Stastny for Calder?

When this season got started, Evgeni Malkin was the runaway winner for the Rookie of the Year Calder trophy, this article is in no way trying to take away from what Malkin has done this year, he is fantastic. I am simply trying to shed light on an amazing player that has come out of nowhere: Paul Stastny.
I was watching the Sabres/Avs game last night thinking to myself, this kid is real good. I wondered to myself, as he collected a point in his 17th straight game, does he have the meat and potatoes(stats) to get some consideration for the ROY award this year, so I did my homework.

Here are Evgeni Malkin’s and Paul Stastny’s stats for this year.

Malkin has played in 62 games, has 29 goals, 40 assists, 69 points and is currently a -2. He has 62 penalty minutes and 207 shots, a 14.01 shooting %, 5 Game winning goals and 13 powerplay goals as well as 19 powerplay assists.

Stastny has played in 68 games, has 22 goals, 43 assists, 65 points and is currently a +6. He has 36 penalty minutes, 155 shots and 14.19 shooting % with 4 game winning tallies. He also has 8 goals and 18 assists on the powerplay.

If you take a look at these numbers, the first thing that came to my mind, they are really really close. With Stastny tying the record for the longest point streak notching a point in 17 straight games, should he get some consideration for the Calder? Being an Avs fan of course I think so, but I am obviously biased, so I thought I’d ask the rest of you.

So whadda ya think? Stastny for Calder??

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  1. wingerxxx says:

    Stastny definitely deserves consideration.  He's going to be a big part of the Avs future, and that organization should be thankful that he is coming through this year for them. 

    But I would give it to Malkin, of the two.  The big reason is that Malkin is a huge, huge part of the Penguins' turnaround, from a complete joke last year, to a team that no one wants to play this year. 

    But you never know, if Malkin cools off, and Stastny heats up…it could swing the other way.  Unlike the MVP, which almost always goes to a player of a winning team, the Calder usually comes down to points scored, if its between a couple of forwards (or three or four…).

  2. Superman4452 says:

    with stastny, the avalanche didn't make the playoffs. he has virtually the same points as tanguay, so he is replacing a really good forward. the thing is having him doesnt turn colorado into a contender. having malkin has turned the penguins around. now of course its not entirely him.
     Having that second line centre that will score thirty goals and eighty points is huge. most teams need that, and it doesnt help the stastny/malkin situation becuz thats what they both are. but i think the rookie race comes down to 2 factors. Which one helps his team more now, and which one has the greater potential. and the answer to both of those is malkin.
    so does stastny deserve some recognition? absolutely he does. but he doesnt deserve to win over malkin.

  3. PaulK123 says:

    Just an Avs fan trying to get some kind of happiness this year, Malkin will win, I 100% garuntee that

  4. BlueNBurgundy1933 says:

    I agree, Malkin is a big reason for the Pens turnaround, but he's not all they have, they have Ouellet, Malone, J.Staal, Recchi, C.Armstrong and now Roberts, The Avs have Sakic, Wolski, Brunette, sometimes Hejduk and Stastny.

    Also, they haven't been eliminated from contention yet, they are really hot right now.

    All that being said, I agree that Malkin will win the Calder.

  5. BlueNBurgundy1933 says:

    Can you blame me?

  6. habsoverserver says:

    Stupid problem is that the media and fans who get to see Malkin regularly don't get to see Stastny and vice versa.  So we're left to compare stats which is a bs way to give these awards. 

    malkin wins by virtue of more ppl seeing him play. 

  7. BurtTurbo says:

    If the Avs make the playoffs, nd Malkin and Stasny are close in points, Stasny will take it since his team will owe their playoff berth to Stasny's strong play in the second half. Malkin has obviously helped put the Pens in the position they're in, but I think he's more overshadowed by Crosby than Stasny is by Sakic.

  8. AHLoldie says:

    Stasny is a decent player but he's not half the player that Malkin is.  First of all, Malkin is fighting a real culture change that Stasny does not have to worry about.  He's still trying to grasp the language.  He is being shuttled back and forth between lines and has been playing with a rookie and second year player most of the year.  He rarely plays with Crosby, other than the PP.  Also he doesn't get shadowed by checkers as do Malkin and Crosby.  Malkin gets punished every game.  I rarely see Stasny get touched.

  9. vancity4life says:

    sadly yes…….the story also goes the same for every other rookie in the western conference unfortunately.

  10. morrissey says:

    He didn't come from nowhere, he came out of Petr Stastny's sack, which is one hell of a pedigree

  11. otherPerry says:

    i so hope stastny gets the calder and proves you wrong. if the avs make the playoffs afterall, you can bet your house and boat that he will get the calder!

  12. otherPerry says:

    not to mention that ENTIRE family's bloodline has genuine hockey fluids running through it.

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