Spezza signs a 7-year extension!

sources are reporting that Jason Spezza has signed a 7yr $49mil extension with a provisional no trade clause.

Spezza will be paid 8M$ for the first 5 season and then 5M$ and 4M$ for the last two.

He will have a 7M$ cap hit on the Sens cap.

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  1. cartino says:

    An excellend signing for the Ottawa Senators as they get to keep Spezza at a home-town discount because on the open Market he would have commanded 8-8.5 million, or if he made it to his last RFA season I’m sure Kevin Lowe would have offered him 10 million a year. And if that happened I don’t want to listen to Bryan Murray yelling at Kevin Lowe through the media for a year going “Sthhhop it Kevin Lowe, Jason Spetha is my boy! Don’t Shign my playersth!!!”

    Jason Spezza is one of the better playmakers in the league who will average between 85-120 pts a season and make everyone better around him. Before anyone jumps all over me with his pt predictions, the last 2 years he had 87 and 90pts while missing 15 games each season, a full season out of him is easily 105+ pts.

    Ottawa now has its young core locked up for several years and should be a force in the Eastern Conference for years to come. All that’s left is Wade Redden, granted myself and alot of Sens fans think he’s overrated and not worth the 6.5 million (and had a horrible year last year), I think he’s really worth about 4-5 million, if he doesn’t take a discount then he’ll leave, but with the money we save we can easily sign another good defenceman (not named McCabe or Kubina) Also don’t forget we have 2 goalies making 3.5+ million, one of them could also be traded in the offseason to free up some cap room to sign some young players.

    Now all Spezza has to do is stop missing 15 games year with nagging injuries, stop trying to deke through 4 defenders all the time, and stop with the “blind, no-look behind the back pass to the opposition” and he’ll be great.

  2. leniwm1 says:

    THe ottawa GM is doing things right. though i hate ottawa. He is staggering the contracts of his players in order to keep the big nucleus that they have. He found the only way to work with the salary cap issuse. And once the cap goes up again, he doesnt have to worry about these guys asking for more, instead being able to get that extra signing in, or pay for a playoff goalie if gerber or emry cant come through. If the Sens can pull out a champoionship this year, they have a real legit chance of being a dynasty with all these supstars in the long haul. Heatly, Spezza, Eaves will develop, Fischer is uber-consistent both ends of ice. I envy this team, but my Devs will come through. Go Bettman!!

  3. nurhachi says:

    Some people are saying that the Senators paid too much for Spezza. The only thing I don't like about the contract is the no-trade aspect. It did not say no-movement so there is still some flexibility for the Senators in case Spezza does not perform.

    As for the value, I think it is fair, considering that another team will definitely pull a stunt like Clarke and Lowe and sign Spezza to another ridiculous offer sheet. I suspect the Leafs would have given an offer sheet to Spezza, to get a centre to maybe succeed Sundin and to really stick it to the Senators. This is a smart signing by Bryan Murray.

  4. papichulo71 says:

    A little high.  I was thinking $6.5M a year but I understand Murray wanting to keep Heatley and Spezza at the same amount.  No use starting head games for $500K.

  5. tacitus says:

    the second best player center in the league for 7 mil is a good signing.. Hes top 5 in the league

  6. cartino says:

    I think no-trade clause is becoming mandatory with any big UFA signing… If a player is willing to sign a 7 year deal… you damn well know they're going to insure it's with the team they chose to sign with or have the power to veto any team, would suck for Spezza if they traded him in a year to say.. Florida or Atlanta!!!

    At the end of the day, if you have the contract numbers/length done and a player insists on a No trade clause, are you really not going to give it to him and let him walk?

    The no-movement clause is the stupidest thing ever!!! why would any owner/player want a no movement clause, you never know what can happen over 6 years.

  7. leniwm1 says:

    i think people overlook the offer sheet bonanza. It doesnt matter how much the leafs or any other team would have offered, if he declines it, no harm done. When players are money hungry, thats when bad things happen. If SPezza really wants to be a Sen, he would decline the 10 mil from Leafs and stick with 7 he got. Thats y im not all that worried about potential RFA offer sheets when it comes to my team, the Devs. If they really want to be a devil, its ok.

  8. flamingsenator says:

    hey juiceman….welcome to the sens haha

  9. werdo says:

    Thornton, Iginla, Heatly, now Spezza

    There go the Leafs' rebuilding plans

  10. senators101 says:

    Doesn't the team have to match? Thats why Penner got away and thats why Vanek got 7 mil.  If Team X offers spezza an offer sheet of 10 mil, the sens have to match it or lose him.. there's no middle ground.

  11. leaflova says:

    Totaly agree with you, look what happend with McCabe

  12. habswinthecup-again says:

     Sezza is an amazingly talented player and I know he could have probably gotten more in an offer sheet, but am I the only one that thinks he is being payed too much just because he never plays  full season and most likely never will, I mean he averages maybe 65 games a year and he is out right now with an injury.

  13. flyav says:

    I am pretty sure that the team doesn not have to match and the player can just decline the offer sheet, and sign a lower value contract if they want to stay where they are.  But in reality players are not that loyal to the teams they play for, its a career for them and they are unlikely to take what is in essence a pay cut to stay on a perticular team.  I mean if they wanted to stay that badly and money wasn't an issue the team would of had no problem resigning him before he became an RFA. 

  14. leafy says:

    I was hoping he'd be a RFA in July.  Oh well…

    To me, this signing by the Sens was even more important than the Heatley deal.  Heatley is great, but Spezza is the cornerstone of that franchise.  Alfie is not going to stay young forever, you know.

    Prediction for tonight: Leafs will beat NJ (it's a road game)

  15. habswinthecup-again says:

    missed the “p” oops, my bad

  16. cartino says:

    Hey if Spezza becomes an RFA!! you'll have a first round draft pick (and many more draft picks) to throw away as usual, and at the ridiculous millions you'd pay him ( would have to be 8+ or Sens would match) he along with your overpaid defence would suck up all your salary cap space and you'd miss the playoffs for many more years!!

  17. cartino says:

    Exactly, if I understand correctly.. The Leafs are stuck with him at 6.75 million a season or so, and if McCabe wants a trade.. HE CAN'T GO ANYWHERE and will be boo'd/jeered for years to come…

    I don't get why any player would want one? Yet alone an owner giving one? A player cannot go anywhere and still have all the power with a no-trade clause, but can wave it if they choose. Well never mind I could imagine the Islanders dishing them out left-right-and-center to every player on a 15 year deal!! wonder if Dipietro has one?

  18. cartino says:

    Teams have the right to match offer sheets, the problem is for a GM to pry a player away from another team they have to evaluate their market value, and then significantly overpay that player after that to turn the other team off from matching the offer (otherwise the team with his rights would simply match and get him signed).

    Hence Brian Burke probably wanted to pay Penner around 1.7-2.5 million, and I'm sure Kevin Lowe valued him at around 2-2.5 million, the problem was for Kevin Lowe to get him.. he had to significantly over pay him an amount where Brian Burke will not match, ie 4 million a season. With the Ducks at the cap and plenty of other upcoming young players to sign… Burke let him walk, if Kevin Lowe offered 2.5 million (probably his value), Burke would have simply matched it.

    Same with his stupid offer sheet to Thomas Vanek… he's probably only worth about 4-5 million (which the Sabres would have eventually signed him for) Kevin Lowe had to offer him 7 million to try and poach him, thinking the Sabres won't match it.. since they didn't want to pay Drury or Briere that why would they pay Vanek it? As pissed off as Buffalo was, they couldn't afford to lose another one of their star forwards.. and had no choice to match.

    For the Leafs to poach Spezza, they likely would have had to offer him way more around 8.5-9 million a year, I'm sure Ottawa would have matched anything under 8.

  19. cartino says:

    With another RFA off the market it does put the Maple Leaf rebuilding process on hold.

    I guess John Fergusan will have to get out his ol wheel of fortune with the names of upcomng RFA's and unproven goalies on it and spin it to see who he'll spend his 1st round draft pick on this upcoming offseason!!!

  20. leafy says:

    This is true.  A complete rebuilding job might be in order.

  21. Duecey says:


  22. senators101 says:

    Thats exactly what I’m saying. If a player is offered 8 mil, the Sens have only 2 options.
    1) Pay him 8 mil
    2) let him walk and receive compensation.

    They cannot sign him for 7 at that point.

  23. Rysto says:

    Not exactly.  If Spezza were to sign the offer sheet, then the Senators would be obliged to either match or lose him and take the RFA compensation.  Spezza, however, is certainly free to reject the offer sheet if he wishes and could then sign with Ottawa for less.

    I don't think that many (any?) RFAs would actually do this, but they can certainly reject any offer sheet and they can choose to sign with the team that owns their rights for any amount they wish.

  24. senators_choke says:

    It's not my fault!  The crystal ball was a little hazy.

    Besides, the way Kubina and Kaberle played D in the 3rd period, predictions are irrelevant because the outcome is never in doubt.

    I don't think I've seen Toronto's defence be this soft since around the 1995-96 season.  Kubina and Kaberle looked like they were going to kiss Parise as he took 1-2-3-4 stabs at the puck for his goal.

    And before that, how can you allow a goal on a 1-on-2 rush while on the powerplay late in the 3rd period?  If it's Mario Lemieux on the attack, maybe, but John Madden?  A good speedy player, but he shouldn't be allowed to skate in from his own end for a good shot.

    It's depressing.  At least we have our health.

  25. senators101 says:

    Seriously? I wasn’t aware of that at all. I guess that the players so far have been greedy a**holes to leave their team that I thought it was mandatory for them to leave. Thanks for the heads up!

  26. senators101 says:

    I respect the fact that you are still taking some humor out of this. Good on you buddy.
    hey, worse comes to worst, at least you can say that on November 2nd and 14 games into the season, the leafs are in the playoffs.

  27. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Well, if you think about it logically, they would obviously have the choice of whether or not to sign the offersheet.  If they didn't have a choice, it would be waaaaaaaaay to unbalanced for the players.  For example, what if they had a player like crosby up for rfa.  Two gm's are buddies and want to get the upper edge on the competition.  One gm offers to trade crosby to the other team, in exchange for 2 other players that are fairly dynamic, say Kovalchuk and "insert whatever name u want here" which are also Rfa's.  They then proceed to make offer sheets to the opposing teams offering 500k contracts for 10 years.  In order to sign their RFA's for cheap.  This is why player's have a choice of whether or not to sign offer sheets.  If it was mandatory, it would be too rigged for the owners.

  28. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    Welcome to the Tampa Bay Lightning 2.0.

  29. Asquaredx2 says:

    I think you can waive a NMC, it just means that if you don't they can't trade you or send you to the minors.

  30. senators101 says:

    I don’t think that would ever happen though. Cuz if someone like Kovalchuk was available, there would be 29 teams knocking on his door with contracts of up to whatever million dollars. But I do know understand that they dont have to sign it. thanks.

  31. cartino says:

    I disagree about Tampa Bay Lighting 2.0

    Yes they have Spezza+Heatley locked up for 14.5 million between them. However Alfie is locked into a career long deal with the Sens for many more years and is only making 5 million (not 7-8 which is what his market value would be), and the last 3 years of the deal he'll be making about 3.5 million.

    Also the difference between Ottawa and Tampa is, alot of Ottawa's players are making "home-town discounts", ie Phillips is signed for several more years at a bargain of 3.5 million (he'd be worth 5 on the market) and Volchenkov who leads the league in blocked shots+Checks each year is making 2.5 million for 3 more years (he's worth probalby 4+ million as a UFA).

    Since Ottawa's whole team was built via the draft, they've been able to keep their star players together as they're still young alot of them, and since most of these players have been winning their whole careers, the city is hockey crazy, most of them re-sign for a hometown discount and they have plenty of depth, talent in goal at good valued prices that Tampa Bay doesn't have.

    Plus you also have to factor in… the cap goes up every year by usually 5% (ie about 2 million+/year) they'll progressively always have alittle more wiggle room to resign there other players as the years go buy. THe only issue this offseason is they probably won't be able to resign Redden which is fine he's making 6.5 million and is overrated and not our #1 defenceman anyways!!

  32. Asquaredx2 says:

    In addition, the Bolts have a self-imposed cap which is below the salary cap. Ottawa doesn't. The Sens are typically very good drafters, and they have a lot of good young players who can step in if older ones like Redden leave (for example, Lee, Meszaros, Schubert, Lyamin, Anikeyenko, Zubov, Mirnov, Foligno, Elliott, Daugavins, etc.).

  33. Asquaredx2 says:

    Oh yeah, and the Bolts have a Cup victory from not too long ago, so being Tampa 2.0 might not necessarily be a bad thing anyway.

  34. cartino says:

    Winning the cup is alot of skill, and luck involved as well. YOu have to get some lucky breaks who you play. The Year the Bolts won the cup I felt they got pretty lucky on the opponents they faced to the cup final and even that year there were no really dominant teams to face.

    Ottawa's run to the cup last year, they got hot.. beat some good teams but in the end they fell to a better ducks team in the finals. Had Ottawa made the playoffs any of the previous 2 years and played say Edmonton or Calgary they would have had a better chance to win it all.

  35. cartino says:

    After looking into it more, you can wave a no movement clause (NMC) I believe. A no movement clause is the same as a no-trade clause except it means you also cannot be waived or dumped in the minors without the players consent. You can still buy the player out, however if buying the player out he has the option to decide whether he wants to go onto waivers first.

  36. cartino says:

    True some players wouldn't accept a qualifying offer, some might if they feel there team will match it anyways! A guy like Kovalchuk would take the highest contract as he has no loyalty and is nothing more than a mercenary for hire to the highest bidder (Kinda like Yashin), he's the type of player that would threaten to sign in russia every contract session if he doesn't get an offer he likes. (LOL wonder if Gandler is his agent?)

  37. getzlaf15 says:

    With the money the Sens have tied up into their players and other key players who need to be signed, don't expect GM Bryan Murray to pursue Peter Forsberg. He is also asking for a 3 year deal, which the Sens can't afford.

  38. flamingsenator says:

    no contender can afford the money and term that he wants

    detroit is looking more and more likley these days

    philly wont get him unless they rid of a huge chunk of salary
    *cough* hartnell *cough*

    nuck wont get him ever…just no room…and the fact that they arnt playing like a contender

  39. leniwm1 says:

    just curious, how do you know that? he seems fine to me. Yashin is in a class of his own. Remember when Neidermayer held out for the Devs, and everyone loves him like a brother. SO, i dunno where u r coming from.

  40. cartino says:

    Not saying I'm 100% bang on about him but the writing seems to be on the wall based on his early track record.

    Back in 2005 when he was coming off of his 3 year rookie deal with the Thrashers where he had a 40+ goal season. He basically demanded he be paid like Iginla and Thornton and said he'd play in Russia if Atlanta didn't give him what he wants. He dragged it on and eventually got a 5y/32million deal.. 6+ million for a player coming off his rookie deal back then. (Seems like peanuts now as every team is scrambling to lock there players into long-term deals before they're even close to RFA status) But back then that's when guys like Spezza, Heatley (beat Kovalchuk for rookie/year), and Stall who were just RFA's with no arbitration rights typically got 3-4.5 million/year.

  41. wingsfan13 says:

    who is the sens goalie right now? is gerber no1? cuz emery definitely isnt, he's only played 2 since he's been back.  is there alternating like minny? what is goin on? so much emery on my team

  42. cartino says:

    Currently the #1 Status is up in the air.

    Seems right now they're either somewhat rotating them, or playing the one whose playing better. Emery just got back from offseason surgery and has only played 2 games, however his last game he let in 4 goals in the last 10 minutes of a 5-0 lead over Atlanta so I think Paddock's not too impressed with him or feels he's still a little rusty and is playing Gerber for abit as he's playing great.

    Not sure who will be in net Tuesday vs the Leafs!!
    Ultimately at the trade deadline or offseason at the latest, the Sens have to trade one of their goalies (unless Emery is bad, it'll still probably be Gerber as he's older) as they'll only have about 10-12 million to sign 10 players, freeing up the 3.5+ million from one of these guys is a necessity, granted all the players they need to sign are in the 0.8-2.0 million range. (Except Redden who is gone at seasons end)

  43. wayne2 says:

    I thought only kids made fun of a lisp.

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