Steve Yzerman to Calgary? It's anything but certain


Here’s a topic that seems to come up fairly frequently: When is Steve Yzerman going to get bored playing second or third fiddle in the Red Wings’ front office and want to run his own team? You know, other than Team Canada.

Some media speculation has tied him to the not-yet-vacant general manager’s job with the Flames. In fact,’s Allan Muir wrote Friday that Yzerman likely would be the team’s “first choice.”

The question then becomes: Would Stevie Y. bolt? Muir isn’t sure.

“It’s not even certain that Yzerman, who has served as vice president of the Red Wings since September 2006, believes he’s ready for the challenge of managing an NHL team just yet,” he wrote. “And if he is, he may not be looking for a Ty Pennington special like Calgary. Consider what he’d have to deal with. He’d be handcuffed financially by contracts awarded recently to Rene Bourque and Matt Stajan and a very expensive blue line. The team has no first-round pick this summer … . The system is regarded as one of the bottom 10 in the league, thanks to years of questionable drafting. And the team’s core is aging rapidly. …

“Calgary might offer the type of challenge he craves. More likely, though, he holds off for something more appealing.”

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  1. cam7777 says:

    I don't think Calgary is that challenging to remodel.  The real challenge comes with changing the front office and behind the scenes staff.  They clearly need to completely revamp their drafting methods.  They haven't successfully drafted someone since Dion Phaneuf, and he's gone now.  And even then, it was pretty hard not to draft a star in 2003 (though the Leafs managed, somehow).

    Hagman, Stajan and Bourque make up a great second line, and you have one of three pieces in place on that top line.  The bottom six is formidable, and if Yzerman wanted to add guys, he could, very easily just because of his name value.  How many players are going to turn down a contract offer from Steve Yzerman?  My thinking is that anyone on the fence, is persuaded by the (now golden) lustre of Stevie Y. 

    The defense is solid, but has some moveable pieces.  It has two of the most under-rated talents in the league on the back end in Ian White and Mark Giordano.  White's soon to become very noticeable though, as his contract extension will likely see him making between 3 and 4 million dollars.  Guys like Sarich are attractive to teams ready to compete though, in that he is both affordable, and has won a Cup.  Pardy is a serviceable, but replaceable player also.  So right there, is an oppurtunity for to bring in some assets.

    And finally, the goaltending is among the best in the league with Mikka in net, but I think this is where there is room for the biggest trade, and also the biggest return.  You have a few teams this year, who are absolutely desperate now, to find a permanent solution between their pipes.  Philadelphia is dieing without that presence back there.  Chicago and Washington alike, both will need a goalie if they intend to go all the way.  And all of these teams have young, high-end talent they can afford to part with.  Conversely, there is oppurtunity for a high-risk, high-reward goalie signing in the off-season with Ellis, Biron, Nabokov, Turco, Emery and a few other notables becoming available.  So this is where the first hammer should fall for new management. 

    Money isn't a big problem here.  The second line of the Flames, even with the new contracts, only costs 9.8 million dollars.  Detroit's 2nd line (Cleary, Filppula, Franzen) costs 9.755 million.  Calgary's top 4 defensemen are going to cost about 15.1 million next year.  Detroit's top 4 costs 20.2 million.  The only real variations are in net, where the Red Wings spend just 2.1 million, and on the top line.  It's pretty clear to me where Stevie Y would go to work on this team…

  2. reinjosh says:

    Nice analysis. I think I agree with everything. The three biggest needs this team has, is a playmaking first line center for Iggy, forward prospect depth and talent and the goaltending figured out.

    Kipper is an amazing goalie. He can single handily steal not only a game, but also a series. Moving him would definitely bring in some nice assets. The only problem being his NTC but that could be dealt with.

  3. cam7777 says:

    Yea, depends if he has that clause to protect himself from being shipped to the likes of Atlanta or Colubmus, or if he has that clause because he doesn't want to leave Caglary.  If the rumors of him and Phaneuf being cocaine buddies are true, then I suspect it's the former, and that he would waive for any of those contending teams.

    The thing is, you need a GM who's going to have the balls to overhaul, even if it means moving a big name like Kipper, and being ruthless with moving a guy like Sarich, and doing away with a contract like Langkow.  If not, I think, and I've said this before, but I think Calgary is headed into a Toronto, JFJ era kind of a bad time.  The only difference is, Iginla is still young enough to captain a team to greatness.  Get him a center (or as I've suggested two linemates in Briere/JVR), and go from there.

  4. number15 says:

         Their downfall started when they signed Jay Boumeester….. Im sure if they had a choice they would have kept Phaneuf and trade Jay-Bo. though there were no takers

    They should start with a new coach and style of play. Sutter is a decent coach but they'v been doing the tough team thing for a while and its not working…… maybe Ken Hitch*****?

    Ken Hitch***** + Yzerman + Iginla = success

  5. cam7777 says:

    Yea, I agree completely.  Jay-Bo had the reverse Kaberle effect going on in Florida.  No one actually watched him play, but because he put up good points on the lowly Panthers, he must have been some sort of supreme God of defensive hockey, just waiting to break on to the scene in a major hockey market.  Geez, I wish the Leafs could operate in anonymity.  And I bet Dan Sexton wishes his predecessors had pulled the trigger on ANY Jay-Bo trade from deadline last year….

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