Souray to be out soon?

According to many sources, many fans and many talk, Sheldon Souray is the next to be trade.

Ribeiro and Souray was supposed to be trade for Jack Johnson but Jim Rutherford just decide that the deal with L.A. was better.This is why Gainey bring back Traverse.

Souray gone… Traverse start the season, Bouillon come back, Cote come back and Traverse return in Hamilton.

But Rutherford make it different and the Habs got stuck.

Now, Gainey have 9 Defensemen.

Souray, Rivet, Komisarek, Cote, Bouillon, Streit, Markov, Niinimaa, Dandenault.

You really think Gainey will keep all the season like that ?

Souray was rumored to be trade many and many time.

Rumored heard …

To Edm

Sheldon Souray


Marc-Antoine Pouliot

Also heard

To Van

Sheldon Souray


Brandon Morrisson

I don’t think the trade with Vancouver will happen… Vancouver will be winning this one with the 800k salary dump and the Habs will increase of 800k so I doubt it will happen.

Souray for Pouliot ? Maybe but Montreal will have to give draft pick to compense. Great salary dump for Montreal if it happen.

Let me know :)