Stars' Ott, Burish hearing trade rumors

Trade rumors are always flying. With the deadline three days away, they’re especially heated.

Steve Ott’s hearing them, too. The Dallas Stars forward has heard his name, as well as teammates’, bandied about as the deadline is quickly approaching. And Ott said it’s a mix of personal compliment and distraction to hear the rumors.

“For me, personally, it’s obviously a compliment if teams are calling and asking for you but it’s nerve-wracking because you’ve been here for a long time. Every guy’s got a house, every guy has family,” Ott said. “There are a lot of things normal people wouldn’t have to worry about on a day to day basis. You’d pack your bags and you’d have to move to a new city overnight. That’s probably the most nerve-wracking thing of the whole situation.”

Former Blackhawks forward Adam Burish’s name has also been thrown around the rumor mill – “I’m hearing what you guys are writing,” he said. But he said he has no idea if there’s any validity to any of it.

“People always think because we’re on the inside we know what’s going on. You guys know more than I do. I don’t know what they’re thinking upstairs,” Burish said. “As far as I know this group is still trying to make the playoffs. Right now it’s focusing on winning games, get points and grab that eighth spot.”

Yes, the Stars are a bubble team whose buyer/seller status could be determined by their results against the Blackhawks tonight and Minnesota Wild on Friday. They’re in 10th place with 64 points, just two behind eighth-place Los Angeles which lost to Colorado on Wednesday night.

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