State of Panic: Leaf Edition

There are a few teams in a state of panic. I’m going to try to show how I’d build each of those teams to be champions if I were the GM, I’d like to start with my favorite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.I think John Ferguson has messed guys around .. Gilmour, Thomas, Martchment, Nolan, Mogilny, Roberts, Nieuwendyk, the list of loyal veterans this guy’s screwed goes on and on.

Now I know this is a summer thing, but I’d trade Belfour for whatever I could get. Prolly a late draft pick, anything they can get…

The Leafs are 8th from last in the league, and still falling, lets hope that without Lindros they drop enough to grab Jordan Staal. (CSB ranked number 4 of North American skaters). It’s funny last draft everyone talked about how the Leafs need a goalie… well Tellqvist, Racine, Ford, and especially Pogge have developed quite nicely since then, but it’s still good to have goaltender Tuuka Rask, who could be a Vezina winner someday. Imagine that combo, Pogge and Rask, lets hope they pan out, and don’t turn into Centemo, and Hodson.

Right now, the Leafs have the following under contract


-Mats Sundin $6 840 000

-Jeff O’neill $1 500 000

-Tie Domi $1 250 000

-Darcy Tucker $1 596 000

-Wade Belak $700 000

-Alexei Ponikarovsky $450 000

-Alex Steen $850 000


-Tomas Kaberle $4 250 000


None (assuming I’ve already traded Belfour)



-Eric Lindros $1 500 000

-Kyle Wellwood $800 000

-Matt Stajan $800 000

-Chad Kilger $450 000


-Ken Klee $900 000

-Carlo Colaiacovo $850 000


-Mikael Tellqvist $850 000

Then I’d waive Belak, no takers, he goes to the minors.

Leaving the Leafs with 14 players under contract for $22 886 000. We’ll see if Staal has to play, but I think he may be able to use a year with the Marlies.

Before I go on, I must note, this is to save the Leafs from going more then 40 years without a cup, it’s a team of desperate. Lindros is kept, because the only reason he got hurt this year, was a nasty two handed slash from Jon Klemm, and then the Leaf doctors kept telling him not to get surgery, he wouldn’t have reagrivated his injury if he had surgery…

On defense, I’d spend $6 000 000 on Rob Blake, we need a veteran to show the young defensemen, including, the call ups, like Harrison, and Wozzy, who may crack the line up this year. We’ve never had a real veteran on the blue line.

The I’d sign Leetch, for about $3 500 000, I’d give him more, but he’s getting older, and slower, and $4 000 000 sounded like alot for him at the beginning of the season.

Frantisek Kaberle could be had at about $1 500 000, and that rounds out the defense core. Leavng a tiny bit more then $14 000 000 for 2 or 3 forwards and a goalie, assuming TSN was right when it said the cap would be about $46 000 000. Unfortunately, only 4 real top six forwards are under contract.

Brendan Shanahan at $4 000 000, would bring leadership, to a squad with only two real veteran forwards who’ll play regularly (Lindros and Sundin), and then Anson Carter, could be had for about $2 000 000, I may have over paid for this guy, but you really can’t help but like him…

Then I’d add Teemu Selanne, at the same contract as Shanahan at about $4 000 000, adding a speedy forward who could play well with Mats Sundin.

Leaving us with about $3 000 000 for a goalie… spend what you need to of that on Curtis Joseph. This will be Tellqvists last year as a backup, Telly will be ready. Give him around 20 games, and CuJo will be great in the playoffs.

Spend the remaining league minimum or so to have Kronwall, Wozniewsky, or Harrison up.

That leaves the lines like this…







T Kaberle-F Kaberle





To finnish this, I’d like to give a funny stat, it’s widely believed that Domonik Hasek was the first goalie to win a cup, and an Olympic gold, but Martin Brodeur won a cup in 1995, and 2000, then won the gold in February 2002, Dom won a gold in 1998, but didn’t win a cup till several months after Brodeur won his gold, in June of 2002. Even Ed Belfour won both before Domonik Hasek, because he got an Olympic gold in 2002, and a Stanley Cup in 1999.

Just a funny stat there.


10 Responses to State of Panic: Leaf Edition

  1. hackm says:

    This is a good way to rewind four years and win nothing, and return to where we are by 2010.

    Plus, it’s ridiculous.

    Shanahans not leaving Detroit. Plus, he’s running on fumes. Selanee isn’t worth $4m.

    Blake and Leetch would be stupid. Pick one. Maybe none.

    And Frantisek is the kind of weak D we’ve all complained about for years. That’d be a mistake.

    And Jordan Stall (might not be ready, and should play a year with the Marlies)… He couldn’t play with the Marlies, he’s junior age until 2008/09.

    And though Joseph coming on for a year or two while Pogge and Rask come up is a good idea. He’s both said “the biggest mistake I made was leaving the Leafs”… and also “I’m never going back there.”

  2. The-President says:

    STOP, pathetic team and line ups and train of thought.

  3. PaulK123 says:

    Good article but why would you go out and sugn all of those old players! The new NHL is about speed and this team wouldn’t have much of it. I

    agree with Rob Blake but I wouldn’t bring in Brian Leetch, I would bring in Wade Redden, more

    younger, has 4 years left in him. Everything else I would do the same.

  4. Steve362 says:

    First off, Sundin goes no where, out of respect you keep him on for the young guns to look up to…














    Give the team to the young guns.. we dont need to bring in any more veterans than the three that we’ve resigned plus sundin… on defense kaberle can lead along with whatever free agent we sign.. notice that free agent is not plural.

    this isnt a video game, you cannot overhaul your entire team in one season and hope for the best.

    the leafs will be fine with the prospects they have coming up, if they draft wisey and KEEP there draft picks then we will be a top 8 team in the entire league…

    future looks bright in net too… i couldnt keep the smile off of my face while watching justin pogge and tukka rask in the World jr’s

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    selanie wont leave anaheim, shanahan wont leave detroit, blake wont leave colorado. Teams wont let these guys go without a fight, so if we do sign them, we’ll definely have to pay a much higher price than you are suggesting.

    your math is off, that team has a salary of 46.8 mil, now lets be real with your plan.

    To get Blake you’ll have to outpay the wealhy avalanche, 7 mil seems good, Leetch will get 4 mil, Selanne will get 6 mil (because he realy wants to play in anaheim), and Wellwood, stajan, and Kilger will sign for at least a million each, and klee will go for 1.5. NOW the REAL salary is 51.8 with that team. REALISTICLY, but even then we will never get most of those players i a million years. teams dont just let you have their best players!!!

    and what about depth!!!!! lindross will be injured a lot, and knowing the leafs they will have more. you need some half decent youth as spares

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    When the hell did CuJo say that???? CuJo told the Toronto Star that Phoenix and Toronto could be the only places he’d play… CuJo has never said he’d never return to Toronto… or else why would he say leaving here was the biggest mistake he ever made??? Doesn’t add up bud…

  7. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Paul, as I said, we need a cup NOW! We don’t want it to go fifty years (the longest droubt ever) we’re currently 4th, behind the 50 year Ranger droubt, the 40 year Red Wings droubt, and the 45 year Black Hawks droubt (still going strong!) and unless we oull off a miracle, we’ll pull into a tie with third.

    Redden… we have no shot in hell at him.

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    It may not add up in your puny head, but it actually happened. people contradict themsels all the time.

  9. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    WHAT? you say we have no shot at Redden, but we might get blake!!!! what are you thinking!!! you dont make sense

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    good post. young guys are the way we need to go. old guys like leetch, blake, and cujo will get us nowhere.

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