Stars face 'hard evaluations' with Morrow, Ribeiro, Ott and Robidas

Mike Heika: They have to study the leadership core of players like Morrow, Ribeiro, Ott and Robidas. All four are under contract, so they have to make some hard evaluations.

Then, I think they wait on all of their unrestricted free agents.

My guess is they go to July 1 and make a big push for Zach Parise or Ryan Suter (or both). Then, they will evaluate if they want Sheldon Souray , Radek Dvorak et al. back, depending on if they get the big fish.

They also could look at possibly bringing in a veteran assistant coach with a lot of experience.

Comment From Gus … Was the Sharks doubleheader of defeats what the Stars will remember or was there a bigger loss that likely keeps them out of the playoffs?

Mike Heika: No, that was the season right there. They have had ups and downs,as well as other blown opportunities, but you had a head-to-head with the team you needed to beat, and you lost both ends. That’s where you failed.

I honestly think if they would have won just one of those two games, they would have made the playoffs.

Because they didn’t, I think you will look back on that for years to come (just like the Minnesota game last season).