Souray to Edmonton

Sheldon Souray is on his way to Edmonton as the Oilers and the free agent blueliner agreed on a contract.

The Elk Point, Alberta native appeared in 81 games with the Montreal Canadiens in 2006-07 and had a career year with 26 goals and 64 points. Nineteen of his 26 goals came on the power play, which set an NHL record for defencemen.

The six-foot-four, 220-pound blueliner was drafted by the New Jersey Devils in the 1994 entry draft. He has played in 506 regular-season games with New Jersey and Montreal, recording 66 goals and 120 assists while posting 812 penalty minutes.

The two-time All-Star played three seasons with the Devils before being traded to the Canadiens in 2000 in a deal for Vladimir Malakhov.

(Details to follow)

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  1. loco42 says:

    Ohhhhh, that was a great one. Burn of the week.

  2. jarcpitre says:

    This was not the signing that the Oilers needed. He was an overall -28 last year, clearly most of his points came on the PP. I think this was a waste of money for the oilers and simply saving a job move for Lowe. Look for the Oilers to finish 28-30 place and then try to get rid of him.

  3. jarcpitre says:

    Third worse Plus/Minus in the league. Excellent on the PP, but a fly with no wings could deak this guy.

  4. jarcpitre says:

    The 300lbs Peter Zezel that we saw on OTR could deak out Souray. Terrible signing.

  5. buds8 says:

    hahahahha…agreed….all i picture when i hear the name Souray is that schooling that Spezza gave him and then Theodore….big shot and that's it….this year's Brian McCabe 100%!

  6. TheHabsEnthousiast says:

    Souray has an incredible momentum-building clutch point-shot. END OF THE LINE.

    He was one of the main reasons why the Habs had problems when 5-on-5, he doesn't have a good first pass, his stick is slow when trying to clear the front of the net, and he hits in maybe 20 games per year, or until he gets hurt, wich has been every year since he joined the Habs.. he played 81 games this year but he was hurt at the end, he had surgery a couple months ago.. and I don't even wanna talk about his one-on-one play, it is so poor..

    I will miss him, but I prefer winning !!

    And good luck to the Oilers in landing Tavares..

  7. Habroller says:

    I contained myself when I say your stupid message farther down the thread, but you, Janet, are the biggest joke on this site. But probably not as much as your beloved Oilers.

    Were you under a rock or something? After regurgitating all those childish "EDMONTON OILERS STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", I guess I would've hidden under that rock as well, considering how well your Albertains performed…

    But I guess you haven't really seen Souray play much if his signing is what dragged you from under that rock. You're simply pathetic.

  8. Habroller says:

    and Lint, everybody's got day jobs, and I respect your day job as well as all of the insightful threads you post on a regular basis. I'm just saying this site is loosing some gallons, and I'm not only referring to this Souray thread, or the general quickness of the news' postings…

    You can respond "geez" to that, but I'm not the only one who thinks that way. I've been a very regular visitor for 2 years now, and I'm kind of tired of all those 10-year-old-like fights (see the recent Komisarek thread).

  9. Habroller says:

    You might as well go back under that rock of yours right now, because you eventually will anyway. Ant that will be before January 1st 2008, mark my words…

  10. Habroller says:

    But we will miss him for sure.

    …even though it would've been harder to win with him. That's probably why it's better for him to go to a team that has no playoffs aspirations at all.

    The good thing with all this is that the two Long Islanders will take the vacant space in the locker room created by the departures of Rivet & Souray. They are the future Habs' C & A's and they might as well show it as soon as next year.

  11. avsjoendryan says:

    souray is a powerplay specialist but he did play the pk in montreal, souray is a o-dmen but if the oilers dont screw up and play him with a d-dmen then they should be ok, and no souray wont be a fu<k up,as hes easily one of the top d-men in the game, and he is just hitting his prime.


    depth: gilbert, Chorney, Syvret, Roy. Grebeshkov

  12. avsjoendryan says:

    nope i disagree the oilers wanted there number 1 d-men it would be pure stupidity to trade him for picks, not going to happen.

    love the name thought lmao!

  13. avsjoendryan says:

    hahahahahahahhahaha good call bud. i 100% agree. pick me up!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Williams1505 says:

    Tired of all the 10 year old fights??? when you post a comment where somebody is probably gonna take offense to it……and then you fire back at em, and then jump down someones throat and rip down there team…….Give me a break

    So….Why don't you just shut your mouth and be generous enough to the people of HTR, to let you come to this site on an everyday basis for free.

  15. CaptainAvery says:

    Souray was what, -24 on defence last year. I said let him walk before the season ended and Gainey I thank you. As a true Habs fan I believe the Oilers over-paid no doubt(but which team wouldn't) on Souray. The guys has played what the past 4 seasons for Montreal and before that was injury proned, and after a career year and a decent year beforehand he is all of a sudden making 6.5mill, the same as a la Chris Pronger, a Norris Trophy candidate year after year. All I can say is good riddance, Souray wasn't the Habs best defencemen(MARKOV) and he will not be missed very much from me, and I'm sure most Hab fans for his girly defence, other then his rocket of a shot, adios

  16. TheDonkey says:

    I don't know what the stats would show, but I think you are better off with a PP than 5 on 5.  PP is the difference maker more often than not.  At least half the game is played on special teams now. 

    Better to have tried a new approach than to go back with the same one as last year. 

  17. TheDonkey says:

    I didn't see many Habs games.   Was Souray on the first defensive pairing?  If so, his -28 could largely be a matter of being on the ice more than anyone else.  I only see 6 guys with a plus on the Habs last year and +11 was tops on the team.  Pretty much the entire team is minus players so if you play a lot of minutes with anyone else on the team, your minus will be shit. 

    If this guy played the most minutes of any Habs d-man, his minus is as much a reflection of the Habs as a team than of his own play. 

  18. Habroller says:

    Mmm…not convinced at all by what you said here.

    The reason I'm posting this is because I'm actually comparing what HTR is bringing now with what it was bringing when I started visting this site. If the people running this site (if I'm not mistaking: Lint07, Trademan & Mikster who probably write the best threads on HTR) can't take any criticism form long-time and regular visitors, well that's just too bad.

    About Janet, I kinda thought the "tissue" attack merited a reply from the same level. My bad.

    And please stop with too-generous-to-let-me-come-for-free crap. This forum-based site wouldn't be running if they were starting to charge people fees. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

  19. neilios says:

    Oilers will still be fighting for the #1 pick,but a good signing I like watching Souray play the man is a mad man he dont take shit from no1 and sticks up for his teammates all the time and thats what the Oil need they have such a week team.

  20. Habroller says:

    2nd pairing. Played much of the year with D-responsible Craig Rivet.

    And pretty much all of the Habs defensemen had decent +/- (except Niinimaa who played only 41 games and probably won't be back in the NHL next year). Souray is really on his own here, can't always blame the teammates for his -28. He played more minutes than most D except Markov & Komisarek, but it is merely a reflection of all his special unit ice time which doesn't hit his +/-.

    Anyway, I saw him play 82 games this year, and I'm definitely not basing myself only on his +/- to say that he's a HUGE liability on defense. And he's not a good hitter though he stands up for his teammates (especially Saku, his great friend) at any price, which I will deeply miss along with amazing ease in front of the medias.

    p.s. He probably should be turned into a power forward.

  21. azzkikr2100 says:

    "2. souray got the most goals as a dfencman who cares about plus minus." Is that a joke…?

  22. jayhabsjay says:

    what? souray one of the best d-man in the league? is that a joke? i watched all the games for the habs last year and if it werent for him we would have made the playoffs. now im not saying he isnt good but he is far, very far from one of the best. i will miss him on my team but purely for his amazing shot and great leadership but i certainly wont miss his "great" defense.

  23. jayhabsjay says:

    aww boo hoo to him. if it really meant that much to him he would have resigned with the habs. that being said i wish him the best in edmonton.

  24. jayhabsjay says:

    montreal had shitty goaltending last year? if im not mistaken huet was in the top 3 in all categories last year before he got hurt, with the exception of shutouts.

  25. jayhabsjay says:

    if it was that much of a difference maker the habs would have made the playoffs last year. dont kid yourself 5 on 5 is where games are won or lost. dont forget montreal was #2 on the pp last year.

  26. jayhabsjay says:

    couldnt agree with you anymore

  27. jayhabsjay says:

    this is the deal with souray, he has great leadership skills, hes one tough bastard, he takes shit from no one, he stands up for his teamates and he has one hell of a shot. which would sound like an amazing player, but the truth is, he is horrible on defense. hes a poster boy, sadly though hes the one looking foolish on the posters. hes too slow for the "new" nhl and he barely ever hits. a guy his size should be able to move people out of the way but he ends up having to crosscheck everyone, which ends up in a penalty. he has poor positioning and often shots go off of him and into the net. souray scored more like 50 goals last year, just 20 or so were in the wrong net. all that being said, i personally will miss him, but simply because he stood up for his teamates and no one else did that for the habs last year.

  28. wingsfan13 says:

    another early playoff exit? we made to the conference finals… confused

  29. woohoo19 says:

    hahahahaha wow! So i'm guessing Souray is your key to the Stanley Cup. It was a good signing at little over payment but i don`t think he`s the key. Oilers have a long way to go until they can make the playoffs again never mind winning the cup

  30. SensShark says:

    no Souray is divorced so he can gigidy all the hot sports reporters 😉

  31. mvand77 says:

    I don't think he'll be paired with Pitkanen, except for maybe the PP.  He needs a strong defensive player like Markov to bail him out when he loses his man.  That's why I think he'll play mostly with Staios.  Good job for him signing with the Oilers.  I think it's sad that so many of the greatest players come from Edmonton and the area, but none ever play there.

  32. mvand77 says:

    I don't think he'll be paired with Pitkanen, except for maybe the PP.  He needs a strong defensive player like Markov to bail him out when he loses his man.  That's why I think he'll play mostly with Staios.  Good job for him signing with the Oilers.  I think it's sad that so many of the greatest players come from Edmonton and the area, but none ever play there.

  33. snowybuttman says:

    dont listen to all the rumors you hear, there are only a few that really know what his plans were or how events unfolded for him to sign here and as far as I am concerned good signing we now have a good defense that will be pushed by some of our good young guys like gilbert there is atleast some competition for these spots now.

  34. RollieTheGoalie says:

    Straight up, Edmonton has a GREAT "D"! Souray, Pitkanen, Staios, Tarnstrom, Greene, Smid, Hejda, and Grebeshkov! Now our forwards (Hemsky, Stoll, Horcoff, etc.) can focus on putting the puck IN the net, and not digging it out. I was pretty furious with K-Lowe after the first few days of the frenzy, but it's starting to look like patience might be paying off. I'm also hearing rumblings of Marco Sturm being on his radar! Here's hoping!!!

    Oiler Nut,

  35. RollieTheGoalie says:

    Because look at your team now…  Maybe we can swap you picks next draft, so we can draft 1st

  36. RollieTheGoalie says:

    Everyone keeps harping about his +/-. Nineteen of his 26 goals came on the power play, which set an NHL record for defencemen.  Think about it!

  37. TheDonkey says:

    Just looking on – Montreal was 27th in goals for in 5 on 5 play.  Maybe that has more to do with why they missed the playoffs than Souray's defensive abilities. 

    Then again, the Leafs were 5th overall in 5 on 5 scoring and they still couldn't make the playoffs, so what does that tell you.
  38. woohoo19 says:

    HAHA! To say Edmonton has a Great D is a joke. Colorado has a great D, Vancouver has a great D but to say Edmonton has a great D, Now that's funny.

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