Speculation from the Swamp

Tom Gulitti of NorthJersey.com is reporting that Brian Rafalski who is et to become unrestricted on July first wants to remain with the Devils.

He also speculates that the Devils may want to want to get something done with Rafalski quickly so other teams do not have the chance to “woo” him come July the First.

In other news Guitti also reports that there appears to be nothing to indicate that the Devils will be able to resign Scott Gomez. Although discussions have taken place it would appear that Gomez is more than happy to test his market value.

On another note, it is speculated that former Devils great John MacLean is the front runner for the Devils coaching job. Apparently the Devils demonstrated interest in Brian Sutter however he is “not in the running.”

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2 Responses to Speculation from the Swamp

  1. wingsfan13 says:

    y wouldn't rafalski want to stay with the devils?  this is a serious question.  boring sit and wait forever system? jerk of a gm/coach? poor fan base?

  2. tancred says:

    NJ did take a chance on Rafalski.  He was playing in Sweden, and no NHL team seemed interested in him.  NJ took a chance on him, and it payed off very nicely.  Perhaps team loyalty does actually mean something to some players, and Rafalski would want to stay in NJ?  

    As a Devils fan, if we can only sign only one of Gomez and Rafalski, I'd rather have Rafalski.  Gomez is great, but we need our defense more than him, I think.

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