Speculation from the Ottawa Sun

Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun provides some interesting rumor talk surrounding the Ottawa Senators.

It is reported that Sens G.M. Bryan Murray has been having active discussions with many NHL teams and is looking for both defensive and forward help. The three teams that it is reported that he has had active discussions with include the Kings, Coyotes and Tampa Bay Lightning. It is believes that the Senators are willing to part with their prospects in order to make a move.

Another hot tidbit from this article is that it is reported that the Montreal Canadiens may have made some inquiries regarding Marian Hossa. One report that was denied is that the Canadiens were / or not given permission to talk to Hossa’s agent regarding a new contract.

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26 Responses to Speculation from the Ottawa Sun

  1. rcichard03 says:

    The Yotes wont be sellers this year … possibly buyers there making a push for the playoffs this year.

  2. wayne2 says:

    The sens should look to sign Forsberg.

    To Tampa:Emery
    To Ottawa:Denis or a pick
     Sign Forsberg,you give yourself two strong lines:


    spare Richardson and alternate Schubert with Robitaille on fourth line

  3. cartino says:

    At the beginning of the season I thought the Sens were going to steamroll through the season and back to the finals….

    Now… I'm dancing to a different tune.

    I've been a die hard fan of them since their inception. And granted they have a very talented team, I have a really bad vibe about this years team now (even more that in previous years even under Martin, Lalime years)

    This team has something fundamentally wrong with it and it's not going to get fixed, Getting Alfie and Heatley back will make a big difference but still this team first and foremost needs:

    A) Goaltending! Goaltending Goaltending!!!
    Their goaltending circus is atrocious and are letting in 3-4+ goals every game now, they are stuck with 2 goalies playing poorly and making over 3.5 million and are in contrac for next season as well, nobody wants them and they're stuck with them. Murray couldn't even waive one and have anyone take them if he tried. (Too bad JFJ wasn't a GM still I'm sure he'd be more than happy to trade a 1st rounder for an unproven shakey goaltender.)

    Murray needs to pick up another goaltender, and I'd almost trade a 1st round pick for one. I'd love to get Halak or Huet out of Montreal but lets be honest no way in hell Montreal will give Ottawa a goalie. (they'd almost have to get a 3rd team to grab one and then orchestrate a 3 way trade to get one).

    Heck even Lalime was better in nets than our current 2 in years past.

    B) Coaching
    John Paddock is a plug who inherited a good team, he was never a good coach and never will be. Murray's a good GM and want to keep him but I fear he went the route of convenience and just hired his assistant coach figuring he knew the players, the system and wouldn't rock the boat too much. Even if Paddock hasn't been given enough just chance to prove himself or fail.. this is a business and this is a stanley cup calibur team this year.. pull a LOO LAMORELA and fire him and replace him to shake it up. (Even if it means Murray going behind the bench for the rest of the season).

    They need a coach that plays a stronger system and makes the players accountable, they seem to get outshot all the time now and hardly play a solid 60 minutes (they still win some games against harder working teams on talent but they need to get their act together). Granted in Jacques Martin's timid years the Sens played a more defensive game… they really did limit the chances, severely outshoot their opponents and were always in the top5 in scoring each year.

    C) Secondary Scoring
    Ottawa doesn't need another superstar forward, but at least someone who can play on the second line with Alfie to not stack all your eggs in one basket on the first line. I would make a try at Forsberg but don't get into any bidding wars for Sundin, Hossa, etc. Use a prospect and/or 2nd round pick to grab a decent scorer (ie like Comrie last year, or make another run at Roberts).

    Hopefully Bryan Murray will be on the phone with his intimidating Daffy Duck voice and will make some moves to fix the team, especially in nets. I don't get why the Sens have such a hard time finding goaltenders… it's been their one achilles heel forever.

  4. Shorts_Pimp says:

    Why is it that the solution for Ottawa is always to purchase more offense and/or defense. Listen, the team could easily be the most dominant team in the league (playoffs included), but the same problems which have historically ravaged them, continue to be prevalent. GOALTENDING!!! GOALTENDING!!! GOALTENDING!!! Sure Ray Emery played pretty well in the playoffs up until the Stanley Cup Finals where he was pretty average, but this facade was aided by a very strong Senators squad. Face the facts, if you want to win a Stanley Cup, you need a SOLID goaltender that can stand on his head when called upon to. That is the solution; not Forsberg or Blake. Until that problem is fixed, Ottawa will forever be relegated to the #2 position in the Stanley Cup playoffs; close, but not close enough.

  5. wayne2 says:

    You got strong point but not too many goalies are available.
    Maybe just maybe something like this:

    To Columbus:Emery,Brian Lee or Corvo,Hennesy or Eaves.
    To Ottawa: Pascal Leclaire

    My preference:EmeryCorvo and Hennesy for Leclaire

  6. SensShark says:

    Uhhhhh….how much better is Leclaire than Emery? Sorry dude but that doesn't help us. Jsut b/c Leclaire is finally having an OK season doesn't mean he's good…look at Raycroft

    Roloson might be the best choice although I am not convinced

  7. KingCanada says:

    I hate to repeat but its blatanly obvious that the Senators need a goaltender.  So first on the agenda is to trade one of Emery or Gerber away for a mid to low pick to a contender that needs a little bit of insurance, saaay San Jose who rely too heavily on Nabakov.

    OK so after giving away one of your goalies you go to the trade route and try and get watever is out there on deadline day.  Goaltenders (depending on standings but most likely) that should be available should include:


    Personally if i was Ottawa id say its time to go big or go home, which means Ottawa has to give up a solid prospect to get their hands on one of Kolzig or Khabibulin even, id prefer Zigga since he is a little better and i believe cheaper, also he is a UFA at seasons end so he might be heasier to trade for.

    So if Kolzig does a good job and wants to come back next year you re-sign him!  If he falters or wants to go back to Washington the Senators have to go with Offer Sheets and sign players like:


    Would probably have to give up their 1st round pick next year but it would be a pick past #20 anyways so its no big loss if you ask me.

  8. RoenickTheGreat says:

    Bob McKenzie shut down the rumor of Montreal talking to Marian Hossa's agent about a contract. Though I believe Gainey is gonna pull something off, I don't believe Hossa's the answer, but if he could turn his game around to prove Ottawa wrong then it would be a sweet deal if it were to go through.

  9. Senatorsfan78 says:

    I think that Bryan Murray needs to make a trade for Erik Cole.

  10. RoenickTheGreat says:

    He better or the Habs are gonna take over their spot for good after their pathetic effort last game.

  11. mojo19 says:

    Roloson is no better than Emerey/Gerber either

  12. wayne2 says:

    Pascal Leclaire:
    average = .210   save % = .925 shutout = 8 win = 19(with Columbus)

    Ray Emery:
    average = .301 save % = .889 shutout = 0 wins = 8

    I think Leclaire is a lot better.

  13. Freak says:

    I heard on the team 990 this afternoon that the habs were given permission to speak with hossa. Apparently Hossa's agent denied that they were given permission to speak with him.

  14. sjconnick says:

    I think you missed his point man which was pascal leclaire is finally having a good year while emery is not. Last year it was the other way around hence making one no better than the other.

  15. ovechkin8 says:

    How are Garon and Legace available??

  16. prospectiv says:

    Leclaire is wwwaaaaayyyy better than Emery, forget about this stupid trade proposal, it s laughable!

    Don't you get it?  Last season Leclaire was injured, he couldnt have great numbers.  He's tearing apart the league this year playing for … Colombus!!!    Emery has been somewhat good LAST year playing for Ottawa!

    Ron Hainsey?  Would be the 5th D in Ottawa!

    Let me tell you what you would have to offer for Leclaire :

    Vermette/Volchenkov/Emery AND a 1st pick




    Leclaire / Brule

  17. KingCanada says:

    because their teams will most likely miss the playoffs, a player doesnt have to be UFA to be available at the deadline.

  18. arigold says:

    Goaltending is obviously not the only issue. Gerber will come out of his current slump.  I can't see them being able to swing a deal for a great number one.  I would try to unload Emery for some secondary scoring.  On paper it looks as though they have secondary scoring, but they're recent play has showed that a couple of injuries could get this team swept if they aren't careful.  Emery is a headcase, and not too many teams are going to be interested in a mediocore shit disturber.  Ottawa's best bet would be to unload him for nothing, and make a seperate trade for a little more scoring help.

  19. CofRED says:

    True, but it's unlikely that either team is going to trade their No. 1 tender, especially if they still have their services for a year or 2.  Edmonton's MVP recently has easily been Garon, and since he's playing better and costs less than Roloson, if they're going to ship one out it probably wouldn't be Garon.  They may also look for a reasonable goaltender to come back in the trade, because the next goalie on their depth chart is Devan Dubnyk.  Who??  Exactly.

    Legace is an All-Star, and as much of a joke as the game is, he did deserve to be there.  He outplayed Toivanen to the point where he hardly gets a game anymore.  St. Louis made huge strides this year, and the organization knows that they won't be able to take the next step without the kind of goaltending he's given them this year.  I would say, barring a total meltdown or bad injury, Legace gets an extension before next years deadline, and if Garon continues playing the way he is, he'll get one too.

  20. nosnow_here says:

    I sure hope the Coyotes send Boynton and Michalek to Ottawa.  The both Suck!

  21. Senatorsfan78 says:

    Guys what would you think if Bryan Murray is able to get Erik Cole.

    Here is  a trade susgestion Brian Lee and Vermette to the Hurricanes for Erik Cole what do you think?

  22. Radio says:

    Vermette + Whoever for Erik Cole is fine, not Brian Lee tho. He will be in next season.

    After getting Cole:

    Redden for Campbell

  23. Radio says:

    More than a trade the Sens Need:


    Emery and Gerber are BOTH starters. The reality is that you have to just arbitrarily pick one and go with him.

    Gerber (and the whole team) was DOING GREAT (17 straight wins anyone?) until Emery came back was eating into his starts.

    This does NOT mean that Emery is to blame.

    Emery also plays in the same way, he will play better when he knows he is No.1.

    This Paddock policy is what is ruining the team, not any lack of talent. Look at the start of the Senators season, they dominted with the same team they have now. What's changed? Paddock alternating goalies, then the team losing confidence.

    Change or GTFO Paddock.

  24. wayne2 says:

    To be honest i didnt really missed the point its just that in my opinion
    Leclaire has more potential,is not a distraction and a deal like
    Emery,Corvo + pick for instance would also save us money to re-sign
    Vermette,Kelly and mezsaros.I wouldnt mind having Roloson either straight up for Emery.

  25. shaloni says:

    I would disagree with (B) Goaltending.  There is only a goaltending issue in Ottawa when the team in front of the goalies don't play defence.  How many 1 on nones and 2 on 1's does a goalie need to see in a game.   Or Defensemen throwing the puck up the middle of the ice or not clearing the puck on rebounds.  It's the small hard working stuff that needs to be done and if it was done, we wouldn't be talking about goaltending in Ottawa.  This team is underachieving and they need to look at their team play before they look between the pipes.

  26. Habs2009100 says:

    I hope Bob is brighter then that. I think giving up Higgy for a european is an insult to Higgy's heart. Higins is the nrxt captain. I would sooner trade Saku then Higins. Hossa has no heart and thats what you need playoff time and Bob knows this. Promise that trade will not happen EVER!!!! I would try and pry Marleau from the sharks he would be a great fir with Higgins. Trade Ryder and Brisbois for Marleau and an equal defencemen in return. Ryder is yound and is gonna be a good 1 so straight up for Marleau is fair.

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