Sourced Trade Rumours 9

Well, here is Version #9 of Trade Rumours.

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NHL Governors Meeting: The meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday and may spark some trades.

Columbus Blue Jackets: GM Scott Howson is working the phones a lot, looking to improve his club, just like his 29 other counter-parts. Howson is apparently searching for more secondary scoring, most likely in the form of a Centre. However, Howson is supposedly reluctant to trade any of his up-and-coming talent and veterans such as Sergei Fedorov and Adam Foote make too much money.

San Jose Sharks: GM Doug Wilson is currently evaluating his team and is wondering if his current squad “is getting better as a hockey team at the things that will allow us to be successful at the end of the year?” Wilson will address only what he feels to be the Sharks biggest “weakness”. Also, a source from the Sharks management has shot down the rumour that the Sharks were entertaining offers from the Flames for Patrick Marleau.

Anaheim Ducks: With Ryan Getzlaf now signed long-term, GM Brian Burke’s main focus now is signing talented forward Corey Perry. According to the LA Times, Brian Burke wants to resolve the whole Scott Niedermayer issue before he addresses Perry’s pending RFA status. According to the Times, if Niedermayer were to comeback and play out the remaining time of his contract, the Ducks would have 53 million dollars committed to 18 players for next year, which would make things incredibly difficult to sign Perry long-term. The Ducks are also shopping Centre Todd Marchant in the hopes their will be a taker for his 2+ million dollar salary. If Niedermayer does come back, it will more then ensure Perry will get an RFA Offer Sheet from a team unless Burke somehow manages to move Marchant and another player or two to an unsuspecting GM (Pray Leaf fans).

Dallas Stars: Forward Todd Fedoruk cleared waivers and was sent to Iowa(AHL). Co-GM’s Les Jackson and Brett Hull will be putting Fedoruk on Re-Entry Waivers and if he is not claimed, the Stars will keep him in Iowa(AHL). Also, the Stars are expected make a number of changes in the coming weeks and are supposedly in the market for a Top-6 Sniper (Who isn’t?). All I can say is good luck to the Stars because they really don’t have a lot that appeals to teams at the moment.

Phoenix Coyotes: Defenceman Ed Jovanovski is apparenly attracting a lot of possible takers for his 6.5 million dollar contract. But, one team will most definitely not be in the hunt for his services and that is the Islanders, as Jovanovski apparenly rejected a possible trade there this summer. Jovo’s the most saught after defenceman with a NTC right now and is a much better choice to go with then Bryan McCabe. Sorry Leaf fans.

New Jersey Devils: It is highly unlikely defender Colin White will be able to improve his vision (He was hit in the eye with a puck during practice in mid-September) so the Devils might be in the market for a defenceman. However, the only way this will happen is if White plays less then 20 games and is put on the Long-Term IR. One option the Devils may want is Ed Jovanovski, however, his NTC would have to be waived.

Speculation: I may be ridiculed for this next statement but I’m saying it anyways. I believe the Devils and Leafs could get a deal done which could involve Bryan McCabe. But, JFJ would have to settle for A LOT less then McCabe’s potential worth, something like a 2nd round pick + a mid-level prospect. But, if a trade were to happen, it wouldn’t be until later in the season because Jersey only has 3.4 million in Cap Space left however if Colin White is to remain on the Long-Term IR, they could have 6.4 million to spend.

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San Jose Sharks: The Sharks have announced that they have re-signed defenceman Matt Carle to a 4 year extension, financial terms were not disclosed. Carle was slated to become an RFA at season’s end, good signing by the Sharks. UPDATE: is reporting the deal is worth 13.75 million over the next 4 years.

Ottawa Senators: Allan Panzeri of the Ottawa Citizen reports that the Sens may lose potential UFA Chris Kelly in the off-season. The Sens currently have 41 million dollars committed to 12 players thus far and still have to re-sign Kelly, Antoine Vermette, Andrej Mezaros and Patrick Eaves.

Anaheim Ducks: Brian Burke was interviewed during the Bruins-Leafs game on Tuesday and said he has yet to hear of any updates on Niedermayer or Selanne. I believe that Selanne will come back but not until the Trade Deadline and do what Calle Johansson did with Toronto back in 2003-04.

Phoenix Coyotes: Alex Auld cleared waivers and was sent to San Antonio (AHL). Also, goalie David Aebischer is more then likely going to be “loaned” to HC Lugano of the Swiss League. Lugano offered Aebischer a contract that would extend through 2012.

Japan: Ex-Calgary Flame goalie Jamie McLennan, has recently signed a contract with the Nippon Paper Cranes out in Japan.

Minnesota Wild: A report came out of the Wild camp stating that defenceman Petterri Nummelin requested a release becaue he is unhappy with his playing time. Assistant GM Tom Lynn has denied the report.

Well that does it for this article. Hopefully some trades do end up happening and I have a feeling that they will start after the Governors Meetings next week, which is where Sharks GM Doug Wilson plans to talk to fellow GM’s.

21 Responses to Sourced Trade Rumours 9

  1. leafy says:

    Actually, a deal for McCabe might make sense for New Jersey.  Their weakness since Rafalski left is the lack of a powerplay specialist on the point.

    A 2nd pick and mid-level prospect is acceptable, in my view.  You're certainly not going to swindle Lamarello.

    At this point, the Leafs need to cut their losses.  Just like when Ford decided to stop making the Edsel.

  2. KingCanada says:

    Im not sure if McCabe is economically viable for NJ.  Sure if you wait till later in the season when he can fit under the cap but dont forget McCabe still has 3 more years and would count fully for a 5.75 cap hit against NJ.

    NJ virtually has the same team next year since almost no one has a contract year

    David Clarkson, Rod Pelly(a nobody)

    Karel Rachunek 1.4M, Aaron Asham 700k, Jay Pandolfo 838k

    Asham and Pandolfo will prolly resign for about the same money.  I dont know who Pelly is so he is resigned or replace by a player with the same cap hit.  Clarkson will get a small raise say 400k.  Rachunek is the odd man out.  So thats an extra 1 million saved bringing NJ's total of cap space to 4.4 which doesnt fit McCabes 5.75, still short over a million.

    I just dont believe Lamoriello would want to screw his team financially like that for Bryan McCabe.  McCabe is no savior, and NJ would be forced to shed some cap space for him next season, it will not happen IMO. 

  3. leafy says:

    That's a solid argument for sure.  The salary issue is major.

  4. zane says:

    i like abby i always did ..i feel bad for him …

  5. jpmac says:

    I am not sure McCabe would waive his NMC to go to NJ. 

    That being said, it might be the best place for him to go. Due to the small amount of coverage the Devils get he could try to regain his old form with little pressure from the media.

  6. habsrock99 says:

    Very good argument. I guess I should have added a little info on White's injury, my bad.

    But, the way they are acting about White's eye injury, he may never play hockey again as he has had double vision everyday since suffering the injury on September 19th. And, as every hockey fan knows, Lou Lamierello is a genious when it comes to finding a loop hole in any rule book. He managed to keep Alexander Mogilny from retiring for 2 seasons just so he wouldn't go over the Cap. I believe that if White's condition doesn't improve by the Deadline, then his career may very well be over. Now, if White is then put on the Long-Term IR for the remaining 4 years of his contract, McCabe's salary could fit. But, that's a big IF.

    But also, Jay Pandolfo is having a career year as of this moment and seeing as he is 32 and in a contract year, do you honestly think he'll put up these numbers again? Highly unlikely. And seeing as we now know what Free Agent's get after a career year, I don't think Pandolfo will settle for his current 836K. Also, Arron Asham, who is also having a very solid season, will likely command a raise. Lou is stingy when it comes to giving money to players who aren't proven stars so I don't see him re-signing either Asham or Pandolfo if they ask for anything more then a million, which they likely will.

    So, IF White's eye injury is a career ender, you'll see Lou asking him not to retire so he has that extra 3 million and IF McCabe waives his NMC and IF a deal is done between TO and NJ, you'll see an improved Jersey team and you'll see the beginning of a building stage for Toronto, which in it's own right is a big IF.

    NOTE: When I mentioned the "career year Free Agents" and how we now know what they get on the open market, it was not a shot at the Leafs as we have seen other career year players get HUGE contracts from other teams.

  7. leafy says:

    I was thinking that maybe he might waive his NMC because he played nearby on the Island and knows the area.  But definitely a lower profile might be the best thing for McCabe.

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    japan hockey league…now that i have to see. good for McLennon, going to a place where he can be a starter.

    ottawa will resign everybody important

    Lou hired a coach that completely opened up the devels and now they aren't half as good (though slightly more entertaining) he's not trading for a defenseman who will worsen the situation.

    HOWEVER, i heard an interesting rumor. Burke doesnt have the payroll to support niedermayer who is likely to be back after christmas. I've heard he is working on a trade that will send Nieds back to jersey…(at abpout half his salary)

  9. KingCanada says:

    OK i understand were your coming from but it seems as though White is practising with the team again and will probably join the lineup.  If he doesnt and cannot play hockey anymore then hopefully a deal can be done so we can rid ourselves of McCabe.  Also if he is put on IR NJ has roughly 6-7 million in space ofr the following season.

    As of Pandolfo and Asham, whether Lamoriello gives them money or not, those roster spots still have to be filled out.  Even rookies make around that kind of money so adding or subtracting Pandolfo and Asham really doesnt change much to NJ's salary cap structure.

    To NJ: Bryan McCabe
    To Toronto: 2nd round pick, Tony Romano

    Sound about fair?  id still be satisfied if it was a 3rd round pick.

  10. KingCanada says:

    Correct me if im wrong but i dont think teams are allowed to transfer cap space to other teams, so i dont get how sending him there for half his salary works.

  11. habsrock99 says:

    They can't but seeing as Niedermayer's being paid right now, come say January, he'll have already received roughly half his salary.

  12. habsrock99 says:

    From what I was reading on The Fourth Period's site, he was still having double vision and just the way they worded it made it sound like a career ender. He probably will come back but I doubt it'll be this season. What I was doing was purely speculating and seeing as the Devils have virtually zero offence on the blue line, which is something they have had since the early 90's, I just figured McCabe's offensive style would help the team out and seeing as Brent Sutter's a very good coach and knows a thing or two about defensive hockey, he'd be able to neutralize McCabe's defensive liability.

    Now, as for rookies, not all rookies make 850K, some make 650K or 550K and you can just fill those roster spots with players from Europe who can make league minimum which is like 450K now, so Lou could potentially pull this off but it'd all depend on Colin White.

    I also know a thing or two about double vision as I suffer from it as well and it's hampered my baseball career as I can't catch a beed on a Pop Fly which restricts me to either Pitch or play Catcher. And what I believe White has is that similar to what I have and that's nerve damage to the back of the eye, which can only be fixed through a certain eye surgery and even then, chances of a full recovery are like 65% (From what I was told in 2002, so I'm sure it's gone up).

    As for the trade, I have no clue who any of the Devils prospects are as I have lost track of the AHL this year. Does Romano play for the London Knights? Because if so, I do know who he is and if it's him, I doubt Lou would trade him as he is a stick handling wizard, much like Kovalev. 

  13. cartino says:

    I can't see bald lou making a deal for McCabe. He's pushed to the limit in cap space as it is and if you'll remember he couldn't afford Brian Rafalski in the offseason and lost him as a UFA to detroit where's making close to 6 million. If he wasn't willing to pay Rafalski 6 million, no way he'd be willing to pay McCabe that much.

  14. tancred says:

    I didn't see the game, but Colin White played tonight in the Devils' victory over Pittsburgh.

  15. mojo19 says:

    Jamie McLennan…..league MVP?

  16. jarcpitre says:

    This would be right up McCabe's ally. He would probably go back to the area or at least his wife would and with less media than Toronto who wouldn't. Maybe he can get into the mafia or something or start a ring like Tocchet.

  17. habsrock99 says:

    Ok, here's the Colin White Situation, just to clear things up. White is suffering from double-vision/blurred vision and according to NHL Rules, he can test his eye for up to 20 NHL games and if in that time period, he feels it will never get better, he can officially retire and can qualify for the NHL's disablility benefits.

    I do not know if his Cap Hit remains on the Devils Salary or if it is one of those special exceptions. But, if it's like the Garth Snow situation, White's Cap Hit remains with Jersey for the duration of his contract, which is 4 more years.

  18. leafy says:

    Indeed McCabe could find a whole new gig in Jersey.  Atlantic City is just a short drive away, should he decide to follow in Tocchet's footsteps and run a little bookie joint of his own.

  19. TheDonkey says:

    Eklund claims that the Oilers are talking Jagr with the Rangers.  Better not trade any of the young kids for Jagr.

  20. KevinBaconFan says:
    James Walton of the Calgary Hitmen was suspended from the team for allegedly taking inappropriate pictures of his face and sending them to the Hannah Montana web page.  “We are extremely disappointed in the poor judgement displayed by Mr. Walton.  His interest in Hannah Montana has both frightened and concerned our coaches.  We have currently sent him on a vacation to Club MED to gather his thoughts and water ski with Wes Walz.” said VP of operations Frank Stallone.  Uncensored pictures of this disgusting act can be found below.

    Franks and Beans  

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