that she used the excuse that it was a wrong translation.
    Now anyone who knows la presse obviously understands that it is not a tabloid newspaper, it is a very well respected newspaper actually. 
    so LES HABITANTS, did you know all of this??! how bout some more

    La presse initially removed the article late saturday night, because they had heard that kovy denied the report. They followed up on the piece and find that the reporter backed up her interview and so they published it.

    so you ask, why would she retract it. well obviously because she needs to cover herself, she is a russian sports writer. having the captain of the russian team against you doesnt bode well with your employment.

    the facts that were said in the interview SHOW that it had to come from someone who travelled with the team frequently. its not just some made up story that comes from anywhere. it talks about how in the dressing room, kovy finds that its segragated. the french, europeans and americans all stick together. it becomes a competition of whos better. that the players are playing only for the fans and not for the team and that the team is competing against itself. and also that carbonneau had little use of russians on his team.

    i dont know about you…but perhaps maybe this is something internal that most fans dont know about, and it took some "he said that, no i didnt, i never said that" type of story to get it out in the open

  12. HabsRUs says:

    Gainey is most-definately the problem in Montreal. If we were rebuilding, then why pick up Niinama, Kovalev, Samsonov, etc.

    The Montreal organization just wants to sell out every night with a mediocre team. They dont give a damn about winning anymore, they have enough cups. Montreal just wants to fill their pockets. Thats why Gainey was hired, hes a smart businessman who will stay extremely quiet on the trade front and only sign cheap free agents, just to satisfy fans.

    That being said, Gaineys worst move was hiring Carbonneau. The guy is just destroying his players and the locker room is a mess. YOU CANT BENCH VETERAN PLAYERS!!! IT ONLY PISSES THEM OFF!! No wonder Samsonov and Kovalev is playing like shit, they are pissed off by the coach… So was Rivet… And he keeps dressing floates like Latendresse.. WHY?

    The coach has absolutely destroyed Abbys confidence in goal. The guy looks sh*tbaked out there every night. Huet gets hurts, and Guy brings up a goalie with NO NHL experience and starts him 4 straight games? WTF? Then you expect Abby to play good again? What a joke.

    Throughout all this nonsense, I still think the Habs will make the playoffs. They are due a winning streak very soon and this is how their schedule looks.

    BOSTON—> 3 games
    TORONTO—> 2 Games
    RAINGERS—> 2 Games

    I wont stop there. Im even gonna predict a 1st round upset over Buffalo, but it stops there. New Jersey will destroy us.

  13. McLarenchamp says:

    I guess there's still some of you fans that just don't get it.

    Yes, Koivu does make a salary that we all can honestly consider too high, and yes Kovalev is not producing, when he should be, but Hockey is more than just stats, and points. Welcome to the real world, this is where we can see who really knows about hockey, and who plays too much NHL07, and base their hockey knowledge on a video game.

    If Koivu is so bad, and is overpaid, please tell me who should be our captain right now, and please do be realistic, Don't start trowing dumb trades like a bucket of iced pucks, 3 poutines, and a baker's dozen hockey sticks for Briere, Sakic, or Marleau, not gonna happen. We've got what we got, and nobody is better for the job right now.

    As for Kovalev, what do you expect from an offensive player playing for a dump and chace type of team. Ever notice why Kovalev doesn't kill penalties?????He can't dump a puck to save his life, it's just not in him, pay attention when you see the habs play, Kovalev doesn't dump.

    This is still a young team people, let the cogs get into place, let the pieces fall in, and you'll see. Rome wasn't build in one day.

    Peace to all, and as always

    GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. morrissey says:

    Ok first off, you are an idiot. Second, here's why:

    A) If the organization wants to fill their pockets, why are they spending at close to the cap limit?

    B) Kovalev was never benched. Did Samsonov only begin playing poorly after his benching? Rivet's opinion of the coach = irrelevant, he was traded, move on.

    C) Aebischer had already lost the #1 job in Colorado before he came here, he just isn't that good and nobody (but you) expects him to be. Aebischer is a write off of Jose Theodore's 5 million dollar contract and absolutely nothing else.

    D) What minor miracle will allow the Habs to surpass teams that improved at the trade deadline in the standings?

  15. Saku11Habs says:

    "And my final point: never seen this sort of spiral before?? What about last season? Oh wait, we started off strong, had a losing streak, then barely made 8th…sound familiar?"

    Actually Montreal was the 7th seed last year but I digress.  My real point in replying is to everybody that says "Kovalev is our most talented player!"  Look this guy has all the skill to be an elite player in this league, however, he simply just isn't that anymore.  13 goals?  Even with his "injury" Kovalev should be a 30 goal scorer in this league.  Now don't get me wrong.  I was more than happy when they announced his signing before last season.  But when is enough lack of production enough?  Against Boston how many times did Kovalev try to make a play only to hold the puck too long?  And it's not just him.  This whole team no longer has character or heart….(Exceptions Jaroslav Halek, Tomas Plekanec)

  16. nychabfan says:

    Well argumented piece. I can only add that Beaushemin and Hainsey were LOST on waiwers, Ward was let go for nothing, like Bulis.Ribeiro traded {?} for Niinimaa{I cannot call it a trade, this is a gift} is one of the most onesided trades in history- last year's best scorer for 2.5 mln healthy scratch.  Koivu should be traded not now.but last year,when he could bring a solud return,Now with his salary and not-trade clouse the team is stuck with him, as wellas with Kovalev and Samsonov. The only good thing about GM's ineptitude before the dead line is that he did not trade any prospects or picks for down-the-hill rentals. This team needs a complete rebuilding and a new GM to do it.  

  17. canadaownshockey says:

    The problem with the Habs are too many young europeans. Hasek himself said that if you're European, and you haven't been in the NHL more than 5 years, the you don't care about the Stanley Cup. And it makes sense. However Kovalev's problem is lack of effort, is it just me or does it not look like he's having fun anymore.

    HOwever Koivu needs to stay, he's a class act.

  18. habitants24 says:

    As all of you I to am a die hard Habs fan who is old enough to say that I remember the good old days and did get to see the Habs win the stanley cup on four occassions. I do have to say however that in all the years where Montreal has played mediocore or bad hockey this seson is really taking the cake. I've seen Montreal play bad hockey but what I am seeing now is just lack luster, lacks intesity and emotion. I see no heart out there at times, not every game is as bad as the last one but a team fighting for their playoff lives need to wear their hearts on their sleeves every minute of every game regardless of the outcome. As for the players such as Koivu and Kovalev, Koivu is a class act but I do question whether his heart is in Montreal still. He has in the past been the David that has slayed Goliath but he appears to be a shadow of his former self. We all know the trials and tribulations that Koivu has gone through in his life and respect him whole heartedley but I for one believe his days in Montreal are numbered. As for Kovalev, there is not a team in the NHL that held his rights who did not breathe a huge sigh of relief when he departed their team. Whether it was in Pittsburgh or with the Rangers he had worn out his welcome way before he was dealt or had signed with another team. This guy is a cancer and as cliche as it is he is by far the softest European in the NHL. Montreal doesn't need this type of player on the team this team needs grit and they need players who bring their lunch boxes to the rink each and every game.
    When I look at Montreal I can remember a time when all players where willing to do whatever it took to win a game regardless of the reprocussions. I don't see that in this team at all, and yes I do realize that alot are rookies and alot are sophmores. With this group the see and wait game can be used but when I see the likes of a Koivu, Kovalev, Samsanov not leading as they should be then it is time for change at the veteran level. I to want to see Montreal suceed but in my opinion it won't be with the present makeup of veterans in the lineup.

  19. morrissey says:

    This year's trade deadline was most definitely a seller's market. Those short term rentals came at an extremely high price, come what may in the playoffs (or lack thereof) I am glad Gainey didn't succumb to the presure and ship out valuable assets for short term gain. The team needs more fixing than 1 or 2 rentals, the kind of fixing that will only be achieved by long term development of prospects.

    That being said, I would have like to have seen some selling other than the Rivet deal. It was not feasible to move out under performing and over paid players such as Kovalev or Samsonov, but Sheldon Sourray would have commanded a hefty price, if Rivet went for a first round pick, what would a prime offensive defense man have brought? Bonk and Johnson could also have found buyers and Michael Ryder could certainly have been attractive to many playoff bound teams.

    Unloading some of those players for low price talent would have set the stage for acquiring higher priced players when the market was much more favorable in the off-season either via trade or free agency. As it stands now that will hardly be possible.

    Koivu. Saku Koivu is a captain the Canadiens can be proud of. He is not a point a game player, and you could argue that he is not even a first line centre, but he is a class act, a fine example to younger players  on the team and a great representative of the organization  within the community. Koivu's only problem is that he is shouldering far too much of the offensive burden on a team that desperately needs reinforcement at the centre position.

    The core of the team is there: Higgins, Koivu,  Plekanec, Markov,  Komisarek & Sourray. Some very serviceable fringe players are also in place: Begin, Lapierre, Latendresse, Perezhogin. Some free agent signings have been a complete bust, and that is simply unfortunate, and somewhat offset by some good trades (don't forget that Samsonov & Aebischer are only there because Gainey managed to unload that waste of 5 million dollars: Jose Theodore – the net gain is definitely not on the negative side).

    What is the answer? Patience. 2 years will see the departure of Kovalev, Samsonov, Bonk and Aebischer amongst others. 2 years will also see improvement and development of Kostitsin, Chipchura, Higgins, Perezhogin, Latendresse, Grabovski and Price. They won't all develop into great players, but will their combined contribution exceed that of the aforementioned group that will be leaving? Absolutely. This team will get better by Gainey doing absolutely nothing, which coincidentally appears to be what he is doing. Gainey and Carboneau are in this for the long run to restore this franchise to the stature it merits, be patient my friends.


  20. HabsRUs says:

    A) Isnt that the point of the cap, Idiot? To keep teams balanced? If there was no cap, than the Habs would still have the same payroll while other teams would be much higher. So yes, the money issue shouldnt be a problem in the future, but Im talking about the past decade or so.

    B) Kovalev was benched in the third period of a game not too long ago. (Ottawa maybe, not sure) Then he got pissed and sat out a few games due to a "bad shoulder" although he was cleared by a doctor to play. Samsonov played poorly since day one. But did he play much worse than Perezhogin, Latendresse and even Pleckanec and Ryder even though they're playing better now?

    C) I agree here about Abby being a write off of Theodore. But as a goaltender myself, and I'm sure every other goaltender agrees, confidence is the key. You remember back in the beginning of the season when Huet sucked? Aebeischer saved our asses. But after a couple "bad" games, Carbo would only play him every now and then. Point is, Abby has enough NHL experience to be a "decent" goalie, but not if hes losing his job to a minor leaguer with no experience. Confidence is gone. Which brings me back to my point about Gainey…. If they had no faith in Abby, then why not get a goalie at the deadline? Wanna know why?… because the seats would be full regardless.

    D) You see, thats exactly what im talking about. Even though I think we can make it, most people see it as a miracle. Well Mr. Gainey, aint this like year 4 of your rebuilding phase? We were supposed to be contenders in this 5 year rebuilding plan. And here we are at year 4, and most people still see us as a long-shot to make the playoffs? I dont think one more year will make us THAT much better now, do you?

  21. habsoverserver says:

    I would accept your answer of patience, if Gainey himself showed patience. But moves like signing samsonov and trading for nimiinaa and johnson indicate to me that Gainey thought a couple of veterans was all he needed to win.  Patience means not signing free agents and waiving them. Patience means not trading youth for veterans and benching them.  Patience means developing chemistry between the young players, not chemistry between the rookies and fringe veterans who won' t be in the league in three years.  Patience means not building a team around a powerplay led by an injury prone free agent to be whose family lives on the West Coast. 

    Don't tell me to show patience, tell it to Gainey. Also known as Mr. "dump all the young players from the organization, get a bunch of over the hill free agents and then tell everyone to wait two years while the next crop of draft picks matures." 

    Hear that?  It's the sound of gainey patiently cashing another paycheck, while the world waits for him to wait some more.

    At least put Plekanec on the first line and bench Koivu for a couple games.  That would send a message that the team is rebuilding. 

  22. habsoverserver says:

    why does montreal need a captain?  it's not like koivu is creating any harmony in the dressing room.  mgmt dumped all the players he didn't like and there is still discord.  no one should be captain.  

    a dozen teams traded for centers who have more points this season than koivu.  clearly it's possible for a talented gm to trade for a first line center.  making trade proposals is dumb.  but somehow the smart teams end up with the drury's smyth's and thornton's. 

    i also wonder why gainey turned a playoff rental like kovalev into a building block of a team that is "rebuilding"  especially when as you point out, he doesn't fit this team. 
    if gainey was so brilliant that he was able to trade theodore, he should be able to get montreal a decent center. 

  23. TheDugg1er says:

    Um, sorry but don't trash people for playing NHL07. If the people here saying Koivu sucks play NHL07, they will know that Koivu is *****ing God in that game. I'd probably mess anyone here up in that game specially with the Habs who are still stacked in that game. Also if people base the NHL off that game they are idiots. Cloutier is one of the best goalies in that game, and we all know how poorly he's been doing this year. Anyways if anyone wants to get owned on xbox live in NHL07 post back, or send me a friend request,    TheDugg1er

  24. rojoke says:

    Why does Montreal need a captain?  It's in the rule book.

  25. habsoverserver says:

    but there is no penalty for disobeying that rule.   for example, the Rangers and Devils had no captain in 05-06.  if you search by team on wikipedia, it lists all the historical captains. 

  26. passionch says:

    I still have Koivu on my team and he owns!  You can't really compare the game with the real thing anyway since there's always new players not in the game among the many other reasons.

  27. passionch says:

    Doubt you can bench your captain and best scorer (Hab's player of the month for february, Molson Cup) when he earns 4M+ and is healthy.  You could downgrade him to the 2nd line and really let the young guns play the rest of the season.  Making the playoffs through this stretch would only be a bonus!

  28. darcysucker says:

    I must say, I don't understand people who bash gainey.  Granted he's made a couple of moves that haven't worked out, but things don't always work out.  And given the situations, I find Gainey always made the right move.  He got rid of Theo, and he actually got something in return, he sucks now, but so does theo, and he costs a lot less. As for Ribeiro, he was a cancer in the locker room, gainey knew this, he coached the team last year.  He got rid of all the guys he didn't like (Bulis, Zednik, Sundstrom, Ribeiro).  And well the management felt that Plekanec could be a better 2nd line center than Ribs, personally I think pleks would be an ideal 3rd line center, and I'd let Bonk go at the end of the season, unless you can sign him cheap.  As for Samsonov, well Gainey tried to get sign Shanahan, who would've been perfect, don't think we'd be in the same kind of trouble with Shanahan on the team, but his wife decided she'd prefer to live in NYC for a year.  Imagine Shanny playing with Kovy, that would've been awesome, but Gainey had to go with plan B, so he signed the one he could sign, and who seemed like a decent 1st line player.  One thing people keep forgetting is that the habs are very shaky at goaltending right now, Aebischer keeps letting the team down, letting in weak goals, and well Halak is good, but he's a rookie, can't expect much from him.  If Huet were around things would probably be looking a little brighter.  Also people don't seem to know what's going on with the farm teams, the Bulldogs are doing great, and are made up of mostly habs prospects, with a couple of guys from edmonton, and we also have a team below them, the Cincinnati Cyclones, it all seems meaningless, but if you have your prospects playing together early on, and have things organized it pays dividends later on, just look at the Sabres and Devils, they have a system in place and they're players are taught that system early on, I haven't seen the habs farm system this organized in years, and they also have a great bunch of prospects, and it's only going to get better with the 2 picks in this year's draft, if you want to see our prospects check out, montreal ranks 6th in the nhl in prospects. 

    In Gainey I Trust

  29. habsoverserver says:

    look at the molson standings by month.  koivu won with 13 points.  that is one of the lowest monthly point totals in molson cup history.  as a comparison, in november, huet had 36 molson cup points. 

    i agree, downgrading him to the second line would suffice.  i would have done that years ago. 

    i would love to see a younger player at first line center – that would signal rebuilding.

  30. habsoverserver says:

    what you seem to be saying is that gainey always puts himself in the wrong situation then figures a way to get out of it.  btw Hamilton was a top team back in 02-03.  Despite the fact that Ward, Ryder, Gratton, Plekanec, Hossa,  Komisarek, Beauchemin, Hainsey and Garon all made the NHL, Montreal has yet to improve. 

    I want Gainey to remain as GM. I want Carbo to remain as coach.  I want to see a rebuilding effort where the rookies get more ice time and money is not longer wasted on tired veterans.  I'd like to see Plekanec get a lot more ice team.  I'd like Koivu to step aside and let someone younger and more talented center the first line.

  31. kovy007 says:

    I totally agree with the Kovalev thing. It was BS. Only in montreal will the media write stuff like that. Like when Kovalev was injured and they were suggesting that he is probably faking his injury. Only in montreal will the fans question a player's injury and doubt a player's word that he was injured.
    I don't care what you say about Kovalev he is the most talented player in the team. Sometimes it seems that he uses 10% of his talent but he is in the top three in points with 40 along with Ryder and Koivu. I will disregard Souray because he shouldn't be up there, he is just HAVING A GREAT SEASON and it is a contract year. Who are the two biggest contracts in montreal? Koivu and Kovalev. Are they in the top three in the standings of their team disregarding Souray. Yes they are. Why is everybody complaining? Surely the points they have put up don't reflect their salary but EVERY PLAYER IS OVERPAID. 7.8 million for Brad Richards and only 62 points? With that kind of money he should have minimum 120 points which he won't get. 7.5 for Chara who can't skate? Samsonov who is the third biggest contract in montreal is not even in the top ten. he is really underachieving and should be moved.
    One final thing about the fans who diss Kovalev. You know he will be the top goal scorer and pointer in the playoffs and if you don't know that then you don't know the first thing about him. Kovalev is the only player who can actually DEAK in that team every body just dumps the puck. Finally Kovalev NEEDS A STAR CENTER. Plekanec is not going to cover it. Have a forsberg or Briere centering Kovalev and you won't need a third player on that line. Be patient with Kovalev and don't expect 30 goals. Kovalev is not a 30 goal scorer. It only happened twice with Pittsburgh and he was playing with Lemieux and Jarg. Just watch this guy shine in the future

  32. Les-Habitants says:

    Well, since your calling me out by name, I guess I should really respond

    In your comments, I believe you are referring to the article written by Jack Todd, as you are pretty much quoting some of his arguments…if that is the case, it doesn't buy me. As a journalist, Mr. Todd is one of the few whose opinion seems to be  designed to get the biggest response.  In fact, of the sports journalists that write for the Montreal Gazette, his opinion is the sole one which I have found to be completely and utterly biased.  He has constantly been a writer who writes and discriminates against anyone he doesn't like, and while I'll read what he says, I take it with the smallest grain of salt as should everyone.

    I never said La Presse is a tabloid, however, the Russian newspaper where they did get that article is…or at least, is from what I've been able to read/find. 

    So, while I appreciate that you read the Gazette too, please don't just try to reproduce Jack Todd's arguments and think they're good ones

  33. habz2007 says:

    Kovalev is a great goal scorer but only when he shows up unfortunatly that isn't often enough Habs need a more consistant goal scorer than Kovalev. Hell if your gonna pay a guy 4.5 milion you expect him to produce more than kovalev does. I agree Koivu is a Great Leader I don't care what anyone says there is no player in the NHL today who has more heart thank Saku does Habs Need a goaltender thats can play well behind Huet unfortunatly alot of the habs trouble is inconsistant play by abby. I hope habs can make a good pick up that will improve the team . GO HABS GO

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