Southeast Division Preview

Here is a preview of the Southeast division. a continuation of my previous previews of other divisions. Included is the list of the players each team has at each position, UFAs, prospects, needs for each position (if any), coaches and ratings for each position for each team. Atlanta Thrashers

Forwards: Heatley, Kovalchuk, MacEachern, Kozlov, Stefan, Savard, Brennan, AUbin, Lessard, Petrovicky, Vigier

Key UFAs: none

Prospects: Stewart, MacKenzie, Santala, Slater

Needs: faceoff man, size, grit on wings

Rating: (B-) They have 2 franchise players but also have lots of holes to fill as well. They need another playmaker to feed the 2 stars the puck but also guys who can win the puck battles to get possession in order for Heatley and Kovalchuk to work their magic. There has been talk about Zhamnov but cheaper options include Perreault, Stumpel or Damphousse. guys like Green, Dowd or Weimer would add needed grit to this team.

Defence: Exelby, Havelid, Modry, Majesky, Sutton, Tjarnqvist, Kloucek

Key UFAs: Tremblay, Tamer

Prospects: COburn, Valabik, Urstnul, Rossiter

Needs: Big Stay at home defenceman

Rating: (C) not a real star studded group but adding Modry and Havelid will make them much better. they need Sutton to be healthy because he is a real physical presence. They finally have 2 guys who can run a PP.

Goal: Hurme, Nurminen

Key UFAs: Dafoe

Prospects: Lehtonen

Needs: none

Rating: (C-) They are solid in goal if they are healthy as there are 3 guys who could take the job. but consistency is a bit of a problem with all 3 Finns as they have not yet shown they can run with the no 1 status. Lehtonen is still very young and will be that guy eventually and he should win the job for this year.

Coach: Hartley

Rating: (A-) Hartley is a really good coach. he is a winner, has a strong system, really gets his team to work hard. you cant ask for much more. He is surely making the Thrashers into a better team.

Carolina Hurricanes

Forwards: Cole, BrindAmour, Vrbata, ONeill, Staal, Brendl, Vasicek, Williams, Murray, Boulerice, Adams

Key UFAs: none

Prospects: Zigomanis, Surma, Bayda, Ladd, Fiedler

Needs: Scoring, grit, leadership, toughness

Rating: (B-) In a couple of years they will be quite good but they just struggle bigtime trying to score. Ladd and Staal are 2 blue chip guys who will be stars for years to come but they are too young right now to carry such burden. They have a nice mix of speed, size and skill but they just dont put up the numbers. Oneill will be good trade bait to get a Dman or 2 and pretty much any need they have will be filled from within. They may bring back Battaglia to form the BBC line again.

Defence: Kaberle, Wesley, Hedican, St Jacques, Ward, Wallin

Key UFAs: none

Prospects: Rourke, Fast, Richmond, Vagner

Needs: toughness, speed, PP QB, size

Rating: (D+) They just lost their best Dman in Hill and were bad to start with as they are filled with journeymen. They have decent size but they are soft, they have guys who can skate but they dont have much skill. This is the main reason for their poor offence as their D cannot generate anything out of their zone. They will not spend money to get a top guy nor do they have a blue chip prospect ready to step in. May be the worst group in the NHL

Goal: Gerber

Key UFAs: Weekes

Prospects: Ward, Peters

Needs: starting goalie

Rating: (C-) Gerber is a good backup goalie but can he carry the starter load? Ward will be that guy soon but not quite yet. They would welcome Weekes back if it came cheap, otherwise Osgood or Potvin will be a Cane soon.

Coach: Laviolette

Rating: (C+) he made the Isles into a playoff team but that is as far as he got. He needs to get the Canes back to the playoffs otherwise he will be out of work yet again. He must find a way to generate some offence.

Florida Panthers

Forwards: Horton, Hagman, Huselius, Jokinen, Kolnik, Weiss, Berglund, Beaudoin, Hordichuk

Key UFAs: Cullen, Messier

Prospects: Stewart, Nedorost, Campbell, Shvidki, Piros, Taticek, Globke, Kreps, Meyer, Olesz

Needs: size, grit, scoring, leadership

Rating: (C+) there isnt enough scoring from this group outside of Jokinen. they have lots of skill but they just havent brought it every night. many of these guys are quite soft as well. So if you dont hit score or fight then what good are you? Horton is the real deal and will only get better, but the rest of the kids need to step up or Keenan will ship them out. Names like Thornton, Guerin have come up in trade rumours. They could try to land a big name free agent but they have options as they have many assets they could deal. it would be interesting to see if they brought in a guy like Kovalev or Palffy as they would give the cats the front line sniper they truly lack. A guy like Shanahan would be the leader that this team really needs.

Defence: Hill, Karpotsev, Cairns, Mezei, Biron, VanRyn, Bouwmeester, Kwiatkowski

Key UFAs: Odelein, Lilja, Trnka

Prospects: Novak, Krajicek, Uchevatov

Needs: leadership, PP QB, size

Rating: (B-) Keenan has made some decent additions in Hill, Cairns, Potsie that fill many needs. finally they have some vets to help out Jay and the rest of the kids. if they play Martin’s system right, then the young Dmen wont get their weaknesses exposed night after night as the forwards are instructed to help out. this group can only get better with age.

Goal: Luongo, McLennan

Key UFAs: SHeilds

Prospects: Shantz

Needs: none

Rating: (A) Luongo is spectacular. nuff said

Coach: Martin

Rating: (A-) Martin is a great coach. He was able to turn around the leagues worst team and make them one of the best. he hopes to do the same in Florida. Yes he didn’t win in the playoffs but this time he has a top notch goalie. and if he can implement his trap system, Luongo wont have to face 50 shots a night. and lets not forget he made Ottawa into one of the top scoring teams as well.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Forwards: Lecavalier, StLouis, Stillman, Modin, Richards, Fedotenko, Dingman, Roy, Taylor, Cibak Afanasenkov, Perrin, Willis

Key UFAs: Andreychuk, Clymer

Prospects: Alexeev, Soucy, Craig, Somervuori, ARtukin, Heinrich, Polushin

Needs: leadership, grit

Rating: (A) they have a great group of forwards. however if they lose Andreychuk the loss will be huge. he brings so much leadership and a calming influence on this young team. look for Stillman to be traded away to cut costs as they have many RFAs to resign. but not much is needed as they have such great balance. they are the cup champs.

Defence: Sydor, Kubina, Sarich, Pratt, Lukowich, BOyle

Key UFAs: Cullimore

Prospects: Dicaire, Holmqvist, Rogers, Egener

Needs: size and toughness

Rating: (B+) they proved that you don’t need a big star to win a championship but you do need a bit of everything. they had it with size, speed, skill, grit ,leadership, toughness and each element helped them win the championship. they should try to bring Cullimore back as he added huge size and strength to a pretty small blueline. they had so much balance that they went with 7 dmen in the playoffs as not one of them deserved to sit out.

Goal: Khabibulin, Grahame

Key UFAs: none

Prospects: Boutin, Eklund

Needs: none

Rating: (A-) sometimes Khabibulin slumps but he is a winner now so he is someone who can be relied on when the games matter most.

Coach: Tortorella

Rating: (A) Tort is a really good coach and is the best young coach in the league. His system showed that you don’t need to trap to win. His aggressive hard nosed approach is what this young fast team needed. his presence will ensure the bolts remain competitive for a while as his teams will never be out worked.

Washington Capitals

Forwards: Halpern ZUbrus, Willsie, Peat, Pettinger

Key UFAs: Miller, Battaglia, Johnson

Prospects: Aulin, Gordon, Sutherby, Semin, Laich, Fleischman, Ovechkin, Bourque, Klepis, Johansson

Needs: size, grit, scoring, toughness, leadership

Rating: (D+) they have their franchise guy in Ovechkin but it is alot to ask for an 18 year old to carry the whole team. They have many good young players but they need to play more consistently in order to prove they belong. This will be quite a young team and though they will have plenty of youthful enthusiasm, they need some more leadership to help them through more tougher times.

Defence: Witt, Doig, Boumedienne

Key UFAs: Berry, Grandpierre

Prospects: Morrisonn, Eminger, Cutta, Green, Schultz

Needs: PP QB, leadership, skill, speed, size

Rating: (D+) they have some really good kids coming up but as of now they are not really deep or talented on defence. Losing 3 or 4 quality veterans over the last couple of years has really hurt them. They will only be interested in signing journeymen to give them depth and will likely not make a big free agent splash for a much needed top blueliner.

Goal: Kolzig

Key UFA: none

Prospects: Ouellet, Daigneault, Stana

Needs: backup

Rating: (B+) Kolzig is terrific but at his age can he carry this team all by himself? the success of the team depends on how well Kolzig plays but in the end he could be traded for more youth.

Coach: Hanlon

Rating: (C-) still raw as an NHL coach but had success in the minors. May be the right guy to help guide this boatload of young kids. they need a solid system to keep this team competitive as they do not have enough skill and experience to get the job done right now.

Well there you have it. The weakest division in hockey. Tampa did well taking advantage of having so many games against non playoff teams to secure home ice. But this year Florida and Atlanta will be much better and should offer some more competition for the Bolts. But this still remains a one team division until some other team proves otherwise.

12 Responses to Southeast Division Preview

  1. Memtown says:

    very well written article…. Atlanta does have two franchise players but Marc Savard is going to jump into that seat this year. He was incredible this year, when healthy. Defensively Suttin is great offensively and Modry will bring them up to par. I believe they should bring in Andy Delmore b/c he will be cheap and will fit in their system of play well much as he did when in Nashville.

  2. cwthrash says:

    Unless they want to get rid of one of the Dmen they have now, my guess is that they’re done in trying to obtain backline help. They have seven guys now (eight if you include Coburn who will get a chance in camp).

    A center is their primary need right now. After that, possibly another hard-nosed winger to round out the lines.

  3. Amcan says:

    No more Jeff Odgers?

  4. Rico420 says:

    Seriously man you should write for the Hockey News or TSN you know alot more then Bob McKenzie for christ sakes.

    I can’t wait for the Nordiques reports on each division..although I really think Florida may be this years Calgary Flames and end up in the finals..stranger things have happened!

  5. fiveforfighting says:

    Decent Article. I noticed a few things that i didn’t in the previous article about the Northeast Division although I would have to say that as the weakest division in hockey the southeast may be the hardest to speculate on.

    However, it is merely the *****ulation of information, sorry but your not as good as McKenzie and the guy who said it is braindead.

    The key feature that it doesn’t point out (particualrly in this division) is RFAs. While you point out UFAs, RFAs are listed as roster players.

    Atlanta in particular could have a problem as both Heatley and Kovalchuk are RFAs. While Heatley wil get awarded less cuz he didn’t play much last year, Kovalchuk could fetch as high as 6 million, which Atlanta may have to walk away from. Atlanta will remain a sleeper team unless Nurminen steps up.

    The Canes are looking for Gerber to be the next Kipper.

    Florida WILL be the breakout team of the year. Don’t share the entusiasm of some to say they’ll be the next Calgary (the Should-Be Champs, Check the Replay), but they will make noise. Key spots are being filled like adding Sean Hill, and Martin knows how to develop players. On the Yongest team in the NHL with the most 1st round draft picks Florida will be an impact franchise. Maybe even be ‘overnight’ division champs.

    The Lightning, while i like them, now must suffer the consequences of success (despite that they should have lost) and now must resign some key talent RFAs like Stillman, who may end up too pricy as almost everyone on the team had career years. They must avoid the Carolina-Anaheim syndrome. Khabi is good but won’t carry them to a second cup. They will contend with Florida for the Division title.

    Washington made a deal with the Devil when they acquired Jagr and will suffer for years for it. They must start the long and arduous journey of rebuilding, around Ovechkin, and must get a supporting cast for him QUICK. They also need to re-invest in a goaltender as Kolzig is on the downslope on a team that is only as good as its last game.

    Wonder how long it will remain the weakest division with a Stanley cup Champ team, and two teams full of rising talent that can be as good if not better than Tampa?

  6. mikster says:

    Good article, but it’s way too early to make any previews.

  7. cwthrash says:

    Atlanta has new owners who have said and already shown that they’re willing to spend. A few months ago, DW said that both of them will be offered deals of about $4M each. Kovalchuk and his agent might go for a bit more, but nothing above $5M. Even before the new owners, the situation was setup so that they could give both of them a raise without gutting the team. So it wasn’t a problem before, and it certainly is no problem with owners willing to throw around a little more coin.

    And from the looks of it, Lehtonen and Nurminen will battle for the number one job this year. Hartley is a firm believer in playing the guy who has the best form. We all know how good Lehtonen is, he just needs more games under his belt and he’ll get better. So this situation is win-win for Atlanta. Slow starting maybe, but it will improve as the year goes along.

    I wouldn’t criticize the author too much. The opinions he gave were solid, and on Atlanta alone yours weren’t so solid. Predictions are basically guess-work anyhow, dangerous even if given by the wrong person. People who live in glass houses…

  8. Lint07 says:

    Did you just write that Atlanta could walk away from Kovalchuk??

    Waddell will walk away from his wife before Kovalchuk. You can bet all the money you have that he’ll stay in Atlanta for the years to come.

  9. Lint07 says:

    Did you just write that Atlanta could walk away from Kovalchuk??

    Waddell will walk away from his wife before Kovalchuk. You can bet all the money you have that he’ll stay in Atlanta for the years to come.

  10. Keith_Tkachuk07 says:

    If Florida went to the finals, itd be 1996 all over again!

  11. Keith_Tkachuk07 says:

    Great Article.. I think that Atlanta should have maybe snagged Conroy when they had a bit of a chance.. He would have been a lot more producting playing for the Thrashers than he will when he suits up as a King. He may not be the best player but he does have his moments, and noteably has some leadership qualities as well..

    I liked your past two articles, I’d like to see what you write when you come to the Western Conference.. Cough (Central Division) Cough..

  12. cwthrash says:

    Good ole’ Nose-Job.

    Always a fan favorite. People were screaming and crying went he wasn’t re-signed last year. Probably for the best though. Just another step in the evolution of a young team.

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