Sources: Devils making run at Leafs’ Kaberle

While the Devils’ search for their next coach continues with Chicago assistant and Jersey native Mike Haviland believed to be the latest candidate interviewing for the job, sources say general manager Lou Lamoriello may be among the strongest bidders for Leafs defenseman Tomas Kaberle .

, whom general manager Lou Lamoriello could be targeting, has been a regular trade subject in Toronto at the usual deal junctures, but Leafs GM Brian Burke recently circulated an e-mail to other general managers outlining the upcoming window in Kaberle’s no-trade clause.

Kaberle, 32
, is to make $4.25 million next season, the last on his deal before he becomes unrestricted in 2011. The Devils will be making a decision on Paul Martin , who becomes unrestricted July 1 after earning $4.5 million last year. One other possibility is Dan Hamhuis , who also becomes unrestricted on July 1.

Many believe the Leafs are willing to trade Kaberle during a window which begins at the draft, two weeks from tomorrow, through July. It’s believed Toronto wants a young regular and a draft pick.

The Devils do not have a first-round pick at this year’s draft, having dealt it to Atlanta in the Ilya Kovalchuk trade in February. Because of that deal’s swap of second-round picks, their first selection will be the 38th overall pick. The lack of a first-round selection could limit the chances of making such a deal.

On the coaching front, Haviland’s stock rose with the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup triumph Wednesday. Haviland has served as a minor league head coach, and was a major figure in New Jersey amateur coaching ranks. He was a 1990 Devils draftee in the old supplemental draft, but an injury ended the right wing’s pro bid.

One darkhorse would be fellow Blackhawk assistant John Torchetti, though the former Kings and Panthers coach is believed to be coveted by Atlanta, where he would rejoin Rick Dudley.

John MacLean, who coached Lowell to a playoff berth last season, remains the leading candidate for the Devils’ job, along with former Canadiens and Penguins coachMichel Therrien.

The Devils yesterday made official the return of their top farm team to Albany, where it won the AHL Calder Cup in 1995, only to leave for four years in Lowell following a string of miserable seasons and complaints from team ownership.

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  1. mojo19 says:

    Its true, no first round pick will hurt the Devils chances of landing Kaberle.
    Here are some guys in the Dev's organization that could interest Burke:

    David Clarkson, 25, RFA

    Mattias Tedenby, 20. I know he's a smaller, skilled forward which doesn't fit the Burke mold, but he has just fantastic hands and could really be a quality forward, tons of potential.

    Matt Halischuk. Scored a pretty big goal at the WJC's. Here's another guy who is only 5'10", but when you look at the Devils line up and prospects they're pretty much all like this. Halischuk has been called up by the Devils before and could be an NHL ready prospect.

  2. glotz_99 says:

    How about Adam Henqique, he was pivotal in both of the Spitfires Memorial Cups championships and had 38 goals and 77 pts in the regular season and 20 goals in 19 games in the playoffs.

  3. glotz_99 says:

    sorry i meant Henrique

  4. leafmeister says:

    To Toronto: Neg rights to David Clarkson, Neg rights to Ilya Kovalchuk, Jacob Josefson, 2nd
    To New Jersey: Tomas Kaberle

    Seems like a lot, but the standard for negotiating rights was set last year with J-bo. Its not very high. An unsigned RFA, exclusive negotiating rights, a good prospect and a 2nd is fair value for a player of Kaberle's caliber.

    Sign Kovalchuk, 10 years, 77 million. Make it very front loaded. He may not make as much, but the advertising he would get would more than make up for it. He gets the term he wanted as well. We can also give him the A, as a bonus.

    Sign David Clarkson 4 years, 2.5 per.

    Sign Nikolai Kulemin 3 years, 2.5 per.

    Trade Grabovski to Columbus for the highest pick they will trade.

    Sign Matthew Lombardi 4 years, 3.5 per.

    Sign Jordan Leopold, 2 years, 2.1 per.

    Trade Beauchemin to Dallas for Brian Sutherby – Good, cheap, defensive forward, and the Leafs dump some salary.

    Kovalchuk(7.7)(A) – Bozak(3.75) – Kessel(5.4)
    Kulemin(2.5) – Lombardi(3.5) – Kadri(1.9)
    Stalberg(.85) – Josefson(.85) – Clarkson(2.5)
    Sjostrom(.75) – Hanson(.85) – Orr(1)

    Phaneuf(6.5)(C) – Leopold(2.1)
    Komisarek(4.5)(A) – Schenn(2.9)(A)
    Gunnarsson(.8) – Aulie(.85)

    Gustovsson (1.35)

    Total: 56.55

  5. nordiques100 says:

    Henrique and Corrente are two others. Josefsen was their top pick last year, but he is a couple years away. Not sure the Leafs want a guy who is a project.

    They could also offer up the 38th overall pick. but taht would leave jersey without a pick in the top 83.

  6. mojo19 says:

    Part of a package could include swapping picks, so that the Devils pick in the 60's and the Leafs move up to 38, along with picking up 2 young guys. I would say Clarkson has to be included and one prospect.

    Either way, I don't know if New Jersey is the best team to deal with given their lack of assets. Unless they're willing to trade one of their core players, namely Travis Zajac, I don't think we should deal with the Devils.

  7. mojo19 says:

    The Leafs have a few prospects of that calibre, of course it doesn't hurt to add another. Still I don't think the Devils are the best option for a trading partner.

  8. cam7777 says:

    Is it possible Burke sells the farm to land Parise?

    Think about it for a second.  Parise is up for renewal next year, and likely looking for around 8 million an extension, seeing as he has been compared to Crosby.  However, Parise would be happier in a more run-and-gun system than the Jersey one, and lets face it, Lou Lamiorello isn't going anywhere.  He recently fired his agent, so something could be up.

    For the Devils, if they thought they could get back all the assets they lost in the Kovalchuk trade, revamp their D, and then just keep Kovalchuk instead of Parise, maybe they consider it.  Of course, they only do this if they have reason to believe Parise will be difficult next year, or if he has already indicated he isn't happy.  You never know.

    kaberle, stalberg, grabovski, reimer, 1st in 2012, 2nd in 2011

  9. reinjosh says:

    Interesting, albeit it far out, thought. I just can't see it though. The only way it would happen is if the Devils resigned Kovy to replace Parise and even then I can't see it.  It would take a very large package, thats for sure. I'm not conviced that they would trade Parise but you never know.
    Super small possibility.

  10. cam7777 says:

    No doubt, but yea, it was contingent on resigning Kovalchuk.  I mean, what's the difference in this lineup:

    Kovalchuk – Zajac – Langebrunner
    Elias – Rolston – Clarkson


    Parise – Zajac – Langenbrunner
    Elias – Rolston – Clarkson

    It's a pretty irrelevent difference, but if they could resign Kovalchuk and move Parise, they could fill all their other needs and refill their cupboard.  Something to think about anyways.

  11. Boston_Bruins says:

    I only really see Tedenby as a guy with big-time potential in New Jersey and I doubt New Jersey has any interest in trading him. Maybe Henrique will be something. If the Leafs are looking to bring in future assets New Jersey isn't the team to be dealing with.

  12. broc says:

    Zajac will never happen.

    I really don't like the Devils as trading partners.

    A) They have no first rounder this year, and are probably loathe to trade next years 1st rounder already

    B) I know Burke wants to fill out his bottom 6, but if you're trading Kaberle, and you're only getting a bottom six guy like Clarkson in return as the biggest piece.. that's just a waste. Kaberle will only be going for a top 6 guy, or a package with a 1st rounder + prospect. Burke probably doesn't care about small Tedenby, and the rest of the prospects in Jersey don't really fit the mold for what Burke is looking for. Perhaps they do a 3 way trade with Columbus or something.. 

  13. lafleur10 says:

    it will never happen ,not in a million years ! especially for that package lamoriello would rape burke as well!

  14. lafleur10 says:

    that would never happen with lamorello

  15. lafleur10 says:

    here's a copy of the letter than brian burke sent out to all 29 other gm's about kaberle's ntc

  16. mojo19 says:

    That was pretty boring but I did appreciate the joke about the size of the Leafs front office, lol

  17. lafleur10 says:

    hahaha it was meant as a bit of fun! lol glad you read it!

  18. leafmeister says:

    Two expiring contracts, a decent prospect, and a 2nd. For a team that needs defense, and could use a high end puck mover, that is a very reasonable deal.

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