Spectors Hockey and LePress – Does Cammalleri want out?

LA PRESSE: Francois Gagnon reported Mike Cammalleri’s “read between the lines” comments in a recent interview suggests the unhappy Canadiens winger might welcome a trade. Gagnon acknowledged Cammalleri’s poor play this season and expensive contract could make him hard to move, he doesn’t consider it impossible, suggesting a team seeking scoring punch, like the San Jose Sharks, might be interested.
SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree it’s not impossible to trade Cammalleri, but it’s extremely difficult, especially at this point in the season. I doubt the Sharks would have interest in him. It would be a surprising move if the Habs can move Cammalleri before the trade deadline, but if it’s possible, it might be worthwhile to consider it. The Canadiens are slowly sinking, the playoffs appear a growing long shot by the day, and it’s time for this team to shed itself of some expensive veteran contracts and work toward rebuilding around their younger nucleus.