Stan Bowman already has trade winds blowing for Blackhawks

“It’s funny, I’ve talked to other GMs, just talking about your team, my team and how you’re playing. They say, ‘You guys must be doing great.’ I said, ‘Our secondary scoring has actually been down.’ And they all kind of laugh. They say, ‘Secondary scoring? You’ve got a lot of primary scoring. How much secondary scoring do you really need?’ I guess when you look at it from that perspective, I see their point. What I’m saying is that it balances out a little bit.”

Bowman and his staff, though, have been preparing to be active as the Feb. 27 trade deadline nears. He has the salary-cap space to do so.

If he could make moves that improved his team now, he would, but Bowman said others aren’t ready to trade, at least not the players the Hawks are keeping tabs on and envision being available.

“As it is right now, there are a number of teams that are probably long shots to get in [the playoffs],” Bowman said. “But they’ve only played 30 or something games. They’re not going to give up on their season yet and trade their players away. It’s a big waiting game.”

The Hawks’ injury situation also won’t change things. There is time for forwards Marcus Kruger and Daniel Carcillo to recover from their head injuries. Bowman also said he has been pleased for the most part with the players he has recalled from the Rockford IceHogs.

“I don’t look at it from an injury perspective,” Bowman said. “I look at it more as, are there certain players that can enhance the guys that we have here or add to our mix. We’re spending a lot of time talking about that right now.”

Bowman plans to give up picks and prospects to get those players.

“Whether it’s draft picks, players in Rockford or players that are unsigned, they are basically the three pools that you have to go get something that can just jump on your team,” Bowman said. “I don’t expect us to be raiding our current roster, to take this guy out to get this guy, because then you’re not much ahead of the game, unless by taking this guy out, you have a guy in the minors, which could happen. We’ve got a few options. But we’re not looking to weaken our team and get draft picks.”