Souray's Game

Okay, after tonight I think it’s quite obvious that anyone who says “Souray is not playing good hockey and should be traded,” doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about. I played hockey for years as a defenseman and although I may agree that Souray could use some improving on his defensive game, he’s my personal favorite defenseman on the Habs.

As of tonight, he’s the highest point getting defenseman in the league so far, proof that he is playing FANTASTIC offensive hockey. Absolutely no defenseman on the Habs can match his BOMB of a slapshot. He is the man. Like I said before, I was a defenseman for years, my style differed from Souray’s, but you need a guy like that on the blue line. I just needed a little rant regarding the recent rumors about my boy. BOTTOM LINE IS SOURAY IS OUR TOP POINT MAN! Go Habs Go.

P.S. Stanley Cup within the next 3 years, mark my words.

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  1. TheStryker says:

    Fine Souray has a great shot…. what does he have after that. He doesn’t hit anymore. He is very slow. He just looks confused when killing penalties. So he had 4 points last night.He won’t have nights like that all the time, but he will always be bad defensivly. He’s got to go.

  2. newromanceforkids says:

    Souray has a good shot from th point, and that’s it.

    He can’t skate

    he get’s shifted on one on ones all the time

    he’s not to handy around his net

    He can hit OK.

    I would ony use him on PP a lot, and as a 7th D. I don’t like him on the PK, I don’t like him 5 on 5

  3. ECWHSWI says:

    Nowadays you win or lose games because of your PP and PK, and Souray happen to be a killer on the Power Play…

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

    Souray is very good on the PP, teams are scared of his shot and if they go after him (like Col.) then that leaves other people open. Souray is also the first player on the team to stick up for his teammates and can fight if needed, something Montreal does not have very much of. In short, while he is not great defensively souray is still very much needed on this team and I would be surprised if he were traded right now.

  5. gg_idiot says:

    Niinimaa predicted this article, 100 years ago.

  6. seb_benny says:

    I thibnk you never watched a Habs game in your life cause for his size Souray has very good speed.

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