Souray Is Worth His Weight In Goals!

The more I think about, the more I want Souray to re-sign with the Habs. At the beginning of the free agent frenzy, tehre was all that hype/crap about Rafalski coming to Montreal. With that news, I was ready to sever ties with Souray and let him and his bonnie lass reunite on the west coast. As everyone know, Rafalski signed with Detroit. We are now solid in defense, but if we’re going to be a defensive team like last year, we need Souray. Here’s what our defense looks like now…

Markov – Hamrlik
Komisarek – Streit
Bouillon – Dandenault – Gorges – O’Byrne
Now, being a goalie, I must admit I’d feel pretty secure behind that lineup, but I honestly don’t think it’s enough to win. Now I know Souray has been tricked out of his clothes more than Paris Hilton, but there just is no one else as good as him on the powerplay. I’ve heard people say Hamrlik is going to be on the first PP of man the second one. Sure, he could play there, but he won’t be effective. His shot is a fraction of Souray’s. Now if we’re going to get by the season like last year…special teams, then how can we possibly give up Souray’s 26 goals. Don’t worry about his plus-minus. Just pair him up with Markov, a sound, safe defenceman. Let Markov man the back and Souray can join the rush. I just don’t see the Habs making the playoffs without this lineup.
Markov – Souray
Hamrlik – Komisarek
Streit – Gorges – O’Byrne
Markov and Souray are polar opposites
Hamrlik + Komisarek = crunchtime
Streit and Gorges are speedy defensemen who can add an offensive push at times.
Trade Bouillon and Dandenault and get a big 6’6 fourth line right winger who can intimidate and knock some heads in….or re-sign Johnson.
Latendresse – Koivu – Kovalev
Higgins – Plekanec – Ryder
Lapierre – Smolinski – Kostitsyn
Kostopoulos – Begin –
Spares: Chipchura, Grabovski, Downey
Let Latendresse add the physical factor for our first line.
Higgins and Ryder work well together. Plekanec is a rising star.
Smolinski can mentor the youngsters Lapierre and Kostitsyn
Begin and Murray will forecheck hard. Kostopoulos can help out in the back.

11 Responses to Souray Is Worth His Weight In Goals!

  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    the habs are a better team without him…

  2. rojoke says:

    There was an idea that one of the reasons why Souray's defensive numbers were so bad was because he was being over-used, and just couldn't play the minutes he was being given.  Maybe if he was used in better situations, not necessarily drawing the top lines every night or every game, and some of that workload given to Komisarek, who's not there to provide offense, his defensive play would improve.

  3. Komic-J says:

    The only way I would even consider making Souray an offer now would be if we could find a way to trade Dandenault and Bouillon for some picks, prospects or cheap established players. Otherwise, it's just way too much money spent on defense.

    With that being said, eversince we acquired Hamrlik, I've been thinking about Souray. Which of these two would I've been ready to give so much money ? I know Gainey did offer him the same deal, and he turned us down, but now that Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Jose are pretty much done dealing (unless San Jose makes a move), is Montreal now the best place to go for him ?

    Obviously, as I said before, my answer to the first question would be…none of them. I think, when free agency begins, a good general manager has to establish a list of players he's interested in, establish how much you're willing to pay for each name, and stick to that list. And there's no way I would've put $5.5m next to Hamrlik's and Souray's name…and I'm pretty sure Bob raised the price he was willing to pay for Hamrlik after the big names started to sign, which is why I don't agree with that signing at all.

  4. habs_punk says:

    It would be nice to bring him back, and maybe fewer minutes would help out his defensive play. But you can't forget that he was about the third worst +/- in the entire NHL last season. Those numbers are scary when thinking about trying to improve the overall defense. He's an excellent addition to anyone's power play, but he does more damage than good at even strength.

    Besides, does Montreal still have enough cap space to sign him and the rest of their RFA's?

  5. Komic-J says:

    If we want to spend up to the limit, yes. If my calculations are correct, we still have $11.0m to spend. However, I think we're aiming at $46.0m…

    Anyway, with Markov at $5.75m and Hamrlik at $5.5m…signing Souray would be spending way too much money on defense for me.

  6. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    Forget Souray, he's turned down Gainey's offer, colour him gone.  His 26 goals and his physical presence will be missed but defensively, we're a better team without Sheldon in the lineup.  Hamrlik will not drop the gloves but he's certainly more responsible in his own zone and won't make the highlight reels (remember Crosby and Spezza?) on a regular basis.

    I agree with you that, if at all possible, we should trade Dandenault.  He's not earning the coin he's making.  I disagree with you when it comes to Bouillon.  He may be small in stature, but he more than makes up for it in his physical play, plus he doesn't mind mixing it up (Tucker can attest to that). 

    I believe Carbo will give O'Byrne a shot in training camp and it will be up to the latter to make it difficult for the coaching staff to send him back to Hamilton.  His great size and his play in the Calder Cup gives me hope that he's now ready for the NHL.

    I'm not sure that our lineup will be sufficient to make the playoffs, but that's the team we have and that's the team I will support come October. 

  7. EasternHockey says:

    Souray's "bonnie lass" I'm sure would rather him stay in Montreal, so she doesn't get punched in the face every time he's had a few.

  8. habsoverserver says:

    hmmm maybe reality doesn't play a role in your world, but being that gainey offered a reasonable contract to soruay, and he rejected it, perhaps souray isn't interested in returning. 

  9. dog_farts says:

    They're better off with Hamrlik.  At least they had the common sense to buyout Cullimore after they got him from Chicago.  If you wanna talk about coughing up the puck, just watch his highlights from last year.  He was either getting skated around or sitting in the penalty box watching the opposing team score.

  10. Komic-J says:

    I don't think Souray is still on our radar anyway…this was just hypothetical.

    Don't get me wrong, if I had to chose between Dandenault and Bouillon, I would chose Bouillon no doubt. His size doesn't bother me…like you said, he makes up dor it in his physical play. But I wasn't too impressed with him last year…not as much as I usually am. Now, I don't want us to get rid of rim for nothing, but if the right deal comes along, I wouldn't cry to see him leave.

    I'm not sold on O'Byrne yet. I keep hearing good stuff about him, but I'll wait until training camp to make a judgement. I didn't have a chance to see him play last year. Looks like he made some real progress last season, and could crack our line-up this year. I guess we'll see in September.

  11. Iceman23 says:

    Souray is a Devil.  You should be hearing an announcement sometime soon.

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