Source: Sharks among favorites for Doan

The San Jose Sharks are among the favorites to land the services of free agent forward Shane Doan, a source has told

Doan, who will turn 36 in October, is the top unrestricted NHL free agent still available.

According to the source, the Sharks, who are generally very tight-lipped about personnel decisions, have flown “under the radar” in their pursuit of Doan.

Doan reportedly met with the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday, and has also drawn interest from the New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres. His preference is to remain in Phoenix, but the uncertain ownership situation there has led to him exploring other options.

There are reports that Doan is seeking a four-year contract worth $30 million, averaging out to a $7.5 million cap hit. According to, San Jose has approximately $5.57 million in cap space.

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  1. ZillyHoo says:

    Looks like we can post again… Or was that a problem for me only?

    • nordiques100 says:

      No we’re good. Trademan on holidays.

      Love to see doan out of phx. Nyr or van the favs.

      • ZillyHoo says:

        Seriously? The Rangers have room to add on?

        I’d hate to see him in Van. But he’s a good fit there.

      • HABSdomination says:

        I saw that 7,5/year demand he made like 2 weeks ago on

        If this guy thinks he’s worth that, he’s sadly mistaking. For me, personnaly, 20M/4year is more than generous, but for a team really in need of his services as far as the physical and lockeroom qualities part is concerned, i could go up to 22-24m/4year, but that is the damn limit. I mean who can predict what the next CBA will look like at this point.

        No matter how much loyalty, leadership, mentoring, toughness, habilities, grit or whatever else Doan brings to the table, a Steven Stamkos he is not. 7,5 would be the exact same cap hit that Stamky has.

        I mean, fuck…

  2. I wasn’t aware people couldn’t post. Just thought nobody had anything to comment on.

  3. mojo19 says:

    As for Shane Doan, if I were him my priorities would be:

    1. Phoenix Coyotes – I like a player who plays with only 1 organization.
    2. Pittsburgh Penguins – Crosby or Malkin will be your centre. You’ll be a contender right away.
    3. Detroit Red Wings – You’re either playing with Datsyuk or Zetterberg, or both, or if neither your line is like Bertuzzi – Filpulla – Doan or something, which is still a pretty solid line. The Wings have a good owner which is a priority to Doan, and playing in a big hockey town is a plus too.
    4. New York Rangers – Might as well jump on this train.
    5. San Jose Sharks – Again, good centres. If I’m Doan I’m dreaming of a potential 35+ goal season playing with Thornton. And if your off that line you’ve got Marleau, or Pavelski, or Couture, a lot of capable centres on this team.
    6. Vancouver – Could be a good fit with the Sedin’s, or on a line with Ryan Kesler. Should be a contending team.

    After those teams I’m maybe looking at Los Angelas, St.Louis, Chicago, maybe Minnesota, Buffalo, he’d be a perfect fit for the Flyer’s or Bruins but not sure Doan is too interested in going there, but who knows.

    I don’t think the Leafs, Sens, or Habs are necessarily on Doan’s radar, but he’s hearing out the Habs, so who knows, if they’re willing to pay up maybe they could land him. I wonder if Burke would make a strong offer, he’d be a great player to have. I really don’t think its likely he comes to one of these teams though.

    • TimTheBone says:

      I can’t really see Montreal winning in the Doan race… I think the reason he may be entertaining the idea is two fold…

      1. The newly revamped management and the direction the team seems to be headed as of now. It is indeed quite encouraging, and looks like they are on a righted path. In two years the team could look very competitive. Lots of big contracts up at that point and blue chippers hopefully ready to impact the team.

      2. Doans highly skilled friend and cousin Carey Price. This is probably the biggest reason he chose to meet and hear the habs org out. It’s always a fun idea of playing with good friends and family.

      • According to the NYpost, Doan has narrowed it down to Rangers, Pittsburgh, and Vancouver. I’m not sure what Doan is looking for, but I’d love to have him on the Rangers. I do think adding Nash, and Doan will stop some of our guys from reaching the next level – Hagelin, Krieder. But at the same time, the Identity of the team has changed. We lost Dubinsky, Anisimov, Fedotenko, Prust, Mitchell, Zuccarello, Wolski, and while the last 2 is meaningless, it’s still a lot of role players to lose after making it to the eastern finals. You’d be an idiot not to take Nash and Doan over them, but the team really changed directions to a win now mode.

        Anyway, I’d offer Doan a 3-4 year deal, no more than 6 per. I know we have the cash so why not spend it, right? Problem with this is everybody else thinks they’re worth more.

        • Steven_Leafs0 says:

          I don’t think the Rangers can add Doan at all. They do have over 10M in cap space but first you have to re-sign Del Zotto who, considering the other signings, might end up being more then 5M (IMO should get paid more than Wideman but who knows anymore, lol).

          After Del Zotto and Doan the RAngers should be right up against the cap which could be really bad if the cap drops with the new CBA.

          The Rangers after this season have no big contracts ending which means they have no cap relief after the end of this season but they still have to re-sign Stepan, Hagelin, McDonagh, & Sauer. No chance they all come back for a cap hit of less than 5M.

          By signing Doan this season the Rangers will either have to trade him before the start of next season or trade Gaborik to free up space.

          • I don’t know. I don’t see Del Zotto getting that much money. Last season he was able to stay in the lineup, but prior to that, we send him back to the minors. He’s still a bit of a liability on D, but I do believe his offense suffers from torts.

            Regardless, I’m not sure how much I believe brooks and the nypost that Doan has officially narrowed it down to those 3.

            • Steven_Leafs0 says:

              considering the market, unless they go the safer route and re-sign Del Zotto to a 1-2 year deal worth 3-4M per, he will make 5M+ IMO. You do make a good point though.

              Either way my point is the same, to sign Doan even at 6M or less the Rangers will have to trade one of their star players next season unless the cap jumps up another 4M.

              I cannot see Stepan, Hagelin, McDonagh, & Sauer signing for less than an 8M cap hit combined.

            • mojo19 says:

              Del Zotto only played a few games in the minors the season before last, and I’m pretty sure he was rehabbing an injury. He has arrived for three years now, with 37 points in 2010, 11 points in 47 games in his injury plagued sophomore year, and 41 points in 77 games last year.

              I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’s the real deal. This guy will get up around $4.5 million/year for about 5 or 6 years in my opinion.

  4. leafmeister says:

    What is the deal with Brad Ross? His numbers in the WHL are very solid, and he plays the exact in your face style that the Leafs are lacking, but the consensus amongst scouts does not see much of an offensive role for him in the NHL.

    Not being a scout, I cannot say what part of his game may be holding him back, but I would at least like to think there is an outside chance that he has top 6 scoring potential.

    I know he has not been the primary offensive guy any year, but he would not have to play that role in Toronto. He could be a complimentary banger who can put up 25 goals a season.

    I mean, in their draft year he put up nearly identical numbers to Ryan Johanson. Obviously Johanson is the superior prospect, but I would not discount the possibility that Ross has potential in a teams top 6.

    Just off the top of my head, he and Kadri (should he ever make it) could be money together. They both like to get under the opponents skin, and Kadri could bear the offensive load while Ross could create space and make sure Kadri wasnt getting pushed around.

    Maybe he is just another bottom 6 grinder, but his numbers in Junior certainly suggest offensive potential in the right scenario.

    • reinjosh says:

      Before I answer your question, know that I have similar doubts. I see him benefiting alot from the players he’s played with, notably Johansen, Nino and Baerstchi.

      However I think it’s sort of a double standard scouts have. A rough and tumble type player puts up big junior numbers and it’s unlikely they play that game at the NHL. But when a rough and tumble player shows some spurts of offensive potential (IE: Tom Wilson’s playoffs) he becomes a potential new Milan Lucic.

      To be perfectly honest, Ross will never be a player that drives offense. He’s just not that type of player. But in junior, he’s shown an adept ability to play with top line talent and feed off them. He’s shown that he can score when the puck is given to him, and he can help offensively. That is a hugely valuable skill to have. He can create havoc, but also score.

      The issue is finding the right players to play with. He’s shown that it may not be a big deal, merely place him with elite players and he can score. It then becomes a question of whether he can transition that part of his game from Junior to the NHL. He may be able to do that.

      I know LN91 is a big fan, and for good reason. I like to temper my expectations a little but I’m starting to think that the Leafs may have themselves a nice potential top 6 rabid player here.

      • LN91 says:

        Ideally, I would like to have him and think he is an elite third-line, two-way player.

        He is a good prospect…A valuable player.

      • leafmeister says:

        Well he could find a place in the top 6 then. From that description, I am kinda picturing an offensive capability similar to Kulemin’s. Kulemin is not a sniper, but in the right scenario, can put up goals and play a solid checking defensive game, which is really his calling card.

        If Ross could put up 60 points on the top line I think it would be worth giving him a spot. He would add such a rare and effective dynamic to an offensive line (presumably Kessel) that would likely be lacking it.

        Of course if he doesnt have offensive upside, he could still be a Matt Cooke type grinder. If he can avoid suspensions and stupid penalties he could be a useful bottom 6 player.

        • mojo19 says:

          I really just hope he makes the NHL. I think he’s gonna be a 3rd line guy, and its up to him to see if he’s gonna be a good one, or a fringe guy. Could go either way at this point.

          Ideally he’s that in-your-face kind of player, like a Ryan Carter for New Jersey. Who, even if he’s not scoring, he’s being very effective.

  5. ZillyHoo says:

    Carolina signs Skinner for six years.

    This sends him into free agency right when it’s done. Questionable. If the team isn’t doing well, he probably won’t have an extension… Seems like another Parise situation in a way.

    • reinjosh says:

      7 seasons from now though. That’s a long time. It could be an issue but it’s not one that should cause much trouble to the team right now. Proper planning for the future makes it less of an issue as well.

  6. reinjosh says:

    So apparently some other team has offered Doan a 4 year deal worth 7 million a year.

    Like someone said above, that’s a lot of money (although they said that for 7.5 million but semantics).

    But I can live with that. The guy still has game left. Yes he’s only been a 20 goal, 50 point guy but he’s done that on Phoenix. Place him on a team with a good offensive system and it’s not out of the question he could hit 30 goals again. Even him putting up 60 point is a fairly decent bet.

    But you’re not paying for that. You’re paying for his leadership. How often does a leader of this calibre become available? Not often and when they do, it happens to be on the trade market and you have to pay a pretty premium for the guy.

    Yeah it’s overpayment but in the grand scheme of things, he could be the final piece to a team and that would be worth it. This would be similar to the Campbell signing in Chicago. Overpayment yes but a veteran presence that can be measured in just cash.

    My issue is with term though. 4 years is a long time for a guy that is 35 now. I find it hard to believe a team wants to pay a guy 7 million when he’s 38/39. I’d be fine with that for a year, or hell even two. Frig, I’d pay him 10 million for one year. But clearly teams are trying to win him over with a big term, big cash contract. It just might work.

    Good on him for setting up a market for himself.

    • mojo19 says:

      Ya Shane Doan is great. I also think the Oilers bringing back Smyth is huge. I think Gary Roberts was incredible for the Leafs. I think Mike Richards killed it in the playoffs for L.A.

      You have to love this pure sand paper players who score gritty goals and do what it takes to win. It wears off on the rest of the bench too.

      • nordiques100 says:

        the opposite effect is true too. Yes Kessel is an incredible goal scorer, but when you see him shy away from contact when the puck is coming up the boards, or practically run away from Chara when he comes over the boards, that wears off the rest of the bench too.

    • HABSdomination says:

      10 million for 1 year? Dude, you are so off your tree it’s not even funny.

      Do you even take into account that the next CBA should see the cap going DOWN? why would anyone commit to that sort of cash on a 35 year-old-still-capable-but-not-for-long player?

      Don’t get me wrong, i think there’s a possibility he might hit the jackpot, in this league anything’s possible(If Wideman can hit the numbers he got, then anything’s possible). But IF he does get the cash he wants, it’ll be from a dumbass GM, i.e. probably Howson. But, even if he did land Richards and pulled off a steal for Nash, let’s not count out O’l Sucker Sather as the possible GM culprit….

      • reinjosh says:

        It’s one year? If you have the cap space why not spend it? It’s a lot of money but if it means getting him over not getting him, you do it.

        It’s not like your offering him 7 over 4 years (which I think is crazy). It’s overpayment but thtats what happens in the Free Agent Market

  7. 93killer93 says:

    Interesting news coming off of hockeybuzz. I know it’s Eklund but I thought it was worth sharing.

    “there is talk today the Oilers and Sabres are discussing a MAJOR deal. Sources vary quite a bit on what is being discussed, but piecing it together it sounds like a “significant” defenseman going to Edmonton along with a solid prospect (or possibly even Enroth) for “young star top 6 center and a third line young player who many feel has top six potential.”

    Based on that this is what I’m thinking the pieces would be. From Buffalo I have to think the defenseman is Myers, although I would assume the package would be higher if that were the case, and Pysyk would be the prospect. As for Edmonton, I don’t think there is anyway they trade RNH, so Gagner would be the centre with Paajarvi likely being that young third liner with top 6 potential.

    What do you guys think about a trade like that? Should Edmonton put in more? Myers would fit in perfectly with that young core.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      Myers is not moving. Same way that RNH, Hall, Eberle, & Yakupov are not moving. Which means the deal is more likely to be something like:

      To EDM: Sekera, Enroth

      To BUF: Gagner, Lander

      Personally I think Edmonton wins this deal but Buffalo is in need of a scoring center and doesn’t need Enroth or the extended depth at D.

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