Stars offer 6 players, but Who? says “The Stars made qualifying offers to six restricted free agents Thursday, including Richard Matvichuk and Marty Turco.”

Who are the other 4 free agents?

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  1. canucklehead says:

    The Stars made the qualifing offers to : John Erskine, Stephane Robidas, Niko Kapanen & David Oliver.

    They also exersised the option on Aaron Downey.

  2. brewstar03 says:

    David Oliver- He played mostly with their minor league team Utah Grizzlies. He also played in a couple of games in the playoffs too.

    Stephane Robidas- Filled in nicely as their 6th defenseman.

    John Erskine- Young defenseman who will most likely be a regular starter next year if Hatcher isn’t re-signed.

    Niko Kapanen- Excellent rookie last year. Good two-way center.

    Dallas also excercised their player option for Aaron Downey. He is a great locker-room asset and good team policeman.

  3. Rampage_Winger says:

    Did we really have to have an entire post devoted to answering this one question?


  4. matteo says:

    the other 4 are Johnny Walker, Jose Cuervo, Jim Beam and Jack Daniels

    SCTP – Hey bartender, Jobu needs a refill

  5. amok says:

    Those signings are too late. Belfour’s long gone.

  6. OldNord says:

    You forgot Bud Weiser!

    SCTP- “Always the time for a last one, baby”

  7. big_booty says:

    That’s MISTER JOHN DANIELS to you, son.

    SCTP – “Flowin’ like mud around here!”

  8. Gretzky9282 says:

    I like the Johnny Walker, Jose Cuervo, Jim Beam, and Jack Daniels idea. Bring them to NY, they’ll play better than slouches like Lindros, Kovalev, and Bure.

  9. matteo says:

    ….teammates of Theo Fluery and Dino Ciccarelli

  10. infoengine says:

    why do u care?

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