Staal sweepstakes could heat up

Here are the most logical trade partners for the Penguins:

1. Carolina Hurricanes

Staal’s brother, Eric, plays in Raleigh. Also, consider the following: The Hurricanes could use a dominant No. 2 center, they’re $20 million under the salary cap for next season and have plenty to offer the Penguins.

Don’t discount the fact that Jordan Staal doesn’t particularly enjoy media circuses. He’s a quiet kid who likes to play hockey. He is getting married this summer, and raising a family in the same neighborhood as his brother’s family is appealing. His youngest brother, Jared, is also in Carolina’s system.

Raleigh makes sense on many levels. The Hurricanes know it, and so does Staal.

What the Hurricanes have to offer

Carolina likely will make a strong run for Staal this summer and dangle center Brandon Sutter as part of a deal. He’s a strong, young center who would look good behind Crosby and Malkin. The Hurricanes also boast the No. 8 pick in the upcoming draft and a number of strong prospects.

2. Toronto Maple Leafs

It has become known that Toronto general manager Brian Burke is a big Jordan Staal fan. In fact, every GM in hockey is a big Staal fan, but Burke is said to particularly covet him.

Burke and Shero are friends and have conducted business together. Think they would like Staal, a Thunder Bay native, in Ontario?

What the Maple Leafs have to offer

Center Nazem Kadri is the most talented player in Toronto’s system, and he thrived late in the season with the Maple Leafs. He’s a pure goal scorer. Also, defenseman Luke Schenn is the kind of physical, stay-at-home defenseman the Penguins badly need. The Maple Leafs are willing to deal Schenn.

3. Edmonton Oilers

No team, not even the Penguins, has hit the lottery jackpot like Edmonton. The Oilers are about to pick first in the NHL Draft for the third consecutive year. They will take winger Nail Yakupov, yet another highly skilled winger.

The Oilers are young and talented. They need a player accomplished enough to teach them how to win but young enough to be a leader for a long time.

89 Responses to Staal sweepstakes could heat up

  1. reinjosh says:

    Clearly, sicne you know I actually mentioned that player's name…

  2. reinjosh says:

    No I didn't. I merely said their are questions about it, I never once claimed I had an issue with it. I said its a risk if it's true but I'd more than willing to take a chance on him. I've never had an issue taking him. Stop being an asshat trying to look all "prophetic". You tried to claim you said that about Grabo and were proven wrong. Don't try it again with Grigorenko 

  3. reinjosh says:
    I'm pretty sure it was mostly habs fans saying that. But clearly you have a mind of your own. 
    I hope he feels. I'd be ecstatic about drafting him. Dude's a stud. 
  4. reinjosh says:

    Come on, you have to admit it was just a tiny bit funny 😛

  5. TheLeafNation91 says:

    You obviously don't know how much mono destroys a players system. Some athletes had to retire due to lingering effects.

    It's not 'overexposure' like you said.

  6. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Wasn't it your guys reasoning on why Montreal would pick a dud?

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

  7. reinjosh says:


    Look up one line on my comment, One line. I clearly suggested that the mono affect him in the playoffs. 
    I then used that to tie it into the Couturier example from last season. Part of that was also overexposure, which I suggested Grigorenko could also be suffering from. The two aren't exclusive reasons why he might have question about him. They can both be part of it. Crazy right?!
    I also suggested that he was injured earlier in the year and it probably affected his game. 
  8. reinjosh says:

    What? Now I've said that Montreal is going to pick a dud? 

    Love the words that constantly get placed in my mouth by you. 

    I never mentioned anything of the sort. Not once. 
  9. reinjosh says:

    Likely because he had Thornton lobbing him gifts. 

  10. blaze says:

    No team would take Roy over Staal and two decent first rounders are not enough to bother making the swap. Next season the Pens would be weaker and the picks may or may not someday be something. If they move Staal the Pens IMO will go after pieces that are ready for next season. They have been disappointing in the post-season since their Cup and will be looking to make a deep run next year. If you expect Staal and a prospect you will be sadly disappointed.

  11. TheLeafNation91 says:

    But drafting a guy like Grigorenko or Galchenyuk is a better mix of passing, scoring, size, skill than Jordan Staal.

    So, if you draft one of them…Naturally Staal would move to the second-line. If it's between Staal and Grabo for a the second-line positiion…You go with Staal. He's greater at that position.

    Also, due to Grabo's small stature…Playing him with 2 big players will free up more room for him to do stuff. If things are not working one night, the Leafs would have the luxury of putting Grabo to center and move Staal to the wing.

    Why can't he play wing? It's easier to play wing then down the middle. Even the best teams move their players around. Good example is Rich Peverley in Boston.

  12. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I apologize, i missed that line. Thought you said just injury.

  13. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Please, when Montreal fans on this site mentioned they wanted Grigorenko, many Leaf fans here harped on these angles…And I'm pretty sure you were one of them.

    I do not just pull stuff out of a hat.

  14. Steven_Leafs says:

    3 times in the same forum he put words in your mouth, and not a link to prove it.
    Gee I wonder why. 😛

  15. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Wait, I thought Grabo was a great 5.5 million second-line center?

    Where was his gifts for Kulemin than?

    That's a stupid reasoning.

  16. TheLeafNation91 says:

    You still have not justified how Kadri and Schenn are bigger names than Staal…

  17. Steven_Leafs says:

    Some centermen feel lost on the wing. It is a different role. Trading for a player with the intention of having him play another position is dumb, if it doesn't work out then you gave up assets for a guy that you cannot use and in that time it took to figure it out his value dropped.

    Staal I don't think would have that problem on the wing but we definitely do not give up the assets for him if we intend for him to play 2nd line wing. Either stick him on the 1st line and let Grigorenko/Galchenyuk (if we get one) fight Staal for his spot.

  18. TheLeafNation91 says:

    If you acquire a guy like Staal, it's for him to play down the middle…Not on the wing.

    If you acquire Grigorenko/Galchenyuk…Why on earth would you cause competition when it's easier to put Staal on the second-line and let him do his thing.

    And what assets in the propsoed deal (Schenn and Kadri) would Toronto be dying without. Acquiring Staal would probably solidify your top-six for the future…And you still have some very promising prospects to fill various roles as well.

    As well, Grabo, Kessel, and one of the draft picks will probably bring tons of skill to the top-six…And there will be decent-size in that rosters as well.

    I would understand your concerns if we were acuiring Rik Nash, but it's Jordan Staal. It fills a huge need down the middle. He's still very young and has tons of room to grow.

  19. Steven_Leafs says:

    what does that have to do with putting words in Reinjosh's mouth?

    And why would I need to justify how Kadri or Schenn are bigger names than Staal? Staal is much better than Kadri and much better than Schenn (for different reasons obviously).

  20. TheLeafNation91 says:

    This is from an earlier statement:

    "all but guaranteed no.1 center then I'm happy but if there is a chance we are trading 2 big named players like Schenn and Kadri for another 2nd line center then we lose the deal big time."

    How are these 2 big named player? Am I putting words in your mouth 2.

    I don't say things, unless I know what I'm talking about. If I make a mistake, I will correct myself like I did above.

  21. SabresFan220 says:

    No one knows for sure what it's going to take to get Staal out of Pittsburgh until it happens. I stand by my statement that 2 1st round picks between 12 and 21 is enough to acquire  basically any 2nd or 3rd line center in the league. I'm not personally stuck on Staal either, I don't like the idea of having to see the family whiny face more often than I already do. There are other options out there to fill the Sabres' need for a 3rd line center once Roy is moved out.

    Roy is definitely gone though, and he's never been a good fit as a traditional 3rd line center. In Pittsburgh, they don't use a traditional checking 3rd line so much as a 1b 2nd unit called the 3rd line by default. He doesn't seem to want to stay in Buffalo anymore, and he simply doesn't fit in their team anymore. He needs a change of scenery, and the Sabres need to get rid of him as a symbol of old leadership (which in my opinion he never really provided).

  22. nordiques100 says:

    i am with you on Kadri. He needs a chance. I want to see what he does without Wilson.

    Say, what do you think, him, playing centre? he could centre the non-stressful 3rd line with Frattin and maybe they add a big veteran winger to join them like a Brendan Morrow or something?

    I think he could really excel. the big guy giving space going to the net, Frattin finishing and Kadri doing his thing with his skill.

    With the way Carlyle matches lines to death, i see a line like that being put in more favorable matchups than Wilson's rolling the lines with ilregard to whomever is on the ice.

    Though i really like Colborne, i think that is who the Pens would want back instead of Kadri. I think most teams would based on his size.

    If the did this deal and lost Steckel, the Leafs would have to get some decent centres for the 4th line and for depth. Like maybe Derek Mackenzie and Jay McClement off the top of my head. McClement could replace Kadri in 3rd period lead situations and Mackenzie is flexible enough to play win and centre, he hits and can win draws. THere are others certainly but off the top of my head for free agents, i think they would be ok. Or possibly add Pahlsson or something.

    As for Kulemin, well, tough call as I think that 2nd line could get better. And he would be ok too to help mentor their draft pick should it be one of the players with Russian backgrounds.

  23. nordiques100 says:

    I guess if work ethic was in question, it may not be with Toronto and having arguably the hardest working Leaf be Belarussian.

    Grabovski could easily show this kid a thing or two about work ethic and giving it his all.

    The Russian players usually stick to their own. Especially if language and such are problems. Grabs, who often wears the A, would be a good mentor i think.

    He speaks the language, he was questioned often wehn he was young and in the Habs organization and now having grown leaps and bounds the last 3-4 years, he's a good role model for any of the leafs youngsters.

  24. Steven_Leafs says:

    Schenn and Kadri are top picks who can become top line players (that is what we hope for in these top 10 picks, lol). And you should read the last part of that sentence, we would lose the deal if Jordan Staal cannot play the top line and ends up being just another 2nd line center. I never said that Schenn or Kadri are bigger than Staal, just that if we only end up with a 2nd liner for them, we would lose the deal.

    Anyway I'm sure I mentioned before that it was just my opinion, maybe Schenn+Kadri for Staal would turn out to be the best trade the Leafs ever make, I don't know, no one can 100%, I personally wouldn't do it…. that's all I meant.

  25. hockey_lover says:

    No. Youre a big doodie face and Im offended that you even mentioned it.

    Ok .. maybe it was a BIT funny  😛

  26. JoelLeafs says:

    Well of course, who would rather hope on a player rather than have a proven one? My only point is that at this point Schenn and Kulemin won't fetch much. They could easily both be as bad this year, but we both know that they have had very good seasons in the past and could very well come back to form. I'm not saying I'd rather keep Kulemin over Stall, I'm saying that if Kulemin and Schenn continue to play like they did last year their value wont change much, but if they both start the season off well and get back to their game from seasons past they could fetch a higher price.

    Also, Kulemin definitely didn't look as dangerous as he did two seasons ago, but he did look decent. He had a lot of bad bounce, though even if a few of those went in he would have still seen a significant decline. One of the reasons I'm keen on him this year is that he played a solid 2-way game. He also had the 2nd best +/- on the team (which, I think, is made more impressive by the fact that he and MacArthur were not scoring goals an any significant rate). I think he'll be fine under Carlyle; hopefully he can get up around 20 goals and continue to play responsibly.

  27. JoelLeafs says:

    *citation needed*

  28. JoelLeafs says:

    *****, If Grabo could get any Russian pick to play as hard as he does we'd have some serious weapons on our hands.

    Meh, call me what you will, but I've always found it racist to automatically assume Russian players are lazy (not that I'm accusing anyone here). Fact is many of them leave their homes at a young age to come learn the language and NA style. Further, they spend their early adult years in a foreign culture (both country and sport-wise) and get constantly harped on in the micro media (forums, blogs) by plenty, and even a few bigots in macro media (can't remember his name, but I think he used to coach in Boston or something).

    Prospects are prospects, some just bust, regardless of nationality. I say pick the player that has proven to be the best and wait and see.

  29. JoelLeafs says:

    Yeah, I hate blaming coaching for player performance, but Wilson was always brutal at matching lines. Yes, he's the most experience active coach, but how much of that came before the lockout? He never gave Kadri much of a chance and was brutal with his lines. Why did he always think he could spark something by picking random players out of a hat in the middle of a game and putting the ensuing combinations out on a line together? Anyhoo, I'll stop harping on Wilson, guy deserves some respect.

    I can't see Steckle going to Pittsburgh, the notion seems silly to me. Further, I think he's perfect in the role he's in right now. Wins faceoffs and gets off the ice, the plays 10-12 mins a night in an energy role. He wins it to the wing and Brown holds it against the boards and check check check. I'd hold onto him.

  30. leafmeister says:

    I would take Grigorenko in a second. That said, he would be my last choice of the top forwards. Hopefully another team feels differently. 

    However, the upside for this guy is too much to pass. He would be by far the closest thing we would have to a solution for size/skill at centre. 
    Stick him with Kulemin and Grabo, who, while streaky offensively, are hard working and know how to grind it out, and can produce good offence in the right situation. 
  31. leafmeister says:

    Guys, c'mon. Moved on from the Kadri vs. Colborne debate? Can we go over that one again?

  32. MystifoLeafs says:

    I liked this kid last year when I just saw a glimpse of him on YouTube/U18 and if it is at all possible we draft him I would love for us to try and trade for his buddy in Tampa Nikita Kucherov. That kid is a offensive force. 

  33. thisgamewelose says:

    Personally, I don't see how you can take Joe Colborne, Kulemin, Schenn/Franson, Reimer, and Steckel and turn that into Staal, Luongo, Kunhackl and a 3rd, and still get out of having Martin's contract.

  34. thisgamewelose says:

    He's saying that if the Leafs are going to trade names like Kadri and Schenn, then the return better be for a solid number 1 center. In no way does that say Kadri and Schenn are bigger names than Staal. 

  35. TheLeafNation91 says:

    True. I would deal Martin back to New Jersey if anything. Go back to the place that made you successful.

    Same with Gomez. Sign a cheap contract with the Devils. Sometimes, players need to learn not to leave a good a situation.

  36. blaze says:

    No comparing Grabovski to Art Ross winner, best playmaker in the world in his prime Thornton is stupid.

  37. blaze says:

    Staal isn't just any basic second or third line center. Both you and myself slotted him into our respective top lines if that tells you anything. Picks carry value but 2 firsts doesn't mean you can get any second line center in the league.

    Perhaps Buffalo should look elsewhere although Staal would make the team much more well rounded IMO. If I were Pittsburgh I wouldn't even consider that package.
  38. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Oh, that is a given…Don't think anyones arguing that.

    However, in Cheechoo's big 56-goal year…Thornton only played 58 games with the Sharks (due to him being with Boston) so Cheechoo must have had a decent pace before that. He also put up around 30 before the lockout. As well, every players stats that year were a bit inflated due to the new rules being put in place.

    Every other year after that…Cheechoo was at a steady decline. Kulemin, on the other hand, went from 30 goals…To 7. That's pretty much ridiculous and unheard of unless the player was injured the entire year.

  39. SabresFan220 says:

    I expect the Sabres will kick the tires with Staal, but if the asking price exceeds Roy and the 2 1st rounders I think they'll take that same offer elsewhere. Teams like Vancouver and the Sharks should also be looking to shuffle the deck, players like Marleau and Kesler could be shook loose. But I doubt Gillis wants to trade another center to Buffalo and potentially get fleeced twice by the same team in a few months time.

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