Staal in, Letang out

Ray Shero has annoounced that the Penguins will keep Jordan Staal with the team this season. He has also announced that Kris Letang will be sent back to his junior team, Val d’Or of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

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  1. ekngoofball says:

    Finally this Organization takes steps to please the fans and not the owners…I’m all for it, the last few games Staal hasn’t looked out of place at all. Beware the Penguins.

  2. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    good on them. staal is a big part of why the penguins are doing so well. all though having him and malkin restricted same year isnt good. since you dont need highest salary to win anymore shero is just trying to ice the most competitive team. good on him.

  3. OldGoalie says:

    It occurred to me this morning…there may be another factor that went into the Pens’ decision and that none of us really talked about that I saw. Shero might be thinking “what if Malkin’s Russian team actually wins an injunction that prevents him from playing? It would be really nice to still have a #2 center…” I personally doubt that they will be able to keep Malkin off the ice (for reasons posted weeks if not months ago), but you never know…and if that’s actually bouncing around inside Shero’s cranium, Staal may owe the guys in Magnitogorsk a “thank you,” in addition to taking some serious pride in playing the way that he has.

  4. pensfan29 says:

    However if that happens thats good thinking, and if it doesnt Shero could move staal down after his 39th game to keep his 7 year clock from starting

  5. kamullia says:

    You would think Shero’s and Therrien’s answer to that was Malone as center, since they started the season in such fashion. But obviously now that Malone is hurt, instead of the Pens bitting the bullet and make do with what they have, to me is quite apparent that Shero thinks this team has good chances now, and by that I mean in the playoffs (hence keeping Staal). As before, I do not subscribe to this.

    I believe a good gauge on the Penguins’ true worth for this season should show by mid-November. By then they will have played SJ, ANA, and LA on the road with this Western trip starting Wednesday, and then TB, OTT, CAR, and PHI, with the CAR game also away. This is not only a good mixture of levels of competition, test of stamina and focus, but also all teams are/were expected to be at least on the hunt for a playoff spot. If the result of those games is less than 4 loses, Shero did the right thing. And if not, then I believe the Pens record will push Staal to be returned regardless, with Shero having wasted a year buffer on RFA for the wrong or no reason.

  6. kamullia says:

    I would have to think that keeping Staal is with aim for the entire season. It would be a waste of the RFA clock otherwise, if Shero does return him to Juniors having had the opportunity to do so without starting that clock and what the issues it represents.

  7. pensfan29 says:

    I agree I was just saying it could be a possibility.  However couldn't he send him to WBS instead of Peterborough now that he is actually on a Pro contract?

  8. Captain_Crunch17 says:

    As a Petes fan this really hurts..the team is off to a terrible start..they've lost 4 in a row and are 2 games under .500….looks like no repeat of last year. Hopefully Downie and Ryder can carry the team

  9. OldGoalie says:

    Unfortunately not…the CBA mandates that players Staal's age (it may actually say players with junior eligibility left) cannot go to the minors.  You either keep them, or you send them back to junior.

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