Sourced Trade Rumours 8

Here is Sourced Trade Rumours 8. A lot of speculation about in the Hockey World.

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Calgary Flames: The rumour that potential RFA Dion Phaneuf and agent Don Meehan rejected a contract offer from the Flames is false. Meehan has been reported as saying that Flames GM Darryl Sutter and himself have yet to discuss figures at this time. Phaneuf is obviously going to command a significant raise from his Entry Level base salary of $942 400. It is believed that Phaneuf will get at least 5 million on his new contract. Also, another one of Meehan’s clients, Kristian Huselius, is also without a contract next year and Darryl Sutter would love to have him back but Phaneuf’s raise as well as the fact that forward Daymond Langkow is also a UFA at season’s end, may result in the loss of Huselius. Both Huselius and Langkow are making less then 2.5 million and both could easily fetch double that figure on the Free Agent market.

Florida Panthers: The rumours stating the Panthers are “quietly” shopping Captain Olli Jokinen around are false. GM and coach Jacques Martin has told the Miami Herald as well as Jokinen himself that he has never talked to any GM about a potential trade involving Jokinen. Owner Alan Cohen also said that he would never trade his Captain. The only player I have seen in Florida rumours, is defenceman Mike Van Ryn.

Washington Capitals: According to the Ottawa Sun, if the Caps don’t begin to turn their season around soon, they may make changes in the GM and coaching positions. With actual expectations on this team, the Caps have yet to fully respond, which has lead to this rumour. The Caps may also look to make a trade or two, with unhappy defenceman Steve Eminger leading the rumours.

Phoenix Coyotes: Now that Ilya Bryzgalov is in town, the Yotes have 6 NHL capable goaltenders in the NHL and AHL (Bryzgalov, Mikael Tellqvist, Alex Auld, David Aebischer, David LeNeveu and Josh Tordjman) the Coyotes are being forced to make a move. GM Dave Maloney has said that the situation will be dealt with early next week. It is believed that either Tellqvist or Auld will be put on waivers (the latter being the likely candidate) and Aebischer will be “loaned” to a European team. Personally, I believe that Tellqvist will be Bryzgalov’s back up and Auld will be put on waivers and will likely clear then the Coyotes will “lend” him and Aebischer to a European team (Likely to be in Switzerland, at least, in Aebischer’s case).

Minnesota Wild: With both Brian Rolston and Pavol Demitra slated to be UFA’s next year, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune wonders who will be kept. The Wild may not be able to keep both as Pierre-Marc Bouchard is an RFA and will likely command an increase to his 2.6 million dollar salary and Marian Gaborik is an RFA after next season, which will also determine who stays and who goes. Rolston currently makes 2.432 million and could easily double that on the open market. Demitra currently makes 4.5 million and will most likely receive a similar salary next season. Personally speaking, I’d take Rolston over Demitra, despite being a few years older, because he is less of a health issue and provides very good leadership for a very young team.

Boston Bruins: With star forward Patrice Bergeron expected to miss a good portion if not the entire season, the Bruins have the option of replacing Bergeron’s salary through trade. But, GM Peter Chairelli is not going to push the panic button yet. He has stated that at the moment he will not make a trade because he is unsure about how long Bergeron will be out. He said he was dealing with an unpredictable injury recovery time because concussions could take anywhere from 2 weeks to a full year to fully heal. Also, with Glen Murray’s current performance against the Canadiens, his stock may have risen, which could spark more trade rumours.

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Buffalo Sabres: A rumour popped up in Buffalo that had the Sabres apparently shopping forward Maxim Afinogenov to St. Louis for ex-Sabre Jay McKee. Spector notes that this is just a lie and Blues President John Davidson called it pure fabrication. I doubt this particular rumour is true, but the rumour that McKee and Afinogenov are on the block may be true. Both are struggling (6 points and a -10 for Afinogenov and a healthy scratch as of late for McKee) and both could be moved by the deadline. God, I can’t believe I took Afinogenov when Paul Stastny was still available in my hockey pool.

Dallas Stars: The first move Co-GM’s Brett Hull and Les Jackson have done is place tough guy Todd Fedoruk on waivers. Fedoruk hasn’t really done much “Tough Guy” stuff in Dallas which could lead to his demotion or release. Take it, Fedoruk really hasn’t done much since he broke his face the first time.

Philadelphia Flyers & Vancouver Canucks: Both Paul Holmgren and Dave Nonis have shot down the rumours involving Jeff Carter for Ryan Kesler. So, sorry Canucks fans, you aren’t getting Carter.

Calgary Flames: GM Darryl Sutter is supposedly looking for a Top line Centre and has apparently been in talks with San Jose about a struggling Patrick Marleau. Spector notes that in order for the Flames to aquire Marleau, they will have to send 6 million dollars worth of players the other way just to fit Marleau’s new salary under next year’s Cap. I doubt this deal will happen because of Phaneuf’s potenial RFA status but if it does happen, it will have to happen this season because Marleau has a NTC for the next 2 years.

Columbus Blue Jackets: Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun reports that if the Jackets don’t get defenceman Ron Hainsey signed by the deadline, they may have to trade the potential UFA. Spector notes that Hainsey has no real reason to not re-sign with Columbus, stating that coach Ken Hitch***** has developed Hainsey to be a better all around defenceman.

Chicago Blackhawks: Star forward Martin Havlat is scheduled to come back some time this week, which may lead the Hawks to waiving Sergei Samsonov, as he no longer has any real trade value.

Minnesota Wild: The Wild have apparently made veteran defenceman Keith Carney the odd man out on the blueline. Carney may be used as trade bait but his age and salary (37, 2.1 million) will make him hard to deal. However, Carney could be added near the deadline as a veteran leader as well as a stable influence on the blueline.

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Montreal Canadiens: Forward Tom Kostoplous has received his automatic 1 game suspension for instigating a fight in the final 5 minutes of Saturday’s Bruins-Habs game. Kostopolous did deserve the suspension as he did instigate the fight.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Former Leaf forward Don Metz died in hospital at the age of 91, after battling a brief illness. Metz helped lead the Leafs to 5 Stanley Cups, including the miraculous comeback from a 3-0 series deficet against Detroit in 1942. Metz is one of only 3 players to win 5 Cups while in a Leaf uniform. Teeder Kennedy and Turk Broda are the other two players. Metz, along with brother Nick, is enshrined in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.

Well, that’s everything at this time. My thoughts and condolences go out to Don Metz’s family.

11 Responses to Sourced Trade Rumours 8

  1. rcichard03 says:

    Good article once again … i'de love to see Marleau in Calgary …. that would be amazing. the only thing is they are in the same conference so. often when dealing with a super star you want to get them out of the conference. Iggy Marleau sounds good to me.

    I wonder if there are any teams looking for a sub par goaltender out of phoenix lol.

    and afino really isn't producing at all this year. it might be a fluke, there might need to be a trade to fix that.

    ALLL LAST YEAR I WAS SAYING CHICAGO WILL BE SICK… i was right. Havlat will be a big upgrade to the already great hawks. GO HAWKS GO

  2. habsrock99 says:

    You're not the only one who slated that Chicago would be good. I knew once they got Kane, they'd be force, the only thing I didn't picture was Kane actually making the team. I believe they'll make the play-offs but they will likely get swept or go out in 5 games. But, it is play-off experience nonetheless, which will do nothing but help the Hawks become a force in a few years. Though, I believe they'll need another goalie to get them farther as I believe Khabibulin is close to being done.

  3. habsrock99 says:

    ***TRADE ALERT***

    To Anaheim: Brian Sutherby

    To Washington: 2nd Round Draft Pick in 2009

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    brian burke has been the worst gm in the league since he won the cup…

  5. habsrock99 says:

    I wouldn't go that far. This trade in a lot of ways is steal but only if Sutherby fulfill's potential. If he turns into a good secondary scorer that nets the Ducks 20 goals, a 2nd round Draft Choice, which is in 2 years from now, seems like a hefty bargain. But, if Sutherby happens to continue his trend and stay relatively ineffective, bad trade.

  6. mojo19 says:

    Brian Sutherby hasn't done it on the ice like it was expected years ago. But the "A" on his jersey in Washington should indicate the type of character he is. If nothing else Burke wanted a bit of a shake up and maybe Sutherby will improve in a new environment with a new coach.

  7. wayne2 says:

    I will only say this:
    Teams gm's,coaches,owners etc may say what they want about never trading a player in the media but it doesnt mean its true.I remember our gm Pierre Gauthier stating he '' never talked'' to Anaheim about being their gm and the next morning he was Anaheim' s new gm so…..
    When it comes to trades and media they will say what they want to say to the media and the media will print what they want,in both cases its not necessarely the truth.
    My two cents.

  8. neilios says:

    Iam hearing the canucks are after Rolston from the Wild or Ryder from the Habs.Its believed they are offer up Salo or Bieska,Cooke,and Hanson.Iam pretty sure another Dman would have to be involved from the Wild or Habs no1 special just a player like Josh Georges some like him.Myself I would love to see any of those 2 in a Canuck uniform I think they would be great on the 2nd line with Moe and Pyatt or Kesler.

  9. rcichard03 says:

    even b4 they had kane i was physicked about toews and williams

  10. svenki says:

    and where did you find this outrageous rumor?

  11. habsrock99 says:

    I don't know where you get you're "rumours" from but they are either incredibly wrong or you're just plain making them up. Montreal DOES NOT need more defencemen.

    After this season, the Habs will have between 2-4 defence spots open and those spots will be taken by some of the Habs Top Prospects such as David Fischer, Ryan O'Byrne, Pavel Valentenko or someone along those lines. They aren't going to trade a proven 30 goal scorer for a defenceman who is injured and may not play again this season. Nor will they trade a proven 30 goal scorer for another 3rd line role player in Matt Cooke.

    Also, the Wild WILL NOT trade Brian Rolston for the exact same reasons stated above.

    A few weeks back you said was reporting a trade between Montreal and Vancouver when they weren't and I called you on it and you never responded, which leads me to believe these "rumours" you report are nothing more then you making up trades to get attention.

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