Steal of the Free Agent Market 2005?

Quite simply, this question goes out to everyone. Who do you think was the steal of the 2005 free agent market?

In my opinion, there were 3 steals of the 05 free agency market this year:

3) Andreas Lilja, this guy is a monster, he is a physical, put you through the boards, smooth skating giant. The Detroit Red Wings have stolen another one at a mear cost of $650,000 on a 1 year contract. At 6’3″, 220 lbs., this monster also posses a wicked shot from the point and has the ability to put some points up on the board depending on the team put around him. On a Detroit squad that boasts the likes of Datsyuk, Yzerman, Shanahan and Zetterberg, this definitely was a great pick up for the Wings.

2) Richard Park, a smooth skating forward with a tonne of speed to burn, and a quick stick. This hard working 5’11” forward will definitely be a benefactor of the removal of the centre ice line and the zero tolerance on obstruction calls. Park put up some decent offensive numbers the last 3 seasons, with a Minnesota team that stresses defense over offense to win games. Park along with Gaborik have had the reigns pulled on them due to Lemaire and his trap style of hockey, but with the Vancouver Canucks Park will have the opportunity to show off his skill and impress fans and mangement at a miniscule cost of $750,000 on a 1 year contract.

1) Jason Allison, this offensive threat is coming off a 3 year hiatus after dealing with symptoms caused by whiplash. Prior to the injury issues Allison, had just began to realize his potential with the Boston Bruins and the LA Kings as a point per game player, who is physical, blessed with hockey sense, uncanning playmaking abilities and a strong player in his own end with or without the puck. This 6’3″, 215 lbs. centre, was picked up by the Maple Leafs for a very decent contract of $1.5 million including bonuses for 1 year. If Allison can be the player he once was he will provide a strong second line threat behind the likes of Sundin, Lindros and O’Neill.

Your thoughts on my selections?

Your thoughts on who you think was a steal of free agency 2005?

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  1. dcz28 says:

    You could put Yzerman as a steal too although he did not look at the free agent market and wants to finish his long and great career as a Wing… i’m sure a team could had given him more then 1.25 million for a season.

    He is not the player he use to be but still brings leadership, class, heart and still can put up some points…i’m pissed off that the Wings dont play against the Sens in Ottawa this year as it very well might be his last season and we wont be able to see him play one last time in a town where he played his junior hockey and has a lot of fans

  2. dcz28 says:

    Why would the Wings trade Legace (1.1million) and Zetterberg (wants around 2 million) for an overpriced Kolzig (4.9 million), Pilar (unsigned on nhlpa) and a 3rd rounder?…that trade does nothing to help the wings but take up more cap space which they dont have much which is the reason they are having a hard time to fit Zetterberg and Datsyuk in the salary structure…take the Wings out of that trade cuz it aint happenin…plus the wings have 8 dman already signed for this season and could sign a guy similar to (Pilar) without giving anything on the free agent market or a youngster from their farm team

    Again this makes no sense only for the Leafs wich only gives up spare parts and a 3rd round pick for Zetterberg and Witt…Dream on guys!!!

  3. cementhead says:

    I do agree. But it is also worth mentioning that he will be on a bonus system. I think he can make up to $2.5M if he reaches all goals (anyone know the exact figure?)

  4. dcz28 says:

    Kariya’s value dropped with the season he had with a great team in Colorado and thats why people want to see what he does before saying he is a steal

  5. nordiques100 says:

    i think when you compare all contracts to the one malakhov got, it sure seems like a steal to me

  6. TheHead says:

    I’m hearing there is a possibility of a 3 team deal going down between the

    Leafs, Red Wings and Caps. According to the rumors the Leafs would get

    Brendan Witt and either Henrik Zetterberg or Pavel Datsyuk.

    The Red Wings would get Olaf Kolzig , Karel Pilar and a Toronto 1st RD Pick

    if the deal is for Datsyuk or a 2nd Rd Pick if it is for Zetterberg.

    The Caps would get Manny Legace, Ken Klee and Nik Antropov. However, I have

    also heard the 2 toronto D men could be swapped around with Klee going to

    Detroit and Pilar going to the Caps.

    What Do You Think?

    There are also rumors that Ryan Smyth may be shipped out for Datsyuk.

    Bondra will either sign with NJ or PHIL

    Hal Gill wants to leave Boston

    Morozov wants to leave Pitt

    Aaron Miller may be traded for Martin Biron

    Luongo to Montreal rumor still buzzing

    Leafs want Brad Brown

    Leafs invited Thomas to training camp

    On Pat Quinns line make ups both Ken Klee and Aki Berg were left off. Could they be traded soon.

    Colin White will be traded

    St. Louis does’t want MacInnis

    Richards heading to Montreal?

  7. lagsetsfire says:

    Bobby Clarke said on Daily News Live Monday: i dont see us doing anything more. when asked about Bondra.

    He said the same thing before Foresberg, but i think this time its more of a certainity. Clarke also said he wanted to keep the extra cap space in case they need someone in during the year.

  8. Neely4Life says:

    I think if a player has bonus caluses in his contract he cant be considered a steal. That would have to be a gamble. Having said that, if the players do perform like thye once have, be it, Lindros, Allison, Heatly, so on, then they will be set for the next few years with that team, and only then, can be considered a steal.

  9. Neely4Life says:

    if brunette plays like a lot of people know he can, he will be a fairly big name, fairly soon. Kinda ironic that he is the guy that knocked out the avs in 03 eh haha.

  10. islesfan4lyfe says:

    Aucoin isn’t worth 4 million? Thats the dumbest posting of the free agent season

  11. titans says:

    Richard Park????? Now mind you this is coming from a Richard Park fan. I used to watch Parky play for years with the Phantoms.

    He is NOT one of the steals of the free agent market!!

    A. If Park is 5’11” I’m 9’8”!! I don’t care what he’s listed at, he’s a dwarf!! Seriously he might not hit 5’8”

    B. “decent offensive numbers the last 3 seasons”???

    2001 2002- 10 goals, 15 assists

    2002 2003- 14 goals, 10 assists

    2003 2004- 13 goals, 12 assists

    The guy averages 24 points a season! Come on. I’m a fan of the lil’ guy and I know he’s not that good!

  12. pens_fan says:

    Prove me wrong

  13. Neely4Life says:

    He was a scroign machien on a shitty calgary team. He moves for a reason. He is over rated if n e thing. Hes not worth what he is being paid.

  14. Beantown says:

    I agree with the three players mentioned but I have to say that getting Alexei Zhamnov was a huge pick-up. The guy is so skilled and very under the radar. He’s a great centre with great vision who makes him linemates better players. Having him and ‘Jumbo’ Joe as the 1-2 punch at centre, the Bruins look very strong up the middle.

  15. habsfanforever says:

    thats a big IF

  16. dcz28 says:

    Again as i posted on your earlier rumour the Wings dont need Kolzig and his 4.9 million salary plus he is 35!! why would the wings make a stupid trade like that when they give a young player like Datsyuk or Zetterberg plus Legace who is 32 and will play for the starting job for an overpriced older goalie like Kolzig a 6th dman like Pilar or Klee (he might be able to be a 5th but is getting up there in age) and a first or second rounder?

    This rumour is again something that sounds like it started in Toronto cuz they are the only team not getting shafted in this deal…I think Holland would let Datsyuk play in Russia before he made a trade that could get him fired if he made it or he would need a police escort to walk around Detroit…as i said before you can keep dreamin if you think this deal will go down!!

  17. dcz28 says:

    I also forgot to ask…who does the Wings get to replace Zetterberg or Datsyuk? nobody!! just a 5th or 6th dman when the Wings have 8 under contract for the season already…what a load of bs!!…i know u just read those somewhere but enough with the Leafs and Wings if the Wings wanted Kolzig so bad why would they give something to the Leafs when they could trade directly with them? I think Washington wouldnt mind getting Datsyuk or Zetterberg and Legace for Witt, Kolzig and a Draft pick…make no sense so it had to start in T.O

  18. Ace_Bailey says:

    Hell no, I dont want to see it. Losing 2 d-men is enough. But also Kolzig hasn’t kept his numbers as high as Legace’s. Can Toronto even pay for Zetterberg and Witt? This trade makes sense for Washington only.

  19. Uhockeycrybabies says:

    Absolutely! I am a leafs fan, and its crap like this that makes it difficult to admit that I bleed blue and white. This trade does not make sense on so many levels, in fact I can’t believe that I am wasting time on this.

  20. hoffman900 says:

    “Scroing machien”, is that german?

  21. hoffman900 says:

    There’s nothing substantial to back any of the two Montreal rumors. Do not wet your pants yet.

  22. splendidchink says:

    QUIT POSTING THAT DAMN STUPID TRADE RUMOUR IN EVERY FREAKING THREAD! Start your own if you must but quit HIJACKING every other thread on this site.

  23. wingedim says:

    Last I saw this deal, while intriguing, was downgraded to sheer speculation as no further confrimation was available.

  24. mooser says:

    Thanks for your comment on Richard Park. As a Canuck fan I am excited about this pickup… especially at 750. I also think he will flourish under a new system.

    Most fans I know in Vancouver are totally disappointed with this aquisition.

    All I know is that when Van lost to the Wild in the playoffs… Richard Park was giving me fits. I hated him. One of those guys I would rather have on my team than play against.

  25. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    yea i know and damphousse helped out in the playoffs as well when san jose beat colorado and yet they signed him THEN.

  26. bammer91 says:

    i agree wit u mooser park sounds like a paul kariya type of player. he is small, quick, good stick handling skills. he will excell in the new nhl

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