Steroids in Sports

There is an on going problem in pro sports, and that is the use of performance enhancing drugs, and I think it’s time to stop sugar coating it for some, and it’s time to take the “Hazard” label off for others.Yesturday, I read the book “juiced”, and I never minded Jose Canseco until I read it, but he is the most egocentric ass hole I’ve heard of. He played the victim while bragging about being the godfather of steroids, he said he blamed his dead mother, because he told her as she died he was going to be the greatest athlete in the world. Which is pretty rediculous, because if I was juiced, I could be the best athlete in the world. He said it causes exciting baseball, which isn’t really true, personally, I’d rather see a great catch then a long ball, which I know sounds weird comming from a Yankees fan, but really, imagine 40 000 fans thinking “if only I knew how to take the propper dosages…”

His book was rediculous, and really, other then A-Rod, and Deryk Jeter, any player mentioned in the book could have Canseco charged with slander. The players mentioned as steroids users are Jason Giambi, Juan Gonzalez, Mark McGwire (which by the way, he spelled 2 different ways through out the book…), Ivan Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro, Miguel Tejada, Wilson Avarez, Dave Martinez, Bret Boone, and Tony Saunders. He also hinted at Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa, and said of Barry Bonds:

“Barry Bonds was nearby, and when he saw me, he just stood there and stared. I weighed about 255 at that point, and I was just shredded with veins. Barry couldn’t believe what he was seeing. ‘What the hell have you been doing?’ he asked me, slowly and dramatically, for everybody to hear.”

He later said of Barry

“So what did Barry Bonds do that next off season? He showed up in spring 2001, with 40 pounds of added muscle. As soon as he set foot on a field in Scottsdale that spring, he was all anyone could talk about.

“My God, look at how big he is,” everyone was saying. “He’s monstrous. Look at him.”

Barry added all that muscle, and then went out that season, and hit seventy three home runs, and destroyed the home run record. But if you look at his numbers, he had never hit more than forty-nine home runs over fifteen seasons in the major leagues before that. Suddenly he’s hitting 73?”

There was more he wrote, he says “But the simple fact is that Barry Bonds was definitely using steroids.”

I met a guy at a local pizza place the other day, I don’t know who he was, or how he’d know, but he says that most of the kids in the OHL take roids to bulk up, and I’ve heard alot of things about Gary Roberts doing them to heal is broken neck.

But in a sport like hockey, it would be un benneficial to take steroids, because it may imrpove the strength, but not the ligaments, meaning things are heavier for them, causing tears and things, see what’s happenning to Eric Gagne? Of all pitchers, he is the most obvious juicer.

My personal belief on steroids, is because so many people were on them in the 90s, the best players were still the best, but the best hit more home runs, Jose Canseco said that most of these players were good before roids, accept for him, and Mark McGwire’s 49 as a rookie was clean, so all it did was raise numbers, meaning players who have proven to take steroids while it was legal should be hall of famers, if they’re good enough, (Canseco shouldn’t though) but the records should not stand.

I know this is, and it’s mostly about baseball in here, but it’s an interesting topic none the less, and I think we should be aware of growth hormones, testosterone boosts, and steroids. I mean really, could Zdeno Chara possibley look like that naturally??? lol


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  1. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Interesting article. Although I feel that it should be the player’s choice rather then the leagues choice of what they put in their bodies, obviously steroids take away from the integrity of the sport. All of the work that Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth did to win the home run record may be lost to Barry Bonds due to steroid use. If he takes the record, it’s a black-mark for baseball for a long long time………….In the league’s defense though, it must be hard to continuously test all 700+ players for drugs all of the time.

    I think the steroid issue needs to be escalated as it really ruins the integrity of America’s Past Time. I don’t really care about the cheating, but I do care about the black-mark on baseball.

    Thankfully, only Bryan Berard has been caught in the NHL. Hopefully nobody else has the same results.


  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Bryan Berard, while he played down this report (what a classy guy eh) was proven to have been taking something for digestion that could have caused the test results.

    You really are one of my favorite members, no matter the subject, everything ends with “GO OILERS GO!!!” It’s only too bad that Leaf fans aren’t that enthusiastic.

  3. habs_punk says:

    Chara? As far as I know, steroids don’t make you taller. The guy is 6’9″, steroids don’t do that. I honestly don’t think he looks like he’s on roids at all. He might be, I don’t know, but he sure isn’t obviously on roids.

  4. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Thanks Leafy. I appreciate you saying that. And I must say that I really enjoy the articles that you write. You truly do contribute a lot to this website. Keep it up!!!

    I hadn’t heard that Bryan Berard may be cleared of his guilt. That’s great. This looks much better for the NHL, the Blue Jackets, and Bryan Berard. Great to hear.

    Keep up the great work, Leafy!!!

  5. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I have no idea either about Chara being on roids. He honestly just looks naturally large…………Who knows really??? Maybe they should test him (if they haven’t already).

  6. habs_punk says:

    I think that if the sport decides that roids are not permissable, then that is the only reason a player should not be allowed to take them. If a consenting adult, knowing the potential negative side effects, decides he wants to use steroids, thats up to him. When the use of the drug is illegal, only then is the use of it necessarily wrong. That’s my opinion anyways.

  7. navajo says:

    Steroids don’t all of a sudden give you talent, so no Leafy, you wouldn’t be the best athlete in the world. I think it should be a choice. Steroids don’t help your hand eye co-ordination to hit a 100 mph fastball.

  8. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    In all honesty, it was a joke.

  9. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Well I’m saying with Jose’s reasoning. He said several times in the book that because he hit those home runs, he was the best athlete in the world, he also says that he wouldn’t have been able to play in a beer league if it wasn’t for the steroids.

  10. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Yeah, I figured as much…………But you may be right. Chara is quite a big boy….Who knows???

  11. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Simple, steroids is a cheaters way to better physical results, therefore any player using it has built its body for optimal results in an unfair way.

    Athletics is supposed to be about fair competition and is supposed to be about athletes, not athletes that cheat, or regualr people that turn themselves into athletes using illegal substances. As professional sports leagues, whether it be NHL, MLB, NFL, etc. they have the utmost responsibility to look out for the health and well being of the players, especially the players associations that work with these leagues.

    It is a proven fact that steroids knock years off of one’s life and by simply allowing players to use these substances the leagues would not be fulfilling their responsibility of the well being of their players. Steroids should be completely illegal, no ifs ands or buts about it in my book.

    Some players may not like it but those who don’t will when they live to a ripe old age instead of dying in their mid 40’s like some wrestling stars have in the past 6-7 years.

  12. Gretzkin says:

    I wanna hold the rabbits….

    … buddy who didn’t see that as a joke made himself look pretty stupid there.

    Uh, I don’t know, he’s awfuly tall and stuff, duhh, I’m not sure…

    Not my Jannetty though, playing buddy like the dummy he is.

    GO JANNETTY!!!!!!!

    And Leafy, you kick butt. Keep it up, my good man!

  13. Ottawasenfan3 says:

    Chara has often been commented on by his teamates as being the hardest working guy in the locker room. He is NOT on steriods. You wouldn’t say it if you had him on your team!!!

  14. habs_punk says:

    Wow, you’ve seriously got some sort of complex.

  15. Ottawasenfan3 says:

    If you are doing this article, you should understand what it means for anyones name to be brought up in the same sentance as steroids. Even if it was a joke, it is a stupid one.

  16. wingerxxx says:

    This is a very interesting article. Steroids are an issue in all sports, not just baseball or football. The Bryan Berard incident this year was unfortunate. At least he was a man and took responsibility for what he did. I can’t say the same about Barry Bonds. The guy is making a mockery of baseball. I have no idea of why more people didn’t take notice of just how Bonds could have put on so much muscle in so short a time. Mark McGwire was always gigantic, steroids or not. Bonds used to be scrawny. And at his age, turns into He-Man. Come on. Something is up.

    As for Canseco and McGwire and that book…it’s weird because I don’t know how much steroids helped these two ball players. There is still no conclusive evidence that McGwire used them, although his appearance in front of Congress last year was not good. It would not surprise me a bit if McGwire used them. Baseball has a big problem. If they let Barry Bonds into the Hall of Fame, they absolutely must include guys like Mark McGwire. There are admitted cheaters in the Baseball Hall of Fame. It is a problem for them. And I hope it never becomes a problem in the NHL. And it’s VERY clear that Canseco was out to get McGwire in his book. He went out of his way to point out that he got more girls than McGwire ever did at night clubs. Among other things. Canseco’s contempt for Mac borders on childish, in the book.

    As I say, I hope that problems like this do not spill over into the NHL. I hate to think that any of our players could stoop to the level it takes to use steroids and basically cheat to win.

  17. JannettyTheRocker says:

    So I hear…..I was just watching Sportsnet, and they were talking about how Chara spends hours in the gym each day…….I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  18. my_sphincter says:

    IMO Chara actually looks skinny for a 6′ 9” er.

  19. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    He also hinted at Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa, and said of Barry Bonds:

    Clemens oh god now i know why canseco is a dumbass.

  20. navajo says:

    I still think Canseco was a champ…a wife beating, ball hitting champ!

  21. the_word says:

    On the steroids issue, I don’t see why everyone is making such a big deal about it. Why should the fans care? I’m not advocating that players should be allowed to use steriods, I understand it cheapens the performance of athletes, but this should be a problem for the league, not such a media driven issue. This subject bores me to no end. Is Bonds on steroids? Will he break the record? Should he go to the hall of fame? Why should it matter? The only people it will bother outside the lockeroom and management is fanboy geeks who are obesses about numbers and the ‘aura’ of the hall of fame. I’ve never heard someone complain after a playoff lose that ‘we got hosed that guy(s) on steroids’, from a sports writer, athlete or manager.

  22. the_word says:

    Athletics is supposed to be about fair competition? Athletics is about the antithesis of fairness, where the more talented athletes are judged in so far as they dominate others. Athletic successes is due in large part to the ability athletes are born with, that talent is not earn but given, hence I could trainer harder than Steve Nash (even on steroids) and still not even be the best player in my Wednesday nights games at the YMCA.

  23. RangerSteve says:

    Bertuzzi with roid rage? Could be! I’d hate to admit it because I love Bert’s game, but there is a chance he could have been on roids. I think it was THN who ran an article on Rick Nash about adding muscle and becoming a big powerforward. In the column, they had a scale which showed the added weight Bertuzzi had over the course of 3 years compared to Nash. Don’t quote me on it, but the incriments added over a 3 year period were insane and didn’t seem natural to me.

  24. cecilturtle says:

    Any player who can’t keep his discipline will be out of the league real fast… Any coach who can coach, would have his team go out of their way to check and taunt this juiced savage beast every single shift. The NHL is the only sport “it seems” that the players physical improvements gained from steroid use would be heavely outwayed by the side effect of decreased mental discipline. This is a real good thing!!! Because for you fathers out there… I feel very confident that kids wont one day be in a situation where they feel they must take steroids for any hope of playing hockey at an elite level.

    Cecil Turtle

  25. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Get a room. And a barf bag for me.

  26. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Steroids don’t give you the ability to hit a 100mph fastball, that’s a God given talent that very few people have. What steroids do provide is the ability to build more muscle mass and to heal your body faster. So, you tweak your groin reaching for a low outside pitch and a regular guy is limited if not out of the game for a week or so, Mr. Roids is back in there the next day as good as new (or close to it). That is why steroids are unfair.

  27. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    You should read the book, he denies the wife beating.

  28. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Listen bud, i read that thing, and these are guys that go from highschool kids who play alot of hockey, to workout buffs, who do nothing but sit, work out,a nd play hockey. You gotta realize he changed his life style ALOT.

  29. Ottawasenfan3 says:

    Thank you very much!

  30. Enigma says:

    Steroids can HELP you throw that 100 mph fastball though.

  31. Radio says:

    How about the NHL leads steroid research, then endorses all proven play-enhancing substances. The players who want to take them can take them, those who don’t don’t have to.

    Also, all professional sports ought to remove their ban on all substances in their list that does not actually improve performance (read, marijuana), and admit that they are propaganda caving pussies to the government.

  32. adambuffalo says:

    “I’ve heard alot of things about Gary Roberts doing them to heal is broken neck.”

    This is very common. Many people who have injuries are prescribed steroids to help with the recovery. There are many forms of steroids used in the medical field. I just finished taking steroids prescribed to help with my allergies. Not all steroids are used to Bulk Up.

  33. guinsfan4life says:

    I disagree that steriods would not help you in hockey.

    If a player cycled steriods in the offseason combined with a workout program tailored to their needs, not necessarily heavy weight lifting–the player would perform better on the ice. And if they were cycled in the correct proportions by a doctor, the strain on the ligaments and tendons would be minimal.

    One of the biggest misconceptions around steriods is that you only take them to get bigger, stronger.

    Winstrol is a steroid known to help bodybuilders lean out when getting ready for a show. It helps little with strength.

    Players like Gary Roberts, as noted above, can use steroids to help recover and lessen the physical tole on their bodies.

  34. wingerxxx says:

    You’re very right. Steroids would greatly impact a hockey player’s performance. Especially a stud defenseman who can play 30 minutes a night. Or a great goaltender. Roids would just help that athlete out even more, with recovery time, and so on.

  35. wingerxxx says:

    It is common, working in a doctor’s clinic myself. Hell, when I was having problems with my eyes last year, my eye doctor gave me a steroid eyedrop to use!

  36. smooth4488 says:

    OK, to set the record straight. Steroids do more than just build muscle. People need to realize recovery times shorten, endurance does go up, among other things. It would be a form of cheating….

    Also, Winstrol does give you strength gains. In a typical bodybuilder that is already stacking a roid, it does little but someone who is only taking Winstrol will have strength gains. Besides that, I agree with the comment…it definitely is a shredder….

    Many have been caught in track with this substance. Do they want to get ripped???? no….just run faster…

  37. guinsfan4life says:

    Yeah a typical person taking winstrol is going to get stronger, but for a bodybuilder it would make more sense to take deca-durabolin because your strength gains will go trough the roof. Track stars couldn’t take deca cause it would pack the muscle on. But have you seen track stars lately…they are huge!!!

  38. guinsfan4life says:

    No doubt. When I was in college I had this friend of mine who was considerably older. He’d always ask me if I wanted him to bring me back a christmas present from Mexico when he went over xmas break.

    I’d come back from break and he would be bench pressing over 350lbs.–when he weighed 165-170. I couldn’t even come close.

    Then he’d run out of the stuff and completely fall way back down to where I was. He was a beast when he was on it!!!

  39. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    you forgot something jannetty,


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