Speculation from the Ottawa Sun

The Ottawa Sun is reporting that some tid bits of speculation that have been discussed at length before … but here we go. They are reporting that Atlanta will most likely look to deal Mathieu Schneider and Niclas Havelid, that the Oilers and Bruins have been talking trade (sending Cole to Boston) and they also report that the Predators and Flames may be talking about the possibility of Calgary sending Matthew Lombardi to Nashville for Dan Hamhuis.

Other rumors that are listed in this article include the rumor that the Maple Leafs and G.M. Brian Burke may be interested in Chris Pronger who is likely to be moved at this deadline if the Ducks do not pick it up and it is also mentioned that that New York Rangers scouts have been following the Calgary Flames across the continent.

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6 Responses to Speculation from the Ottawa Sun

  1. greatlife15 says:

    In past years, there has usually been atleast ONE decent trade pulled so far. It's taking so long this time and especially when my hometown Leafs are sellers!

  2. Kramer says:

    One cannot analyze trades with first analyzing the underlying conspiracies.

    Always remember this simple rule: No trade is made under any GM's free will. It's all planned out. Everything is planned. Nothing happens by accident.

    In the next few weeks, if you see an obviously one-sided trade, it was done deliberately.  Nothing happens by fluke. Everything is planned.

  3. TheStryker says:

    First off Lombardi for Hamhuis isin’t enough. Why in the world would The Leafs want to trade away young players and draft picks for Pronger ? Who in the world could the Rangers aquire with out giving up players that make money, they are right up against the cap. No one wants Redden or Rosival

  4. the_word says:

    The only way I see the Leafs going after Pronger is in a three way deal, Anahiem may want someone who can play right away (Kaberle + Antropov) and fits under their cap rather than have to develop a prospect.

  5. pezzz says:

    Lombardi for Hamhuis straight up isn't enough. There's obviously other players involved.

    I could see the Flames asking for Sullivan in the same trade. He's not exactly Keenan's type of player, but Calgary doesn't have any quick skilled player to play on the top lines. They could also use his playmaking abilities on the PP. or they could ask for Radek Bonk to take Lombardi's spot on the 3rd line. the Flames already tried Dustin Boyd on the top lines a lot of times, and he didn't stepped up. he's not ready.

    how about this :

    to Calgary : Hamhuis, Sullivan

    to Nashville, Lombardi, Aulie/Negrin/Pelech, 1rst rounder in 010

    with Hamhuis, Calgary would be a defensive powerhouse, definitly top 3 in the NHL.

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    The logical moves, as they appear to be going

    Pittsburgh gets havelid
    Jersey Gets Schnieder
    Boston Gets Cole

    From there San Jose will likely get one of Antropov and Tkachuk the other going to Washington or Anaheim.

    Lecavalier, Malkin, Kovalchuk, Pronger, Bouwmeester will NOT be traded I assure you. I still think Ottawa will retain neil, but trade Vermette (probably to pittsburgh) and Kuba (vancouver or columbus depending on the playoff picture.

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