Stick with em or throw in the towel.

Alright, what have they proven to anyone as of late? Well they score 7 goals against Phoenix and well everyone gets excited… They have the opportunity to make a dint in the playoff race and then blow games against teams there fighting with.Here I will show you will start were really my frustration came from… and no it wasn’t the Out-door classic.

L.A 4 Edm 3. This is where they blew it. I talked with a good friend who does security and he said after the game… “The Kings walked in the dressing room laugh and saying that game was a joke”.

Then Edmonton goes on a 3 game winning streak beating the Ducks, the Blues and the ever popular fight with Atlanta. Now this fight was a great team builder and everyone was talking on how this is just what a team needs… well how do the Oilers come out the next game against The Wild?

Flat, no energy and just get killed… 3-0. Then the tie Nashville and it leaves you in shock.

Now the next 4 games are tough playing Detroit twice, Colorado and Vancouver. They outplay Detroit the first game and lose 2-1. Then they play Colorado with out Forsberg and low them out 5-1. Yes they played well but Colorado played horrible. Then they play Vancouver and played a awesome game and one they were proud of. Finally they tie Detroit 1-1 and ending that with a 2-1-1 record.

Excited? Dont be cause they lose there next game to the Ducks… where Lupal plays great and the Oil lose 4-2. But then they play good ol’ Mike Comrie and kill Phoenix 7-2… on a game that again should ignite those Oilers.

But… they play Dallas and lose 5-4… on a game where they were up 4-1. Geez sounds like a Kings game… They were above .500 with what I was talking about… but 6-5-2 is nothing to brag about.

Now I ask do you still jump on the wagon? Look at it this way and then make your own opinion!

17 games left.

16 against those in there division… Ottawa is the only one thats not.


St. Louis








San Jose





St. Louis



3 sets of games back to back. So that’s how it looks… now you make the call. In theory Edmonton can make the playoffs… in theory Communism works.

The_Conductor (who is unsure what to think)

Not about the Oilers but about Communism!