Stars Camp: Who Makes the Top Line?

The Dallas Stars are wrapping up camp in Breckenridge, Colorado today, to play the Avs in Denver tomorrow.

My big question all off-season has been, “how does coach Tippett work out the top line and the top 3 centers?” conventional wisdom has had either Modano or Arnott playing wing to create a top line of Modano-Arnott-Guerin.


Out of camp, it looks like that top line left wing spot has been awarded to one Ulf Dahlen. Ulfie, Mo, and Guerin have been playing very well…and almost exclusively…together.

Mike Modano said on Sportsradio 1310 the Ticket today that he was “pissed” that Ulfie ever got traded and he was very glad to have him back on his wing.

Thus, the lineups through camp have been as follows:


Muller (wow!)-Turgeon-Young


and Malhotra centering a parade of others on the fourth line.




It stands to reason that upon the arrival of Morrow, either Sim, Muller, or both will be bumped elsewhere. How about a THIRD line of Morrow-Arnott-Lehtinen, huh? Can I get everyone to agree that’s immediately the best third line in the game?