Sourced Trade Rumours 2

I got such a good response from the first one, I decided to make a second one. So here it goes:


Pittsburgh Penguins: Despite what was written a few days ago, the Pens are not currently looking for a veteran netminder to work with Fleury but if he continues to struggle, they may not have another choice.

Anaheim Ducks: With the Ducks struggling to score goals, Brian Burke has been openly talking with many NHL GM’s about trade possibilities but nothing has really progressed from these talks. According to The Fourth Period, Burke may part ways with Ilya Bryzgalov, Top Prospect Bobby Ryan or even his 2008 1st Round Draft choice.

Toronto Maple Leafs: According to the Ottawa Sun, GM John Ferguson Jr. is trying to increase his team’s play-off chances through trade. With most teams wanting Matt Stajan or Alex Steen, the Sun has reported JFJ is shopping Kubina, McCabe and Gill around. These defencemen’s salaries make them next to impossible to trade.

Colorado Avalanche: The Avs may win the Forsberg sweepstakes as they are reportedly going to offer Forsberg 5 million dollars, which meets the Swedish Star’s salary demands. But the Camden Courier-Post is saying Forsberg is deciding between Colorado, Philly, Detroit, Dallas and Ottawa. UPDATE: The Wings want to let it be known that they will be just as involved as the other teams mentioned when Peter Forsberg decides he wants to come back. They have roughly 4 million in Cap Space for the Swedish Star.

St. Louis Blues: With rookie defenceman Erik Johnson coming back from injury, many speculate the Blues to make a trade. But according to the St. Louis Dispatch, trades aren’t on the Blues horizon as they plan to keep 8 defenceman on their 23 man active roster. Forward Mike Johnson cleared waivers and will not be sent down to Peoria(AHL) but he is apparently going to be taken off the 23 man active roster so as to make room for Erik Johnson.

Edmonton Oilers: With the Oilers being fairly deep on the blueline, defenceman Dick Tarnstrom may be on the trade block, says the Edmonton Journal. The Journal goes on to say that the Atlanta Thrashers have been heavily scouting the Oilers and could be in the market for a defenceman. It is widely speculated the New York Rangers will take any necessary steps to aquiring an offensive threat in the back end which could possibly result in an Oilers-Rangers trade involving Tarnstrom.

Nashville Predators: According to the Nashville Tennessean, GM David Poile is willing to make moves but any move would have to go through Nashville’s current owner if it involved adding salary. The Preds could be shopping around a defenceman to other teams.

Ottawa Senators: Jason Spezza told the Ottawa Sun that his agent, Rick Curran and Sens GM Bryan Murray, have held contract talks. The Sun has reported that Curran is seeking a similar deal that Dany Heatley got, something in the 7 million dollar range. As for Wade Redden, Murray has yet to contact Redden’s agent, Don Meehan.

New Jersey Devils: Many speculate that with the Devils currently sitting last in the Atlantic and 28th overall in Goals Scored with 22, Devils GM Lou Lamoriello is on the lookout for a Top 2 Centerman and a Top 4 Defenceman. But, seeing as the Devils currently have just 1.5 million in Cap Space, they can’t really afford to obtain a high priced player unless Lou’s willing to part with any of his high priced talent.

The following are from

Atlanta Thrashers: The Atlanta Journal has reported that GM Don Waddell has been working the phones feverishly in search of a new Head Coach and to add depth to his hockey club. Craig Custance has noted that the Thrashers need help at Centre as well as on Defence. Waddell has admitted to talking to nine GM’s as well as Marian Hossa’s new agent, Ritch Winter.

Columbus Blue Jackets: It is being reported that Jacket’s GM Scott Howson may try to convince Head Coach Ken Hitch***** to contact Free Agent Peter Forsberg about joining the Jackets, which would fill the Jackets need of a #1 centre and it wouldn’t cost them prospects or draft picks.

Chicago Blackhawks: According to the Chicago Tribune, Hawks veteran forwards Yanic Perreault, Rene Bourque and Sergei Samsonov have been healthy scratches lately, possibly leading to trade rumours. Though, the only one of the three worth getting would be Perreault because of his skill in the face-off circle.

Free Agent News: Veteran players Sandis Ozolinsh, Joel Bouchard and Dave Scatchard have shown their desire to play in the NHL this season. Bouchard has recently signed a 25 game try-out with the Hamilton Bulldogs, which could possibly lead to him signing on with an NHL team. Scatchard has done the same thing with the Hartford Wolf Pack. Recently, Ozolinsh was dropped after his 2 game try-out with the Worcester Sharks. Scatchard and Ozolinsh could provide play-off depth to any team where as Bouchard is more likely going to stick to the AHL.

Phoenix Coyotes: Talks with the Rangers are on again with Ed Jovanovski being the center of attention. But, sources have said Jovanovski isn’t “willing” to waive his NMC unless it’s a trade with the Florida Panthers, which isn’t likely given the Panthers financial situation.

Montreal Canadiens: Apparently the Pittsburgh Penguins are interested in goalie Jaroslav Halak given their recent goaltending struggles. Montreal’s asking price is supposedly Colby Armstrong, which is way too much of an asking price if you ask me.

Ottawa Senators: Apparently the Edmonton Oilers and Carolina Hurricanes have asked about Chris Neil’s availability but he isn’t going anywhere.

Buffalo Sabres: The Sabres are apparently going to announce the signing of veteran defenceman Nolan Pratt this week. The defender has been working out with the club and could potentially go to Rochester(AHL) for a conditioning assignment.

So, that’s all I could really find and it seems fairly interesting, especially Forsberg’s possibility of going to the Jackets. Highly unlikely but interesting nonetheless.

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  1. KingCanada says:

    As i have mentionned in a previous thread, the Leafs due to financial reasons (especially if they dont make the playoffs) NEED to trade Sundin.  42 million tied up for 08/09.

    Sundin, Pohl, Belak, Wozniewski

    Steen, Stajan, Wellwood

    8 million left for Sundin and the 3 kids.  the 3 kids will collectively take up at least 5 million dollars easily.  With the risk of offer sheets and JFJ's innability to bargain they will most likely eat up 5-6 imllion in cap space.  that leaves 2-3 for Sundin and i doubt he would sign for that low.  And im sure we all know that NOBODY will take one of McCabe, Kubina or Gill away from us so that is not an option.

    Trade Sundin to Anaheim.  If the rumors in Anaheim are true, who better then one of the league leaders in points to come in and rescue them.  I would Gladly take Bobby Ryan off their hands and a high draft pick.

    Cap casualties would include Woz and Pohl.  Trade Belak to Florida for watever we can get.  Granted none of this is possible until the Leafs fall out of contention, and that is still an "IF"

  2. Milohabs says:

    This is actually response to the item above about the Leafs.

    Toronto fans (and JFJ) need to really wake up and smell reality.

    No other teams want any of the over paid D-men.

    As far as trading Sundin. This guy is the blood and guts of this team and has stuck with them for years. He won't be traded unless he wants to which he repeatedly says that he doesn't. If they trade him, it will be another classless act on behalf of The Leafs (see Ron Francis).

    JFJ needs to asses what he has and then start trimming the fat. The need to look for the future.

    Steen, Stajan and Wellwood are the future in Toronto. Blake was a waste of money, not that he's no good, but because this money should be spent on the main coggs of the wheel. Now they are in trouble.

    It will take Toronto 2-3 years until some of these awful contaracts expire. If they can keep drafting well, there may be some bright lights in T-Dot in the future.

    Step one to rebuilding and actually making a run at the post=season is to get a real GM in the office.

    I also thought Maurice was a good coach, I;m no longer certain I feel the same way. He has a good enough team to compete for post-season, but this club is all over the place. Win 8-1, lose 7-1, lose 7-1, . Maurice needs to start getting some consistancy from his group.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    sundin has a one year contract. trading him does not help the cap situation for next year. either trading or buying out a defenseman would make room.

  4. leafy says:

    JFJ trying to shop McCabe and Kubina?  Good luck with that.  It's like trying to sell an old rusted '73 Chevy jalopy with 500,000 miles on it.  Not very marketable.

    I think I could try to pass off the Brooklyn Bridge as my own and sell it to some naive sucker visiting from a desolate rural area.

    That would be easier than trading McCabe or Kubina.

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    McCabe has a no movement clause, so no trade
    Gill is too valuable (as no leaf can do what he does)

    JFJ could have trded Kubina in the offseason (yealding little return, ala Aucoin) BUT HE DIDN'T. and now he will be next to impossible to trade.

    if the leafs do make a trade it will likely be with another team trying to boost its success (ala, Bruins and Sharks 2 years ago, Flyers and Isles last year)

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    he's saying we will lose sundin next year because of cap problems, so we might as well get something for him. if sundin goes, the leafs cap problems do as well. however so do our playoff chances.

  7. habsrock99 says:

    McCabe might be moved though it is incredibly unlikely. I've seen at least a dozen posts outside HTR that say if he gets to go where he wants, he'd be willing to waive it. Take it, I didn't think you could waive it and still have yet to see solid proof that you can.

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    someone did it last year..might have been peter forsberg.

    where he wants to go may not want him. it is extreamely unlikely (like 1 in a million) that he'll be traded during the season. and still pretty unlikely he'll be dealt during the offseason.

  9. MR40 says:

    Absolutly zero chance Brian Burke is dumb enough to give away Boby Ryan and a high draft pick to get Sundin, ecspecialy only for half of a season. I think Sundin is pretty good, but he's not the player he used to be. Him having a great start mean's nothing. I could say Broduer sucks, because he's having an awful start. The only player who might have been able to get that type of return would be Hossa (only including players who will be UFA's at the end of the year).

  10. dcz28 says:

    Wings have more cap space than nhlnumbers indicates since in their numbers for cap hit this season they count Hasek at a little over 4 million but his salary is 2 million plus bonuses which means it is not a sure cap hit and the Wings can always choose to take the cap hit on the bonuses next season…same thing with Chelios so the Wings could actually have about 5 million in cap space if they need it and want to use it.

    As for Forsberg to the Wings like Holland said it will depend on his asking price (money and lenght of deal) and the needs of the team. I doubt the Wings will sign him if he wants the remainder of the Wings cap space.

  11. KingCanada says:

    um ok thats a little biased.  I recall last trade deadline MANY teams trading their 1st round picks for lesser players then Sundin.  Sundin could easily fetch Ryan and a 1st rounder if the demand was there for him, if not it would be a 1st round and another highly touted prospect.

    Last trade deadline players that were traded for 1st rounders (some more then just a 1st rounder) include

    Shane O'Brien
    Keith Tkatchuk
    Ryan Smyth
    Mattias Norstrom (main part of package deal)
    Dainus Zubrus
    Bill Guerin
    Craig Rivet
    Peter Forsberg
    Ladislav Nagy

    Now Sundin is better then almost ALL of those players even with his age and could easily fetch a nice package of prospects and picks so i would go out on a limb here and call YOU the dumb one and not Brian Burke for only looking at what you actually WANT to happen and not wat actually COULD happen.  Dont be so close minded, its possible.

  12. KingCanada says:

    Im pretty sure i stated that the defense was going nowere..

    ANYWAYS Brian Leetch was the Rangers blood and guts also, doesnt mean he was untradable.  Business is business, just becose Yzerman never got traded doesnt mean everyone else will get the same treatment.  Detorit was and is a healthy franchise, toronto isnt, it needs to be fixed.  One way to fix it is to trade Sundin.  OBVIOUSLY he will be missed and we wont compete as much as we used to but its something that has to be done in order to maintain the future and assure that the kids are al playing for the blue and white next season.

  13. neilios says:

    Wheres the Canuck rumors???Theres lots of speculation out there now that the coach is fighting with Willie Mitchell.TSn's Insider Bob MacKenzie is reporting if Canucks Dman cant wake up and start scoring some goals one of the big 4 might be moved cause they say big 4 all have the simular type game and they are reffuring too Mitchell,Bieska,Salo,and Ohlund but I doubt Ohlund is one of them been mentioned since he is the heart and sole of the Canucks.I bet there is lots of teams looking at those 3 and they said it will probably be Bieska or Salo been moved and the 2 top canidates or the Sabres and Thrashers.The possible deal look a little something like this.

    To sabres-Salo or Mitchell and Cooke
    To canucks-Pominville

    To Thrashers-MItchell,Cooke,and Edler or Bourdon
    To Canucks-Hossa

    This way the Canucks make room for elder or Bourdon to play everyday by trading one of the top 4 Dmen.Thats the latest for the Canucks and dont forget the Nucks have about 4 million in cap space left.

  14. MR40 says:

    First of all you have to take O'Brien out of there. He AND 3rd rounder went to Tampa for a 1st.

    Sundin is better then all of them, except MAYBE Ryan Smyth, but don't you remember Burke saying last year "if your gonna try to rob me atleast wear a mask" or something like that. Burke probably wouldn't even give up a 1st rounder for Sundin, nevermind Ryan too. Ryan is a special prospect too. You don't get prospect's like him everyday.

    Burke is smarter then those other guy's, and he wouldn't do that is what i meant. I didn't really mean another team wouldn't go for a similier trade though.

  15. Gretzkin says:

    Burke is swimming in draft picks, plus has a very young core.

    Dealing picks for Sundin isn't far out of the question. Burke has serious assets to deal whenever he pleases. Don't know about getting Ryan, but if it meant another Cup, and Sundin being an integral piece to that puzzle, why wouldn't he?
  16. senators101 says:

    Why trade Bobby Ryan and a first round pick in a DEEP draft?  If this team was on the edge of winning their first cup in a bunch of years, they'd be desparate enough to do it – this would make sense.  This ducks team will be competitive for a very long time, there's no point in going for the gusto this year and lose a bit of the future when they just won lord stanley.

  17. senators101 says:

    Why would the Sabres want Salo or Mitchell?

  18. Rickler says:

    I think they should trade Kilger too. Isn't he making 1.9m?
    I like the way he plays, but at that kind of money they could fill that void easily at a fraction of the cost.

  19. wayne2 says:

    I`m not going to comment all but here`s a few:

    If Toronto are going to make a deal i woudnt consider trading Steen or Stajan unless the deal is irresistable since they are good promising young players and thats what the futur is all about.

    Said it before and say it again i believe Forsberg will end his career in Colorado.

    The oilers should trade Tarnstrom,they should get good value.

    The sens should concentrate on signing Spezza then maybe sign Redden if he is willing to sign for around 4 to 4.5 mill a year NO MORE.

    I doubt Pittsburgh would part with Armstrong but if they do Montreal would have to add a decent player along with Halak.Maybe Chipchura would do it?

  20. A-Train24 says:

    let’s look at this player by player

    Shane O’Brien and a third for a first was a steal, don’t know what Feaster was thinking
    Tkachuk – Waddell was desperate… which Burke is not, so he wouldn’t make a stupid deal like that.
    Smyth – Went to a team on the playoff bubble, full of young prospects, so it didn’t hurt the Isles too bad, plus they were desperate, which, once again, Burke will not be
    Norstrom -basicaly him for a late first rounder, even swap
    Guerin – complete rent a player for a late first rounder even swap
    Rivet – complete steal for Montreal
    Forsberg – Minimal damage to prospect-rich Nashville, still overpaid
    Nagy – Rent a player for late first rounder

    Any deal between Anaheim and Toroto would depend on the two teams positions with regards to the playoff picture.  If, as expected, anaheim is amongst the top teams in the West, they would probably not pay more then either Ryan or a first rounder, if they are desperate however, they may be willing to trade their later pick and Ryan.

    However, the Maple Leafs still being run by MLSE, as long as the leafs have a shot at the playoffs (for extra revenue of course) they will not jeopardize it, even if it means improving the team.  So this point is mostly moot.

  21. A-Train24 says:

    Vancouver has less then 2.4 million left in cap room

  22. KingCanada says:

    his cap hit is only 900k hes worth the money.

  23. KingCanada says:

    I agree, it all depends on our position and if MLSE finally decides to rebuild.  (let alone looking at the financials we need to rebuild)  Anyways if it isnt a 1st rounder and Ryan itll be at the very least a 1st rounder and Logan MacMillan.

  24. mojo19 says:

    Yeah Sundin would be worth Ryan and a late first round pick to Anaheim. They could use a player like Mats.

    And to MR40, you can't say he's not the player he used to be, he's never slowed down yet, he's still playing great just like every year, he's worth a ton. Don't try to tell me he's not.

  25. MR40 says:

    Salo, and Mitchell are awesome. There definately have to keep them (Salo has a NTC too). Ohlund is the one who suck's they have to get rip of him.

  26. svenki says:

    ok the pominville deals looks good, but im not quite sure about this "proposed" atlanta deal

  27. senators101 says:

    I don't think they suck.  I just don't see why Buffalo would want them.  Buffalo has 6 quality defensemen already, I don't think that they need more.

  28. MR40 says:

    I think he's an awesome player, but I don't think he is quite as good as he used to be. He's having an awesome start, but I think he'll slow down, and might put similier number's as Mike Modano, who is always still good, but aging.

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