Stajan or Peca, Who do you go with?

We are now entering August and Mike Peca still remains without an NHL home for this upcoming season.

it has been rumoured by that teams like Carolina, New York, Buffalo and even the Blues have interest in Peca.
– i highly doubt that Carolina will sign because of the aquisition of Matt Cullen.
New York– Dealing with quite a few cap issues right now, especially with the 1.9mill contract awarded to Avery.
Buffalo– Dont think want him after signing Derek Roy to that 6 year deal.
St. Louis– Peca has said before that he wants to remain in the southern Ontario region.

So now we know that the time is now for the Leafs if they want to bring Peca back, but the club still remains just 1.275mill under the cap. They were shopping around Raycroft and Stajan at the draft, and even at the trade deadline but have not triggered any interest.

i personally love what Peca brought to this club last year and would love to see him back in blue and white next year, but not at the expense of stajan, what do you guys think?

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  1. senators101 says:

    I'm not quite sure what the signing of Derek Roy has to do with Mike Peca.  They are two very different centremen.  Derek Roy is pretty shifty and gifted offensively, and Mike Peca would fit their 3rd line vacancy pretty good as a shutdown line.  Roy and Connolly are going 1-2 (in either order) which leaves the spot for Peca on the 3rd.

    Buffalo isn't far from southern Ontario and Peca has expressed interest in playing there again.  I'm not sure what their cap situation is, but if they have a couple million, I'm expecting him to go there.

  2. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    I wouldn't mind seeing him in a Sens uniform.

    But i think he'll go with Buffalo.

    But you never know. Gelinas wanted to be in Western Canada, and he ended up with Nashville. There's always lots of surprises.

  3. baltic_thunder says:

    This is insanity. I love Peca dearly but he is so yesterday's man. The Leafs should have acquired him 2-3 years ago. Stajan has years of upside. The Leafs are going to make another blunder like they did with Wendell Clark and Brian Leetch. Besides, trading Stajan now is not from a position of strength – you do that later in the season.

  4. mojo19 says:

    Clark was 29 when the brought him back and he scored back to back 30 goal seasons before getting injured.

    When the brought him back the 2nd time (which is more relevant here since it was a mid-season free agent signing and didn't cost the leafs any players or prospects, just like Peca won't cost any prospects) he was 34 and played great in the playoffs.

    I love Wendel Clark.

  5. Superman4452 says:

    stajan. no question. this team is nowhere near a stanley cup, and so bringing in an aging veteran with a history of injury is not a good move. pat quinn did this for years, and he made the team competive without ever being dangerous. develope your youth players. if you become good enough to be a contender, then add a dressing room guy. until then, dont be rash

  6. brianc689 says:

    i know the reason they are shopping stajan is because they need to open up a spot at centre for peca, not so much the money. personally, i would dump kilger and belak freeing up 1.5 mil, sign peca, and see what happens at training camp with the whole centre situation. guys can be moved around out of their positions or whatever, but just see what happens.

  7. mojo19 says:

    Stajan should be a a winger anyways.

    Matt Stajan is a pretty skilled guy, he's fast, has a decent shot, he's defensively aware….etc.

    But he's not really tough, he doesn't win draws, he's awful on the PK and he's inconsistant offensively due to his lack of grit.

    So for a third or fourth line centre I'd rather have Peca, but I'd like to keep Stajan as a winger because he is young and fast and smart positionaly. I agree that getting rid of Kilger and/or Belak would be the best move.

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    but Gaustad is a better 3rd line center than peca.

  9. senators101 says:

    But Gaustad is multi-dimensional and has spent time on the LW.  He's moveable.  So, they can still move Peca without losing Gaustad.  He's got great size and they should use him as winger and power forward.  With the size he has, I'd add him up on the 2nd line to clear the path in front of the goalie.

  10. leafy says:

    I like Peca, but I would go with Stajan.  At age 23, Stajan has more promising years ahead of him than Peca and still has excellent offensive potential.

    In contrast, Peca's best years are behind him and he's suffered some serious leg injuries in his career.  With his most recent leg injury, there's absolutely no assuance that he will even be effective next season, if not longer.

    Sidenote: Personally, I DO NOT believe the Steve Simmons story from Monday's Toronto Sun that teams are not interested in Stajan.  The exact opposite is true.  Most GMs would love to acquire a low-priced 23 year old with decent numbers, despite playing a checking role on a 3rd line.  Clearly, JFJ is simply asking for a lot in return.  Where do these reporters get their information?  Ridiculous!

  11. the_next_agent says:

    if getting Peca means trading away Stajan i dont want Peca, stajan is better than him and his futre is so bright.  If we should trade anyone is say trade Pohl away especially seeing as we have Sundin, Wellwood Peca(potentially) and Stajan plus a few wingers who can play centre, he isnt really needed.  I say Trade Raycroft Pohl and Woznieski to LA Kings for there first round pick in 2008.  The Leafs line-up would look something like this

    Blake        Tucker          Antropov          Bell
    Sundin      Peca            Wellwood          Stajan
    Steen        Kilger          Ponikarovsky     Battaglia
    Kaberla     McCabe        Gill
    Kubina      Colaiacovo    White               Toskala

    The Leafs line-up is filled with some of the leagues best penalty killers, scoring talent, hard hitters, veteran leadership and depth at every position.  This team now can contend with any team in the NHL.

    GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!!! 

  12. malkin_71 says:

    I know all you leafs fans think Steen is great, but way I see it is Stajan is just as good if not better the Steen Stajan but up what like close to 50 points(not sure) as a checking line center, And is he not gonna get better playing on a 2nd line this kid id gonna be a solid player but it's just not gonna be in Toronto. He will be a steal some were, heres a offer I could see happening

    To Philly
    3rd round pick

    To Toronto
    R.J Umgerger

    Why not?

  13. malkin_71 says:

    Wow, I just reileized all the spelling mistakes but you get it.

  14. habswinthecup-again says:

    Stajan, obviously! Chr*st this is why the Leafs haven’t won a freakin’ Cup for 40 years, they go and trade their youth with potential for NHL’ers that are way past their prime.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like Peca and still think he has ayear or two left in him but if JFJ trades Stajan just to make room for Peca then he definately is the worst GM in the league.

  15. pennell_723 says:

    why  "Stajan or Peca, Who do you go with?" nuttin to do wit stajan

  16. riseagainst says:

    everyones taking i guess the Stajan side for good obivous reason but for the heck of it I’ll try and make a point against it not that I believe it or anything its just something that came to mind. Right now at this stage of both players careers I think Peca is a better player he just as more experience, knows the game, knows the player. Not that Stajan isn’t good its he’s just not as proven. At the start of the season 30 teams are cup contenders, you can’t really say a team can’t win the cup at the start of the season because theres no way you can tell how a player will play or how a team will perform. Just look back at the old Rangers or someone like Huslisus(sp?, Calgary player picked up on wavs) who put up like 30 goals last season. Stajan likely will be at best a second line player he’s highly likely not going to develop into a nhl superstar so really whats the big deal if you lose him?

  17. habswinthecup-again says:

    I am assuming you are talking about Kristian Huselius, who the Flames traded Steve Montador and Dustin Johner for, while Mike Keenan was the GM of Florida I might add (bet Huse is sweating bullets now, eh?) Huselius was a good player with Florida but he was not Keenan’s type so he was traded.

  18. Glucker says:

    or we could just sign Peca without trading Stajan… reports say he's asking for only 1.25…

    well right now leafs have 24 guys on roster and have 1.275 to spend…
    so… this is why we(and no1 else) haven't signed Peca yet… arbitration… the teams are waiting to see if they can grab any1 if the teams walk away from the arbitrator's ruling… if a team doesn't see anything interesting then they'll get him

  19. crosby_29 says:

    this is one really pointless article you posted…is this your way of saying peca is going to toronto?? what makes you think that becuase carolina aquired matt cullen they wont sign peca..or buffalo with the signing of roy…:s buffalo lost their 2 top centermen…they signed their 3rd line center to play 1st line they need some help down the middle and who better then mike peca

  20. JuicemaN says:

    Steve Simmons is an idiot…I can't understand how this guy is still employed.  He's the same guy who said Sundin needed serious hip surgery and went on to compare it to Mogilny's surgery saying that Sundin's done, blah blah blah.

    Steve Simmons is the biggest waste of paper in the Toronoto Sun.

  21. JuicemaN says:

    Ummm, did you even read the article?

  22. leafy says:

    I could not agree more.

  23. leafy says:

    I think the media makes this stuff up.  I can't see the Leafs just getting rid of Stajan, unless they get something of quality in return.

  24. leafy says:

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head there.

  25. leafy says:

    Great point about Kilger and Belak.  Finally, thank God somebody thinks like me.  If the Leafs want to simply clear cap space and/or free up a forward spot, Kilger or Belak should be the first candidates to go, not a 23-year old with good offensive potential like Stajan.

    It's downright amazing that users of this site tend to see things that most Toronto hockey writers don't.  I haven't heard even one writer make this point.  Believe it or not, a great many Toronto writers simply do not understand the game, even if readers or the writers themselves think they do.

  26. nordiques100 says:

    everyone is right in that the team should keep stajan. he's been around quite a while already but is only 23. he still have potential to be a solid 3rd line centre.

    but the developments over the summer:

    -interest in hiring a senior advisor
    -no contract extension for JFJ
    -already mortgaging future for the present
    -signing a big name free agent

    means the leafs want to make the playoffs now, not spend time growing and grooming young players into specific roles. they need help in many areas now……one being faceoffs and another being PK and peca would help immediately.
    they could keep stajan and get peca at the same time. problem is cap issues and not enough ice time for everyone. this can only be solved if the team is willing to cut players even if it means getting nothing in return.

    i mean for example would it be a crushing blow to waive/send to minors/or if lucky trade chad kilger and his 900K cap hit? same goes for guys like belak, pohl, battaglia, devereaux. its not going to do anything at all to the team losing 1 or 2 of these guys if it means opening up some cap space to get a player like peca. yeah peca is old, but he still would bring more to the table than any of these other players combined.

    so really the question should be peca or kilger/battaglia/devereaux/belak/pohl? peca would be the choice every time.

  27. JuicemaN says:

    Didn't Keenan put him on waivers? I've always like huselius and the second he was available I was hoping the leafs would grab him but obviously Calgary got him…rather it be Calgary than Edmonton.

    Best move Calgary's done in a while….well aside from the team saving trade for Kipprusoff.

  28. JuicemaN says:

    I don't even understand how this whole topic is even in question…Stajan should not be going anywhere but into the leafs dressing room to gear up for a successful 2007-2008 season.

  29. rodsnick says:

    what i meant was they had all their centres in place, and regier has no interest in him

  30. rodsnick says:

    cullen is now their 3rd line centre, they dont need peca, and darcy regier DOES NOT have interest in Peca

  31. crosby_29 says:

    how do you no darcy regier has no interest in peca?

  32. senators101 says:

    Apparently he's looking for about 1.25 million.  Absolutely nothing.  But I don't think there's any space on the Sens for him.  We just signed Kelly for about that much and he's a lock for our 3rd centre position.  Murray's also looking for a second line winger or centre, meaning Fisher could move down to 3rd line with Kelly on 4th.  Then the only spot for Peca would be on the bench.

  33. hatterson says:

    Sure Belak can go as an enforcer like him has a limited role in the new NHL (I don't really like that, but it's the way of the world).  However Kilger is a good 3rd/4th line player.  Sure he's not a huge offensive threat, but he comes to play every night, is the best checker on the team and has a booming shot if he ever lets it go.

    I'm all for bringing in Peca at the cost of Belak, but not for Stajan and probably not even for Kilger.  However, if the leafs can get a good pick and/or a prospect for Stajan than trading him and grabbing Peca might make sense, but I don't see that happening.

  34. hatterson says:

    "leagues best penalty killers"

    what?  uhh, sure Blake and Peca are known to be good.  But the Leafs PK was really bad last year, even with Peca it was middle of the road.  I don't see adding Blake making it amazing.  Sure it could be top half, maybe top 10, but not crazy good.

  35. habsrock99 says:

    Well to defend the guy for which I dispise more than the Leafs themselves, at first glance, doctors did believe that Sundin needed major hip surgery but it was later revealed that he didn't. Now I don't know if he made his comments before or after they found out it was not a serious injury.

  36. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    True, time will tell. i think if buffalo wanted peca they'd have had him some time between july 1 and now.

  37. baltic_thunder says:

    I don't recall no back to back 30 goal seasons. Nevertheless, he was not what the Leafs neede at the time and they paid dearly for giving away a young Kenny Jonnson. It set them back almost a decade.

  38. baltic_thunder says:

    Here, here – right on. I've always wondered why the obvious is never seen by the folks inside of MLSE.

  39. leafy says:

    I'm pretty much in agreement. I would take Kilger for the playoffs, but you have to be able to make the playoffs first.  Kilger's limited scoring and offensive upside makes him less appealing, but I agree he could be very useful in in big games because of the intangibles he brings to the table.

  40. senators101 says:

    I think Peca would rather play for Toronto and that's why he's holding out on a deal with Buffalo.  Someone will take him, he's not afraid of that, especially at max 1.5 million.  He'll wait it out till the end and if TO doesn't sign him, then he's gone to Buffalo.

  41. the_word says:

    We don't all think Steen is great, some of us have enough hockey sense to see that he was completely overrated even in his rookie year.  Stajan is ok, definitely better than Steen.

  42. the_word says:

    Yeah, Pohl, Devereaux and Battaglia should all be on two way contracts and Kilger should be making 600k tops.  These were all small mistake that add up collective IMO. 

    Haven't heard much on the senior adviser front, maybe management is backing off because they were ridiculed by the media. 

  43. the_word says:

    Because Peca won't sign for the league minimum and Regier doesn't spend money.

  44. nordiques100 says:

    probably had to do as well with the passing of ferguson sr.

  45. brianc689 says:

    Even though I'm not a huge Stajan fan and I would not be too upset if he were traded, it just would not make sense to do it when we have these useless guys remaining on the roster. Belak is not needed on D with the depth, and neither of these guys are needed as left wingers anymore. We actually have pretty good depth on the left side these days:

    1. Blake (Sometimes this guy is listed as a LW, sometimes a RW, but I'm just gonna list him as a LW here)
    2. Tucker
    3. Poni
    4. Bell
    5. Battaglia
    6. Kilger
    7. Belak

    Assuming Blake is moved to the right side, these two guys still are not in the top four. Trade them now. It amazes me how we continually bring Belak back.

  46. brianc689 says:

    I agree with you on Kilger, but why are you talking about the other three? Those three guys are all low paid fourth liners, who together formed one of our best lines late in the season. They are a very effective fourth line trio, and if they underperform, they can still be sent to the minors. The Leafs have the money to pay minor leaguers big league money.

  47. camillo1992 says:

    That's kinda a tough one but I think Peca.

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