Source: D-men trade target ‘pickings are slim’

It’s only natural at this time of year that rumors and whispers kick up about potential trade scenarios.

That’s exactly what happened when Edmonton Oilers GM Craig MacTavish and team president Kevin Lowe showed up to take in the Bruins-Flyers Saturday matinee at the Wells Fargo Center yesterday.

The Oil have officially hit rock bottom after losing their sixth game in a row on Friday night while bottom-feeding in the Western Conference, and they’re in danger of dropping below Buffalo as the NHL’s worst team. It’s clear they need to shake things up in big way out in Alberta, and they’ve begun keeping tabs on players potentially available in trades.

Could the Oilers have been scouting the Bruins on Saturday? It’s possible.

It would seem that Edmonton’s 31-year-old Nick Schultz most closely fits the profile of what Boston is looking for: a veteran, stay-at-home, left-shooting defenseman that blocks a lot of shots. Schultz leads the Oilers with 90 blocked shots in 50 games, but has only three assists and a minus-17 while averaging 16:53 of ice time for the sad sack Oilers.

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  1. leafy says:

    Not much to choose from. If a huge blockbuster happens, it’s gonna involve forwards.

  2. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Not that these are blockbuster players, but I still believe, as I have from before the start of the season, that Gunnar and Kulimen are the best tradeable players.

    Gunnar because he is not a first pairing d and we need a better first pairing. Phaneuf is going nowhere. Gunnar is a 3-5 guy depending on the team. He is fairly solid, a manageable contract and could bring back equal return of a different style player or be used in a package.

    Kulimen is a pending UFA and a solid third liner who simply should be better with the skill set he has. He could be intriguing to another team if they feel they could get more out of him. Return would be decent and we could use a younger, cheaper version of him with basically the same results.

    Other tradeables, not necessarily in any order.

    1. Reimer – The “competition tandem” is not working and I do believe it is starting to show in Reimer’s game as I have said in the past. A change of scenery would be good for him and we may be able to get a good back-up + for Reimer. Wouldn’t it be odd if he goes to Edmonton for Scrivins +?

    2. Raymond – Although having possibly his best season, he is UFA and might return good picks or prospects. I don’t see him as a playoff type guy, but a team looking for secondary scoring may give something decent for him. Pittsburgh? – they have d depth we could use.

    3. Kadri – It will all depend on what he does and how he responds to coaching before the deadline. It will take a big return to move him, but the Leafs do not have him as an untouchable.imo

    4. Orr/Fraser – The arrival of Clarkson and Gleason makes one likely expendable. A team looking for 4th line toughness that can play may be interested. Straight up, not much value, but as an added piece, may help get something of value.

    5. Franson – Any team looking for an RHD that can help on the powerplay and bring size would want Franson. He is still an RFA, so value is still good and he has shown he can perform in the playoffs. Skating is an issue, but at 26(only 3 years older than Kadri/Gardiner), with proven point producing ability, he would be an attractive asset if made available.

    6. Gardiner – talent is high, but so can mistakes be. Attractive project for a building team or a team that feels they have good defensive defencemen to pair him with. Return should be good.

    Other possible moveables – Fraser, Ashton, D’Amigo, Smith, Smithson, Bodie

    Not likely to move or won’t be in some cases – Kessel, Phaneuf, JVR, Bernier, Rielly, Clarkson, Bozak, McClement.

    Outside chance – Lupul, Bolland, Holland, Ranger, Gleason, 2014 1st

    Interesting stat – Franson has one of the worst +/- among D-men in the NHL and Kadri and Lupul have one of the worst among forwards. Lupul is the only one who is getting a free pass it seems, even though he is the most experienced and highest paid by far.

  3. doorman says:

    You know I agree with you on a lot of the players you mentioned. While some have value right now to us, I think it’s fair to say we won’t resign them all. So why not move for returns that favor us in terms or something for nothing and getting other players experience. As unreliable as he is Exlund claims, Pitt & Chi are positioning to make serious offers for Kadri, can’t say I am not intrigued.

    • blaze says:

      It’s this kind of thinking from Leaf Nation that drives players out. Who are the perfect consistent players? All players get hot and cold, it’s the very nature of competitive athletics. A split second longer in your decision making from things not going so well is the difference between a 3 pt night and 0 pt night.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          If you are referring to my comments about Kadri. No one expects “perfect consistency”, but Kadri has been consistently bad this season. Then all of a sudden, coincidentally right after Nonis said publically he would be open to trading Kadri for the right deal, he picks his game up consistently for 7 straight games and looks like a different player. How is that hot and cold? Should he get a pat on the back now, even though he was brutal for the first 45 games or so?
          “A split second longer in your decision making” has nothing to do with how hard you play and compete. It is hard to deny Kadri looks like he is trying harder recently.
          As far as Leaf Nation driving players out…how do you “drive out” a 23 year old player that the Leafs own his rights til he’s 27? If Kadri asks for a trade because the fans criticize him for his poor play…that says a lot about his character.
          It’s also the “nature of competitive athletics” for a player to hear criticism when he isn’t playing well, it’s part of the deal. This isn’t Larry Murphy where fans boo’d him every time he touched the puck.
          It’s ironic how some claim “Leaf Nation” can drive players out of town, yet Clarkson, Bozak and Ranger took less money to play here and Dion and Kessel just signed long term extensions…two players who have taken a lot of criticism. I wonder how “Leaf Nation” didn’t drive these guys out.

  4. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Kadri was very good last night again. In the past 7 games (except the dallas game), Kadri has looked like the Kadri of last year with 9pts and a +3 in the past 7 games. I am a strong believer that his quality of play is as much mental as per skill. When this guy wants to (as was often said about Kovalev), he can turn it up and play a very creative, high tempo, physical game.

    I really don’t see another reason for the dramatic turn around other than he has decided to put out a stronger effort.

    That said, I will open this up for debate…

    If it’s not Kadri’s mental side of the game that has turned him around lately…then what is it?

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      Well the skill is always there, so it has to be mental. But whether it’s a lack of effort, the pressure of playing on the first line, being overwhelmed etc, we can’t really know.

      But man, when he’s on, he’s a game breaker. The second goal last night and his assist against Montreal were both filthy displays of his skill. I hope he keeps it up.

      He’s really hit or miss on the draws which is weird. He’s not often around 50%. He either wins most or loses most. Hopefully he finds some consistency there.
      We’re definitely a much better team with Kadri on his game, that’s for sure. He really excels playing against the lesser competition which I’m fine with for a young player. Having him and the top line split is huge. Can’t really match your top D vs Kadri as Phil/JVR will torch the second liners. That said, I believe it was Hedman Kadri undressed on the second goal. Hedman has been a beast this year, so that’s nice to see.

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