Andrei Nazarov claims “99 per cent” of enforcer-type players use steroids, while a large proportion of players in general are using some sort of performance-enhancing drug. reported:

Nazarov, now retired and believing he has nothing to lose, became the NHL’s version of Jose Canseco when he spoke to the Russian newspaper Sport-Express last week.

“It has always been a problem for the young heavyweights,” said Nazarov. “You have the boxing technique, the energy, but you lack the mass. The easiest way to get heavier is to use special chemicals.”

Phoenix Coyotes tough guy Georges Laraque told Sportsnet it’s not an issue anymore and people shouldn’t pay attention to what Nazarov has said. “The NHL showed that we have nothing to hide (in testing) every player and every team twice,” said Laraque. “(Nazarov) is not even playing in the league anymore.” Former teammate Brad May, speaking on the FAN 590 radio station, echoed the same sentiments, saying Nazarov’s claims are baseless.

“I have to believe it’s somebody spouting off,” said May. “There were (1406) drug tests this year and not one hockey player was found using any performance-enhancing drugs.

“That’s stupid for someone to come out and say that, but everyone’s got their own opinion.”

May, who said that Nazarov was a great teammate and “one of his favourite guys,” did admit that players have not been completely immune.

“Have there been tough guys using steroids? Absolutely. But (that many) there’s no chance.”

Nazarov for his part said he is not surprised nobody has been caught, believing it’s due to players being informed ahead of time when to expect a test.

“All the players were informed about the date of the doping tests four months before,” insisted Nazarov. “As a result, the players stopped using chemicals some six, eight weeks before the x-day and all of them were proved clear.”

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly was adamant that is not the case.

“I don’t know what drug program he’s in, but he’s clearly not in ours,” said Daly. “There was no advance notice to any of the players as to when the testing was to take place.”

Nazarov played in the NHL for 12 seasons, scoring 53 goals and drawing 1,409 penalty minutes in 517 games for seven different clubs.

World Anti-Doping Agency president Dick Pound, who claimed before the season that as many as one third of NHL players were taking some sort of performance enhancer, has already responded to Nazarov’s comments, saying “it’s good some of the players are prepared to speak out on the subject.”

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  1. EasternHockey says:

    Nice to see another douchebag alongside Bill Daly. I guess testing means nothing these days, it’s just purely word of mouth.

  2. skidragoon says:

    a no name, trying to get his name recognized, nazaballsz or what ever it is…

  3. muckies says:

    Well, Caseco was right wasn’t he??? He may be an ASS, but everything he said about steroids in baseball has proven to be true.

    He doesn’t care about making a name for himself, he is just telling the truth. He played in the league for 12 years, he must no something. I guess lost in all of this is the fact that May did admit some enforcers are on steroids.

    Daly is nothing but a lachey for the owners and proved in the lockout he will do and say anything for the good of the owners, and that means keeping the hockey image pure. He’d lie through his teeth for the owners, and I don’t think cares if young players are risking their lives by takiung steroids. Its all about $$$ for Daly, nothing else.

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    No proof. Nazarov is a goof who saw a few players use steroids, Dick Pound is an idiot who wans his organization to have its name out there so they mk it look like there is a proble. Is there a drug problem? I don’t know, but I am not going to make a random guess and assume its right. If 1/3 players do it, Prove It.

  5. Menton_Rouiller says:

    Dick Pounds may Exaggerate but he is true. Remember Dave Morrisett? He made a book about how he used to take steroids like everyone else so he can jump into the big league, they certainly don’t all take steroids to be bigger and stronger but im pretty sur they take others craps so they can go faster and be able to play 82 games.

  6. captainjoefish says:

    boy nazarov was using steroids and he was still that bad WOW

  7. NjDEVSFN says:

    99% of “enforcer” players?

    Let’s say each team has 3

    theres 90 of those in the NHL

    that means 89 of the 700+ players are doing steroids…

    we know the elite arent (OLYMPIC testing) and the enforcers are on their way out

    personally, the Devils “enforcer” (Cam Janssen) always looks like hes on speed or an adrenaline shot…not steroids

  8. mustgetabeatin says:

    Oh yeah, only certain athletes, in certain sports, making certain amounts of money use performance enhancing drugs. Hockey must be the only clean sport? Let’s call a spade a spade ladies and gentleman. Look at how secretive the hockey community is, we haven’t even heard a whisper of the real reason Pronger wanted to leave Edmonton??? Time for a fattie, oops is that on the banned substanced list? I wait for my phone call from the league office before I light up.

  9. muckies says:

    Lets get teh facts straight – he said 99% of “young enforcers” trying to make it into the league are on ‘roids. NOt all the enforcers, just the ones on the outside looking to win a spot on their team and haven’t established themsleves yet.

  10. dcz28 says:

    No player is going to use steroids during the season because they know they will be tested but the problem like Dick Pound said on “Off The Record” TSN is that they don’t test during the off-season which any player that wants to bulk up can use steroids during that time and stop before traces can be showed at the start of the season. That is a big loophole in the testing system and players are known to use loopholes to their advantages…not that i think that many players really use them but i’m pretty sure we could be surprised if they did surprise testings during off-season.

  11. Brux87 says:

    take those roids you enforcers… im trying to see some crazy ass roid rage fights from the “enforcers” haha hell ya

  12. Rickler says:

    Nazarov is a pylon. End of story.

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    maybe they do, but Dick Pound was an idiot to say to the media that 1/3rd use steroids without a shread of proof. True or not he’s just trying to get his organzation on the map.

  14. my_sphincter says:

    Who cares if they are on the juice? I think they should create an ALL STEROIDS league in every sport.

  15. LeafyMcLeaf says:


    Ok, everyone who’s played in an internatioal tournament has been tested, that’s pretty much every worth while player. On to the enforcers… well the Leafs enforcers last year included Domi, Belak, Wilm, Ondrus, and to a lesser extent Tucker.

    Belak is just tall, not muscular, and there’s no *****ing way Tucker, Wilm, Ondrus or Domi, someone that small, were juiced. Tucker may be able to use some prozac though…

    Steroids just aren’t good for you in hockey, that’s the truth.

  16. muckies says:

    Dick Pound runs the International anti- Doping Committe and was Vice-President of the Olympic Committe. He didn’t need to get his organization on the map, its the only organisation that actually fights steroids and is trying to get them out of sport. Instead of the NHL that has bogus drug tests, doesn’t tell the fans what they are testing for ( they could onl;y be testing for Heroin and Magic Mushrooms, We don’t know) and doesn’t suspend a guy who actually tests positve in Columbus D-man Bryan Berada who got busted with anobolic steroids in his system before the ebginning of the season. It’s a joke.

  17. archemedes says:

    I don’t think it’s as many as these guys want us to believe. Look at alot of the players today and they aren’t bulking up a ton in the off season. Hockey doesn’t have the issue since strength is really not a major factor in performance. As for performance enhancing drugs remeber Sudafed is banned by the Olymics as a performance enhancer

  18. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Its not a joke. the NHL runs 2 SURPRIZE tests on every player. Why the hell would they care to tell the fans what they test for, and yes only one player in the entire nhl tested positive for steroids. now i am not arogant enough to believe that only one player in the nhl used steroids, but I’m also not foolish enough to believe speculation from a guy who runs an organization that tests every single sport except hockey. He wants people to believe Hockey has a problem so he can come in and save the day. By the way, Theodore was caught by Dick Pounds Olympic testing for a hair growth supplement. Other than that every NHL player That Dick Pound tested for the Olympics came up negative. Are his tests a joke? Nazarov is Jose Canseco in disguise

  19. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    well, steroids definetly assist hockey players no doubt about it, but the nhl tests every player 2 times a year, so its hard to cheat the system.

  20. muckies says:

    You really don’t know what your tallking about and are out of your league. You go on what Don Cherry said, and Cherry himself said that Bettman should list what the NHL is teatsing for and how they carry out their tests. Why keep it a secret from the fans????? It makes no sense. The only reason they would keep it a secret is because they aren’t testing for certain drugs that they should be. To make the drug testing system in the NHL legit, they have to let the fans know that what they are testing for and how they do it. Until then, it’ll be a joke and it is a joke.

    well, everything that Canseco said in his book is true, despite everybody trying to say otherwise

  21. muckies says:

    you have no idea they are testing for steroids, because you don’t know what they are testing for, they could just be etsting for heroin and cocaine, and not even testing for steroids, so to say the NHL is testing for steroids is wrong, you don’t know, nobody knows, maybe not even the players.

  22. wheresthesoda says:

    thats funny, your cam janssen comment

  23. MT4e says:

    Wow..two of the world’s biggest loser agreeing with each other, Nazarov and Pound (put on some more pounds).

  24. cecilturtle says:

    Get a job… Stay pritty. Unless you want to fight someone on steroids every night? As a father with 2 young boys… The only reason I’m against steroids is because if my kids ever become elite athletes at a sport??? I dont want it to be manditory for them to take steroids inorder to get to the next level! But who wants their kids to be enforcers anyway. Truth be told I don’t think Steroids has a place in hockey and will never be a “big” problem? The few people in hockey that might have taken them like “Danton”… Sort of have a way of getting out of the league all on their own!

    Cecil Turtle

  25. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    HAHA, you choose what you want to believe. Its not the fans Bettman keeps the info from its the media. The media badouths baseball for its problems all the time, does Bettman want hockey to be the same? 2 Surprize urine test a year. they would have no reason not to test for every drug that they can discover through urine, the only major drug that no major sport can test for is HGH, and tht drug won’t help hockey players. Like I said before, no proof, You’re arguing from the voices of two guys,

  26. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Why the hell would they get th urine samples and not test for steroids, Its not like its expencive!!! the research is expencive, but testing isn’t. And players have been caught by the nhl for using steroids, so that proves that they test for steroids. Dick Pound tested half the NHL for the olympics and only one player came up positive and that player was using the drug for hair growth.

  27. muckies says:

    HGH can’t help hockey players like it helps baseball players, cyclist, female swimmers, football players, track athletes, field athletes, cross country skiers, speed skaters, long distance runners…yeah, it wouldn’t help hockey players because they play in the NHL – you’re right, I’m so stupid.

  28. muckies says:

    the NHL players didn’t get busted for steroids by the NHL, it was done by Dick Pound’s anti-doping commitee for the Olympics, so you should really get your facts straight, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    And Bryan Berard tested positive for steriods, AGAIN, get your facts straight.

  29. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    HGH adds muscle tissue, wich is bad for anyone who needs to be speedy like baseball players, cyclist, female swimmers, track athletes, field athletes, cross country skiers, speed skaters, long distance runners. When you’re on skates it does little good, and no sport can catch HGH so its not like Hockey has a real problem. It can be used by Enforcers to add “mass” but does a much poorer job than steroids. Face it theres no proof, so you have no argument, just like Dick Pound has no business sticking his fat nose into the sport of hockey.

  30. muckies says:

    so i guess all that HGh that Bonds, Sosa, Pamlmeiro took didn’t help, tight????

    If they can’t test for HGH, how did they bust Bonds??? Get your facts straight

  31. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Thank you for Proving my point. Berard was caught by the NHL for a test he did in 2005 (way before the Olympics) and Pound caught Theodore for his hair growth product. So the NHL’s current solution seems to be working as players are being caught, and Dick Pound is catching all of those badhockey players using hair growth drugs.

    Tell me straght up, do you believe that 1/3rd of NHers use Steroids.

  32. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Look it up. You need a blood test to catch HGH, although research is being done to make a test that will detect HGH in urine. Bonds was ratted out by his Trainer and your friend Jose Canseco. HGH helps Baseball players because sluggers can hit more homeruns with the added muscle tissue. However it significantly reduces their foot speed, as Bonds used to be an amazing fielder too, but not anymore.

  33. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Berard was caught by the IIHF, but he went to the league early in the season and said he took something that could be a steroid, he passed the test.

    And you said steroids improve you, no they don’t, they don’t strengthen your ligaments, it’d make it too easy for you to tear a ligament when skating with all that muscle.

  34. hab_o_holic says:

    Canseco AND Nazarov are what i like to call “rats”. It’s been said so many times “if it doesn’t concern you, shut your mouth”

    I personally dont believe nazarov’s comments anyway…

    True or not, Nazarov’s statements are uncalled for. Very low, very unprofessional.

    Put it this way, before any NHLer faces consequences for steroids, Barry Bonds should be banned from baseball and his records should be cancelled as well


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