Souray Rejects Canadiens Offer…

According to RDS Renaud Lavoie, Sheldon Souray officially rejected the Canadiens offer which is rumored to be a 4-yearl deal worth $22m.The Powerplay specialist is now waiting to hear the offers from San Jose, Dallas and the New York Rangers.

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  1. habsoverserver says:

    if montreal wants souray, why did they wait til now to negotiate? 

  2. Glucker says:

    haha, Souray thinks he's worth more then he is XD…
    imagine if he agreed
    Hamrlik: 5.5
    Markov: 5.75
    McSouray: 5.5

    LOL worse then the Leaf's top 3… price wise and skill wise… come on Montreal, offer him MORE XD

  3. lrdstanley says:

    We offered Souray first and when he said no then we got Hamrlik…. Gainey is not JFJ,,, THANK GOD

  4. passionch says:

    He's probably going to San Jose for about the same price we offered.

  5. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    5.5 a year for hamrlik may be the worst free agent signing in some time. Maybe as bad as holik was for the rangers. He's making only 1 mil less then briere and a full million more than the more talented scott hannan.

  6. Milohabs says:

    they've been negotiating for a few months. Souray never had any intention to re-sign in Montreal. gainey made a generous offer, and Souray will sign with NY or San Jose…watch

  7. Glucker says:

    you're right, he's not… this signing is worse then any JFJ has made yet

  8. lrdstanley says:

    I would rather have him than Souray,,, yeah Souray is good on the PP but he sucks in the d-zone… Hamrlik has better defensive skills than Souray.

  9. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    ONE source, that has been moderately reliable(called the vokoun trade b4 anyone, but also called phantom smyth trades), is saying there is a domino effect about to happen:

    Souray has an offer from San Jose worth more money than the habs(who are speculated to have offered 5.5 mil). Souray says if the habs match the dollar amout, he'll sign there. If he doesn't he'll go to San Jose. Brad Stuart is not opening negotiations with anybody, he wants to go back to San Jose. If Souray signs with the Habs, the sharks will go after Stuart. If Souray signs with the sharks he'll look at offers elsewhere.

    However, NONE of what he said mentioned hamrlik, who could ruin the whole thing.

  10. lrdstanley says:

    Only time will tell,,,,, Rather have Hamrlik than Mcabe though

  11. Komic-J says:

    Well, there's no way Souray is coming back to Montreal with Hamrlik signed to this stupid deal. So I guess Souray will be a Shark, and Stuart will have to take some calls.

  12. mtl_prince says:

    smolinski to the habs?

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I would have thought souray would have wanted to got to san jose AS MUCH as montreal, just because his best buddy Rivet is there. Stuart would be a better fit with the sharks. i was hoping stinking souray would sign in the east.

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    really? thats nuts.

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    habs got smokes for a very affordable 2 mil. good signing

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    screw what i just said, i have conflicting reports one says he signed for 2 mil, annother the habs offered 2 mil.

  17. RealisticNick says:

    Hamrlik worse than the leafs top 3?

    So Hamrlik is +14 better than the leafs best defenceman, and +19 more then your top 2.  He has 12 more points than your number three man. 

    Markov is only -1 less then your top 2.  He has 23 more points than your number three and only 8 less than your number one.

    Souray had 64 point last year, 6 more than your top defenceman.

    Even if Souray does not resign there is a guy named Mark Streit.

    The man had 36 points and only took seven penalties in 76 games.

    I'm trying to figure out how they are worse in price and skill than the leafs top 3?  Especially when one of your 5 million dollar defencemen is your number 4, now that is funny.

  18. The_Dynasty says:

    Any argument between habs fans and leaf fans is nuts. Habs fans think almost all leafs suck and vice-vera.

  19. 1551 says:

    i cant belive you souray after all the tlc in montreal you throw us away. very sad

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