Souray to be out soon?

According to many sources, many fans and many talk, Sheldon Souray is the next to be trade.

Ribeiro and Souray was supposed to be trade for Jack Johnson but Jim Rutherford just decide that the deal with L.A. was better.This is why Gainey bring back Traverse.

Souray gone… Traverse start the season, Bouillon come back, Cote come back and Traverse return in Hamilton.

But Rutherford make it different and the Habs got stuck.

Now, Gainey have 9 Defensemen.

Souray, Rivet, Komisarek, Cote, Bouillon, Streit, Markov, Niinimaa, Dandenault.

You really think Gainey will keep all the season like that ?

Souray was rumored to be trade many and many time.

Rumored heard …

To Edm

Sheldon Souray


Marc-Antoine Pouliot

Also heard

To Van

Sheldon Souray


Brandon Morrisson

I don’t think the trade with Vancouver will happen… Vancouver will be winning this one with the 800k salary dump and the Habs will increase of 800k so I doubt it will happen.

Souray for Pouliot ? Maybe but Montreal will have to give draft pick to compense. Great salary dump for Montreal if it happen.

Let me know 🙂

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  1. skandelousHABSfan says:

    Sorry to say but Souray isnt gong anywhere. Even though some people dont like him and he is know for being burned from time to time, he is a very important part of our defence. Without him we will be dead in the water.
    Also we have learned from every move that Gainey has made to date, that if you heard about the move, then it wont happen. He will do something unexpected, but i doubt it will happen before the trade deadline…

  2. blarneylad says:

    I took a look at montreal’s schedule for october…looks like we will probly do no better then a 4-7 record, or somewhere around there, for some reason the leafs always beat us even when we have a better season, so i figure i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they take both games, then we lose one to buffalo, one to the sens at least out of the two games, hopefully theo is shakey so we can take one from the avs,

    all im saying is don’t expect a 500 record out of october with our current roster

  3. Les-Habitants says:

    In reality, we have 8 NHL ready defenceman: Cote is close, and he can play a couple games, but he still has some inconsistencies with his game

    Traverse has already been placed on the waiver wire, being sent down to Hamilton.

    And before I say anything else:
    Where did you get these rumors from?!??

    I’m sorry, but I’m just pissed about always hearing these stupid false rumors…anyway, let’s see how realistic they are.

    If both Souray and Ribeiro had been offered, it would have been a better deal for L.A. so I really doubt they turned down a top 4, PP offensive defenceman when they had the chance.

    The Vancouver, like you said, is not going to happen. They don’t have another center like Morrisson that could a spot on the top two lines, although depth in their defensive corp is a question

    The Edmonton one is sort of viable, though, even if you’re not basing it on thin air. Edmonton could really use another defenceman on the PP with a shot like Souray’s, and Pouliot is a decent center with decent size who could fill out more. That being said, Souray is NHL proven and Pouilot is not. If it were for a higher quality or more experienced center, maybe, but as is that trade is a definite no-go

  4. pilourse says:

    The edmonton rumors was heard on XM Radio and the Vancouver rumors was heard on Mix 99.7 FM.

    If they trade Souray for Pouliot (take it for what it worth even if Souray become UFA at the end of the season) that just a salary dump.

    Pouliot can be the type of guy that Gainey want but he is not NHL ready.

    Vancouver trade just forget that, both team want to drop salary so…

  5. oop007 says:

    I don’t think the leafs will beat us simply because, pre-season didn’t mean anything and we have a better team then the leafs this year. A lot of scoring depth on Montreal. If the Kovalev/Samsanov line gets a good player to feed them the puck (plekanec or maybe later this season even… kostitsyn?), they can each get 30+ goals no problem. Koivu is always a solid 20+ goals and I think this may be the year for Higgins. Higgins and latandresse may have a break out year. Not to mention that all four of montreals lines this season are strong. Even the fourth line, Bonk and Begin are good players. Johnson will also be a good asset to the team. Ryder is a tad overrated and sometimes hogs the puck but he’s going to get close to 30g or more. Now that Ribeiro is gone, we have a solid defensemen(Ninimaa). We also got Traverse and once Bouillion comes back Montreal will have an average defense instead of sub-average. All is relies on really is Huet’s play. If Huet does well, Montreal could possibly get a really good record. It’s in the hands of Huet for now cause the defense just isn’t there. When it is, Huet will start to give up less goals hence after the first month or two of the season making montreal one of the strongest teams in the conference. A lot more scoring depth then many of the teams out there. 4 solid lines. Komisarek’s improvement in just one year in the NHL is astonishing. Ninimaa + Bouillion + Markov + Souray etc = pretty good defense, aswell as good defensive forwards.

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