Source: Suter doesn’t want to come to Philly

While there are a number of logical reasons why the Flyers would want to pursue Nashville defenseman Ryan Suter, who is headed for unrestricted free agency this summer, the question remains: Is Suter interested in them?

Recall the Flyers had serious interest in Jay Bouwmeester several summer ago, but it wasn’t reciprocal. As such, they turned their attentions elsewhere by going after Chris Pronger.

According to a well-placed source, Suter has a potential list of clubs he would be willing to talk to even if his rights were traded before July 1. Suter is represented by Neil Sheehy.

Alas, the Flyers are not one of them.

In fact, the source said, all of Suter’s preferred destinations, should he leave the Predators, are in the Western Conference – not the East.

Detroit is generally conceded to be his top choice.

It’s no secret the Flyers have some work ahead of them in the coming weeks to solidify their defense, especially given it appears Pronger’s status as “out indefinitely” with post-concussion syndrome will continue into next season.

Nashville general manager David Poile, the source said, has thus far refused to talk with any clubs about moving Suter or even restricted free agent Shea Weber’s rights right now.

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  3. TimTheBone says:

    I must say! The insight and opinion on Suter was just fantastic!… Thanks guys I learned a lot…Haha

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