Sourced Trade Rumours 10

Well, here is the 10th Trade Rumour article.

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Boston Bruins: The rumours involving Forward Glen Murray may not come to fruition. He has recently picked up his game (3 goals and 2 assists since playing Montreal) and may be able to help the Bruins fight for a play-off spot. The Fourth Period believes that if the Bruins are still contending by February, the team may hold onto Murray. But if the Bruins slide to non-contention, they may take any deal for Glen Murray. On a side note, Murray will be earning 4.15 million until his contract expires after the 2009-10 season.

Atlanta Thrashers: GM/Interim Coach Don Waddell met with potential UFA Marian Hossa’s agent, Rich Winters, this week. Waddell explained to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the talks are progressing nicely and that he hopes to announce a new deal in the coming weeks. Hossa is said to be pleased with Atlanta’s new winning ways and believes the team may be able to win now as well as in the future.

Anaheim Ducks: Forward Corey Perry remains patient when it comes to a contract extention. He is currently in the last year of his Entry-Level Contract and will become an RFA on July 1st if a deal is not reached. Perry has improved his overall play every year he’s played and currently sits as one of the Ducks Top Goal Scorers. The Ducks currently sit above the current Salary Cap of 50.3 million for next year and Perry’s signing will only happen if Scott Niedermayer retires or he comes back and Brian Burke sheds several high salaries.

Toronto Maple Leafs: After losing 5-1 to the Phoenix Coyotes on Saturday, GM John Ferguson Jr. met with Head Coach Paul Maurice in an hour long meeting after the game. JFJ emerged from the meeting saying that the Coaching Staff and current roster of players will remain in place for the time being. Captain Mats Sundin told the Toronto Star that the entire team, himself included, have absolute faith in Maurice’s coaching ability. He went on to say that the results are not Maurice’s fault, it’s the fault of those on the ice. He also said that Maurice has done everything possible to prepare his players and that everything that has gone on during games has nothing to do with Maurice.

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Washington Capitals: Larry Brooks of the New York Post ponders the question “Why should Alex Ovechkin stay in Washington?”. Brooks says that maybe the NHL would be better off if Ovechkin went elsewhere, like a big market city like Montreal, Toronto or Philly. Spector notes that the Caps have the right to match any potential offer sheet Ovechkin may receive but their is the possibility Ovechkin may ask for a trade unless Caps management continues to promise to build a winner around him.

Capitals cont’d: According to Ottawa Sun writer, Bruce Garrioch, Caps GM George McPhee may be fired soon if the Capitals don’t begin winning. Apparently Caps owner Ted Leonsis has begun searching for a new GM and the names mentioned are Brian Lawton, Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury. All I can honestly say to those 3 names being mentioned is HAHAHA. Also, it is believed the Caps are giving Olaf Kolzig the option to be traded at the Deadline to a contender. I doubt Kolzig would bail on the Caps and I see him remaining a Capital until he hangs up his skates.

Minnesota Wild: The Wild have been struggling recently and it may be caused by the lack of depth at the Centre position. The Wild’s struggles have somewhat started since veteran forward Wes Walz left the team for personal reasons several weeks back. If the Wild continue to struggle, they may ask Walz to comeback or they may make a trade to grab a depth Centre. In my opinion, if the Wild do go after another depth Centre, it’ll be one that is more known for his defence then his offence.

Pittsburgh Penguins: According to Bruce Garrioch, Michel Therrien may be the next coach fired as it appears the Pens players are growing tired of Therrien’s ways. Apparently GM Ray Shero may look to add Randy Cunneyworth as the new Coach. All I can ask, as a Habs and hockey fan is, please Shero, keep Therrien as Head Coach. It is also believed that the Pens are talking with veteran goalie Curtis Joseph to come in and help Marc-Andre Fleury so as to restore some order between the pipes. What’s the worst that could happen? CUJO takes the reigns and leads the Pens to the play-offs?

Boston Bruins: It is believed veteran goalie Manny Fernandez may need more time off to fully recover from a knee injury which has kept him out for about a month. It is believed GM Peter Chairelli would much rather bring in an experienced #2 goalie then to risk Tuuka Rask’s development by keeping him in the NHL and have him only play 10-15 games this year. I kind of agree with Chairelli’s thinking about trying to preserve the Future of Boston but maybe what the Bruins could do is rotate Thomas and Rask much like the Habs are rotating Huet and Price.

Edmonton Oilers: Bob Stauffer of the Edmonton Sun has a “sneaky suspicion” that defenceman Joni Pitkanen may be moved by the Trade Deadline. It’s possible but I ask why? I may not know much about Pitkanen but I can tell you he’s one talented hockey player. Please, Flyer fans, is it his attitude which makes him unliked?

New York Rangers: Larry Brooks of the New York Post suggests that this may be Jaromir Jagr’s last season as a Ranger. His reasoning is that next year is an option year for Jagr and that the team may not exercise the option if Jagr doesn’t hit certain “triggers” this season. It was reported that Jagr was “unhappy” with Tom Renney’s defensive approach to things and of how he hasn’t meshed with Chris Drury or Scott Gomez. I don’t know about you but Jagr seems pretty happy to me as he is leading the Rangers in scoring and he hasn’t yet publicly said he’s unhappy.

Ottawa Senators: Allan Panzeri of the Ottawa Citizen reports that with Defenceman Matt Carle being re-signed this week, it may make it even harder for the Sens to re-sign Andrej Mezaros. Spector notes that it wasn’t going to be easy re-signing Mezaros regardless of Carle’s re-signing. He goes on to say that this will be Redden’s final year as a Sen and that Bryan Murray is going to have to decide who to keep between Martin Gerber and Ray Emery at season’s end.

Teemu Selanne: and Dalarnas are both reporting that Teemu Selanne has been visiting the Swedish city of Leksand, raising speculation Selanne is in talks with Swedish club Leksand IF. Former Leafs, Hawks and Stars goalie Ed Belfour currently plays for Leksand.

Japan: Ex-NHLer Tyson Nash has signed a contract with the Nippon Paper Cranes, the same team goalie Jamie McLennan signed with last week.

Phoenix Coyotes: The Yotes have “loaned” goalie David Aebischer to Swiss team HC Lugano.

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Sweden: Apparently their is an undrafted 22 year old Free Agent by the name of Fabian Brunnstrom who is turning NHL GM’s heads right now playing for Sodertalje of the Swedish Elite League. He reminds a lot of GM’s of a 21 year old Daniel Alfredsson and if he ends up becoming as good as Alfie is, he may be a coveted Free Agent this off-season. The article about Brunnstrom offers a You Tube video of the Swedish Prospect.

Well thats it for this edition. Kind of funny that possibly the bigg
est Free Agent frenzy this summer may be for a 22 year old, undrafted player from Sweden, which could have been drafted by any team 4 years ago.

13 Responses to Sourced Trade Rumours 10

  1. leafy says:

    Sounds like Sundin is applying for a job at the White House, e.g., it's not Maurice's fault the team is playing crappy vs. it's not Bush's fault that he invaded Iraq and found no weapons.

    Classic example of the little people covering up for the inept work of their superiors.

  2. wingerxxx says:

    Ahhh Brooks 🙂 Always good for a late night chuckle!

  3. KingCanada says:

    Depending on where the leafs stand during the offseason and if Mats Sundin is still on board, i believe the leafs sohuld try and sign Corey Perry to an offer sheet.  Perry is from southern Ontario and would be a hometown boy.  He can possibly replace the offensive output left by Mats Sundin.

    If the leafs finish at the bottom of the standings i dont know if i would sign Perry because the leafs would be giving up an early first round pick.  Although the first round pick might be expendable if the Buds net one in return if they trade Sundin away.

    I wonder when the day comes that the first impact Japanese player hits the scene in the NHL (that Japanease goalie the Kings have in their system doesnt count).  The last player to come out of a unknown hockey country was Anze Kopitar of Slovenia, I wonder if Japan can do the same and have their own superstar.  The country has a population of about 130 million so if hockey ever gets popular over there (Big-Up on Tyson Nash and Jamie McLennan) then we might see the next competitve country to enter international competition.

  4. BruMagnus says:

    The Pens will NOT go after CuJo. If they were serious in acquiring another goalie, they'd have gone after Brygalov. The Ducks mustn't have been asking for much, given that they waived him eventually.

    Anyways, the Pens have two goalies on a one-way contract, and what's his face Conklin on a two-way in the AHL. They don't need an ageing idiot. If they were truly to get a goalie, it has to be a true No.1 Goalie, make Fleury the No.2 and I guess try to trade Sabs.

    But in all honesty, I like what they've been doing with the goalies this year. Unlike Vancouver, the Pens have given Sabourin plenty of opportunities, which will help his confidence and help him grow. He was, after all, the AHL's goalie of the year 2 year's ago. And a good goalie when given a chance. The only downside is, Fleury does seem fragile. The Pens usually go with the 'hotter' of the two goalies, but recently the put their face in MAF even after he was pulled, and he pulled out a shutout. He is still the youngest starting goaltender in the NHL. The Pens, playing atrociously, are still only a couple points outta a playoff spot. There is no need to push the panic button. Especially not if idiot CuJo is the answer.

  5. Gretzkin says:

    "(that Japanease goalie the Kings have in their system doesnt count)"

  6. habsrock99 says:

    How's CuJo an idiot? Because he's won nearly 400 NHL games? Because he was one of the best goalies of the 90's (Top 5 behind Roy, Brodeur, Hasek and Belfour)? Is it because he nearly led the Leafs to the Cup Finals? The guy's one of the best to hit the ice in recent memory and would do wonders to Fleury's growth and confidence. Joseph would actually help Fleury to stay mentally tough. I don't want to see CuJo go to Pittsburgh.

  7. chimoty says:

    Contracts will restrict Cujo from signing with the Penguins.  They had a chance to sign him over Saborin in the offseason.  Honestly, I think letting Thibault go was a huge mistake.  We signed the wrong guy to a 2-way contract(Conklin).  Saborin should've been sent to W-B/S, but he is actually performing well enough to stay up.  The Pens started this way last season before they tore up the end of December and January.  I expect the same from the better producing squad.  The division is tougher, and we could possibly see 4 teams from the Atlantic making the playoffs again.  If it wasnt for play of Montreal I'd suggest all 5 making it.  Wow, a Pens fan actually giving credit to the hated Habs.  Atleast they're not the Leafs, eh?

  8. habsrock99 says:

    lol I don't like the Pens nor do I like anyone in the Atlantic, especially the Flyers and Islanders. But I'll give credit where credit is due, the Pens drafted well despite tanking it for like 10 years. Took the "Quebec Nordiques" drafting method, which begs the question, will the Pens future be in Pittsburgh or will they move like Quebec? If, by chance they do move, I hope its to Canada, but not South-Western Ontario, their's more deserving places. But, first, I want the Preds to come to Canada not Kansas City because the NHL tried it in the 70's and it didn't work, why would it work now? But seriously, I hope the Pens never leave, just Crosby lol

  9. svenki says:

    wow, will this stupid ting over the leafs ever end?
    GAWD! there was like 3 other leaf posts today!!!
    i dunno about anybody else but im getting annoyed by this
    anywho, they shud just fire JFJ and Maurice, there, problem solved

  10. BruMagnus says:

    Maybe it's the Habs that will be moving sooon after another pathetic season ends.

    The Pens have just signed the contract to keep the Pens in Pitty for 40 years now with the builing of the new arena.

    Where the hell have you been? CLEARLY you aren't a hockey fan. You're almost worse than a Leafs' fan.

  11. habsrock99 says:

    I was *****ing joking about that and if you had read the whole comment I said “I hope the Pens never leave”. Jesus, learn to take a joke.

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