Steroids in Sports

There is an on going problem in pro sports, and that is the use of performance enhancing drugs, and I think it’s time to stop sugar coating it for some, and it’s time to take the “Hazard” label off for others.Yesturday, I read the book “juiced”, and I never minded Jose Canseco until I read it, but he is the most egocentric ass hole I’ve heard of. He played the victim while bragging about being the godfather of steroids, he said he blamed his dead mother, because he told her as she died he was going to be the greatest athlete in the world. Which is pretty rediculous, because if I was juiced, I could be the best athlete in the world. He said it causes exciting baseball, which isn’t really true, personally, I’d rather see a great catch then a long ball, which I know sounds weird comming from a Yankees fan, but really, imagine 40 000 fans thinking “if only I knew how to take the propper dosages…”

His book was rediculous, and really, other then A-Rod, and Deryk Jeter, any player mentioned in the book could have Canseco charged with slander. The players mentioned as steroids users are Jason Giambi, Juan Gonzalez, Mark McGwire (which by the way, he spelled 2 different ways through out the book…), Ivan Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro, Miguel Tejada, Wilson Avarez, Dave Martinez, Bret Boone, and Tony Saunders. He also hinted at Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa, and said of Barry Bonds:

“Barry Bonds was nearby, and when he saw me, he just stood there and stared. I weighed about 255 at that point, and I was just shredded with veins. Barry couldn’t believe what he was seeing. ‘What the hell have you been doing?’ he asked me, slowly and dramatically, for everybody to hear.”

He later said of Barry

“So what did Barry Bonds do that next off season? He showed up in spring 2001, with 40 pounds of added muscle. As soon as he set foot on a field in Scottsdale that spring, he was all anyone could talk about.

“My God, look at how big he is,” everyone was saying. “He’s monstrous. Look at him.”

Barry added all that muscle, and then went out that season, and hit seventy three home runs, and destroyed the home run record. But if you look at his numbers, he had never hit more than forty-nine home runs over fifteen seasons in the major leagues before that. Suddenly he’s hitting 73?”

There was more he wrote, he says “But the simple fact is that Barry Bonds was definitely using steroids.”

I met a guy at a local pizza place the other day, I don’t know who he was, or how he’d know, but he says that most of the kids in the OHL take roids to bulk up, and I’ve heard alot of things about Gary Roberts doing them to heal is broken neck.

But in a sport like hockey, it would be un benneficial to take steroids, because it may imrpove the strength, but not the ligaments, meaning things are heavier for them, causing tears and things, see what’s happenning to Eric Gagne? Of all pitchers, he is the most obvious juicer.

My personal belief on steroids, is because so many people were on them in the 90s, the best players were still the best, but the best hit more home runs, Jose Canseco said that most of these players were good before roids, accept for him, and Mark McGwire’s 49 as a rookie was clean, so all it did was raise numbers, meaning players who have proven to take steroids while it was legal should be hall of famers, if they’re good enough, (Canseco shouldn’t though) but the records should not stand.

I know this is, and it’s mostly about baseball in here, but it’s an interesting topic none the less, and I think we should be aware of growth hormones, testosterone boosts, and steroids. I mean really, could Zdeno Chara possibley look like that naturally??? lol