Stars face 'hard evaluations' with Morrow, Ribeiro, Ott and Robidas

Mike Heika: They have to study the leadership core of players like Morrow, Ribeiro, Ott and Robidas. All four are under contract, so they have to make some hard evaluations.

Then, I think they wait on all of their unrestricted free agents.

My guess is they go to July 1 and make a big push for Zach Parise or Ryan Suter (or both). Then, they will evaluate if they want Sheldon Souray , Radek Dvorak et al. back, depending on if they get the big fish.

They also could look at possibly bringing in a veteran assistant coach with a lot of experience.

Comment From Gus … Was the Sharks doubleheader of defeats what the Stars will remember or was there a bigger loss that likely keeps them out of the playoffs?

Mike Heika: No, that was the season right there. They have had ups and downs,as well as other blown opportunities, but you had a head-to-head with the team you needed to beat, and you lost both ends. That’s where you failed.

I honestly think if they would have won just one of those two games, they would have made the playoffs.

Because they didn’t, I think you will look back on that for years to come (just like the Minnesota game last season).

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  1. Boston_Bruins says:

    Just picked my players for my playoff pool this year. Let me know what you think. There were 12 guys in the pool, and we had to pick 12 players each, with points being the only thing considered, and there being no position requirements, even goalies. I had last pick in the draft (12th), but it went snake draft style.

    1. Bergeron BOS
    2. Kesler VAN
    3. Oshie STL
    4. Chara BOS
    5. Peverley BOS
    6. McDonald STL
    7. Zajac NJD
    8. Booth VAN
    9. Sykora NJD
    10. Stewart STL
    11. Yandle PHX
    12. Carle PHI
    The plan was to load up on 2 teams in each conference, and then take a couple shots at players on higher producing players on teams that I think have a shot to win a round or two. Originally I wanted Boston and New Jersey in the East and Vancouver and Detroit in the West, but I had to abandon Detroit due to a lot of their best players being picked by 12 (Datsyuk went 11th…). I don't mind going with St. Louis though, even if they don't bring a lot of offense to the table. There's a lot of players to choose from there.
    Overall, it's concerning that I don't have any legit offensive stars, but the way I usually approach these drafts is to hope my select few teams will go far. It helps that my 4 teams I really like are 4 of the seepest teams in the league. I was one of the only ones to focus on only 4 teams, and I was also one of the only ones to split 6 and 6 in each Conference.
    I also really like the sleeper potential of Booth, Stewart and Zajac.

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