Stanley Cup or Gold Medal??

Hearing your national anthem play as your flag is raised to the banner. You can feel the hairs on your neck go up as you realize you are a part of a Gold Medal Olympic team.

The final buzzer goes off, fans are going insane, you hear the annoucement that your team has just won the Stanley Cup. You realize you are part of the best team in the NHL.

What is more important do you think. Would you rather be known for winning the Cup, or the Gold Medal?

Players have to think of all they can gain and all they can lose from the Olympics.

With a Stanley Cup, you recieve money, bonuses, a huge ring, fulfulling your childhood dream and more than likely a big gulp of beer out Lord Stanley’s mug.

With a Gold medal, you get national pride, a beautiful gold medal, and doing something that can only be done once every 4 years. But you can also recieve a career ending injury.

I can reason in my head why some players don’t want to go to the Olympics, but in my heart, all I can dream of is being able to put on the jersey and skate for my country to win the gold.

Whats your opinions and thoughts? Should you go, or stay, or should they be given the choice to choose?