Stars not interested in Lupul

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  1. LN91 says:

    Back to Arizona…I remember a few mentioned that Kessel for Domi would not work as the Yotes are trying to cut salary.

    However, I call bullshit. Do I think Arizona will cut salary? Yes, but I think it’s more “tanking” then actual financial. They’re just putting a pretty label on it.

    They are close to the McEichel race, only 4 points from Edmonton, and losing some key players might make them dead last. The new owner is not dumb. He knows that a McEichel can turn Arizona into a great marketable product for Yotes fans and the NHL = money.

    Now, let’s look at Arizona and why Kessel would fit right into this team.

    If the Yotes get McDavid or Eichel, that is a top-line/franchise Center this team has been lacking…If you look at there prospect pool, Brendan Perlini is a top-line Power Forward (LW).

    Now, the Yotes need a top RW…Guess who will fit right in? KESSEL.

    A line of:

    Perlini-McEichel-Kessel…Is deadly (IMO).

    Now, also, if you look at Arizona…Defence is never an issue.

    OEL is one of best in the game, Connor Murphy, Michael Stone, & Brandon Gormley are very solid players as well.

    And there…That could be starting a new up-and-coming contender in the West.

    So, is Domi for Kessel possible? Yes! But like everyone mentioned, core pieces (Phaneuf & Kessel) will most likely be moved in the summer. As you can see, a roster/cap space can change alot during the offseason.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      You make great points but I wouldn’t move Kessel straight up for Domi even with the massive cap dump. If we don’t get another huge piece I would pass, players who are consistently score in the top 10 every year don’t grow on trees.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Kessel for Domi? How about Pogge for Rinne? Cause WJC Canadurrrrr

      I don’t see the rush to trade Kessel, he makes a good core deadly and he’s not going to win games for a team by himself on a rebuild.

      Kessel for OEL sure, Phoenix would use a draw and Kessel made a name for himself in the Olympics.

      Hell I’d ask for OEL and Domi.

      • TmLeafan says:

        Ya no kidding. Leafs nation has officially gone full retard.

        Kessel for Domi! The mid first rounder who hasn’t even played a game in the AHL yet. Kessel was putting up impressive numbers in the show at the same point of his career (not to mention being diagnosed with testicular cancer).

        Let’s trade Kadri for Nic Petan while we are at it.

        I agree with you I just don’t see us coming out on top of any Kessel trade. So what we trade him and have to wait another 10 years for a guy that produces like him.

      • LN91 says:

        I never said straight up, a deal could be worked out.

        And yes, Kessel can win games by himself in a rebuild…The last 4 years have been Kessel/JVR in every win.

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          Yeah, I picked up that you weren’t suggesting a Domi deal. Those people saying otherwise are silly.

          How many wins did Kessel give us in his first year on the Seguin tank?

          This team is bad enough to take, especially if we sell some depth pieces.

          Trade all last summer money puckers before we give them dumb contracts. Trade Cody, trade Naz, hell if you really want to tank just trade Bernier because we’ll sink and we can get something good for him.

          • TmLeafan says:

            Ya it was Kypreos who originally suggested the deal and implied it was a one for one, I know a lot of fans were on board with it for some bizarre reason.

            I have a bad feeling Lupul and Holland are coming back we are going to make a push for 9th place.

            Would love for us to fall and grab a Strome/ Hanifin the future would actually look pretty promising with the addition of those and whatever we got at the deadline.

            On a side note and I know this is beating a dead horse but how brutal are the Sportsnet broadcasts? I had to mute it. Stuck listening to that clown Healy during the play and then Kypreos and Mclean between periods just awful.

            • TmLeafan says:

              I would be open to trading bernier he could grab a great return and Antoine Bibeau could be our goalie of the future, sure looks promising so far.

            • leafs_wallace93 says:

              Yeah the over saturation of Kypreos, Doug, Healy, is unbearable, Strombo is an embarrassment to the brand. Just awful.

              That debate where their forced to pick a side like an elementary school debate project, just stupid.

              I thought TSN was dead but Unless it’s a Leafs game on, I never turn on Sportsnet.

  2. doorman says:

    Very good point or points, I would hope that Domi, would be part of a package. I know some disagree but Kessel does have positive value.

    • LN91 says:

      Well, according to LeBrun (who is the most connected man in hockey), teams have already let the Leafs know they will trade for Kessel.

      And no, Toronto would not have to eat salary. Teams are not dumb, they know Kessel can be dynamite with the right talent around him.

      All the bloggers on HockeyBuzz have suggested that Toronto should keep Kessel, as he is an incredible talent and would be better with a top-center to play with.

      I prefer to keep Kessel as well…However, I have come to accept that Toronto does not have that center (as of right now) and will never be bad enough to get that center with a player like Kessel on the roster.

      Sad cycle really.

  3. kessel_leafs81 says:

    Bill Waters: Are the Leafs a trade partner for the Avs and Ryan O’Reilly? They could be if they gave them Dion Phaneuf (retaining $1 million in salary) and a 3rd round pick for O’Reilly.

    Why hasnt this been done yet if its true? would love it..

    • LN91 says:

      Yeah, seriously…This franchise is dumb.

      Somehow, retaining 1 million of Phaneuf is better then the 2 million for Gleason they gave up.

      Also, I think Phaneuf has been one of the worst players since the coaching change.

    • leafy says:

      Tell you the truth, I don’t believe ANY of the rumors. They’re all bullshit.

      • TmLeafan says:

        Ya I wouldn`t put a lot of truth in anything Bill Waters says. No way the Leafs don`t jump all over that deal.

        I think offering up Phaneuf and retaining 1 mil salary per year is a good idea I am sure teams will be interested in the offseason. This is a league that paid Brooks Orpik, Dennis Weidman, Campbell similar money.

  4. leafy says:

    The Score says the Leafs have started negotiating a long-term deal with Kadri. One question. WHY?

  5. LN91 says:

    First time I ever cheered for Ottawa…

    Another winnable game down the drain, phew.

  6. LN91 says:

    Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Columbus and Minnesota?

    God, win some games here.

    • nordiques100 says:

      actually the Jackets have been good since December. They just wasted though the first 6 weeks of the season.

      Now, Bobrovsky is hurt. I hope not for long. The Leafs need him stealing games.

  7. doorman says:

    I agree these teams that are capable of better play need to pick this up and help us out, lol. I guess the draft is a reason to cheer, just not our team, sigh.

    • LN91 says:

      Meh, if Toronto started to strip their squad down, drafted high, and maybe tank another year…You atleast start to have pieces.

      Like I was arguing with someone today, the Leafs rebuild is not as bad as when JFJ got fired…He had 0 prospects (Dale Mitchell?) and players with little value.

      Atleast, Nonis (or whoever is GM) has a few prospects in the tank:

      – Forwards: Nylander is a top-line talent. Toronto also has second-line prospects like Brown, Johnsson, & Leivo (who have torn up their respective leagues, they should be NHL calibre). Also, you know Gauthier is also a third-line, two-way, shutdown center.

      – Defence: Reilly is the top-pairing talent. Toronto also has top-4 potential guys like Percy, Finn, Grannberg, Nilsson, & Loov (who all have performed well, 2 of this group should make it to the NHL).

      Some dark horses: McKegg & Verhaege. The rest of the pool will probably not make it.

      More appealing then this pool…

      • leafy says:

        Better than 2008, but still lots of work to do. Nylander and Rielly are bona fide blue chippers. Percy looks to be a good one. But beyond that, all bets are off. Honestly we need to suck for 2 more years minimum.

  8. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Looking at Winnipeg, size in Wheeler, Ladd, Kane, and a blueline of Enstrom, Byfulglein, Trouba, Bogosian. Morrissey and Ehlers coming up, wish the Leafs had modeled themselves like that, Jets are a 1C away from being for real.

    Cheering for them this year, who are you guys jumping ship for the rest of this season?

  9. leafy says:

    The Leafs are only willing to trade Phaneuf to a Western team? As if he’s going to haunt us if we trade him to an Eastern team. Haha!

  10. leafy says:

    Let’s definitely ship Gardiner to the East. He isn’t even on pace to end the year with 22 points, and has the 9th worst plus/minus in the league (he moved up a few places after last night).

    • Gambo says:

      I agree Gardiner has been awful, but his value has got to be low right now. He’s better than he’s been, might as well ride it out for the rest of the year, give him a lot of minutes and get as close to the bottom as possible. He’ll get better, hopefully his value can rise by the end of the year and they can trade him for something decent in the summer, move up in the draft potentially? Or he proves he’s pretty good and part of their future.

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