Steve Shields a Canuck?

Rumor has it that Steve Shields is going to go to the Canucks’ training and if he makes the team he will recieve an NHL contract.Steve Shields has also been a back up for Canucks’ goalie Roberto Luongo in Florida during the 2003-2004 season. He also was the back up for J.S Giguere in Anahiem, Eveni Nabokov in San Jose, Andrew Raycroft in Boston, Dominik Hasek in Buffalo and Kari Lethonen last year in Atlanta

13 Responses to Steve Shields a Canuck?

  1. I_hate_LA says:

    How old is Shields?

  2. nuck4life says:

    wow, Nonis is losing my respect to him as a mangaer more an more everyday, what is the point of Sheilds? Canucks have the same things in FLaherty. WHy dosnt Nonis find somethign useful to spend his money on, like a winger to play on one of Canucks top 2 lines.

  3. Les-Habitants says:

    I thought that most players, especially a vet, wouldn’t normally show up to training camp without a contract but I could be wrong.

    Also, they want to keep Flaherty in the AHL to mentor their prospects.

  4. Hoondog2 says:

    The poor Canucks are in shambles!

  5. nova_scotia123 says:

    who cares. luongo will be playing 70+ games anyway

  6. thegoalie1976 says:

    You better hope he wins them, with shields as backup you will give away 10 games.

  7. TheDugg1er says:

    remember he gets the contract IF he makes the team, and why are the canucks in shambles, do you even follow the team?!?!?!?!??!

  8. papichulo71 says:

    so much for that 2nd they gave up on Noranen.

  9. SabresFan220 says:

    The Canucks must really love former Sabres goalies. Since trading for Biron to backup Luongo was too rich for them they decided the next cheapest ex Sabre goalie on the market was a good idea. Shields isn’t bad, and it’s not like he’ll be called on for 30 games. I wouldn’t have minded the Sabres signing him for the league minimum to backup Miller (if we ever get him signed).

  10. Brenk069 says:

    They haven’t paid Shields anything yet so why is this a bad move and how can you be losing respect for Nonis, they haven’t played a game yet.

    Your a Canucks fan don’t you remember what last season was like? Did you expect Carter to score 30 goals last season? How many nights were you yanking your hair out cause the team gave a 50% effort?

    Let at least let a few games go by before you get on Nonis. You never know which of his pick-ups may be able to pick up the slack for those players they lost.

    As for the guy who said the Canucks are in shambles, I’d like to know how many Canucks games you watched last season because things could not get much worse than what we saw last year.

  11. nova_scotia123 says:

    you are 100% correct.

  12. zdeno_duchesne says:

    not to mention the noronen acquisition at the last deadline

  13. korea_kicks_ass says:

    Oh My God!! Just call up Wade Flaherty! He was MVP of AHL allstar game last year…. And why is Dany Sabourin up for Canucks ??? I mean who the is he ? what's he's talent?

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