still time…. but not for long

– An ego like Brian Burke couldn’t possibly bare giving up two top lotto picks in consecutive season…… there is still time to salvage the season
Leafs are a few games away from being rite in there, thanks to their hot start but are fading fast.

Not long ago Brian Burke said there were talking with other teams but he wanted to wait at least until the 10 game mark and see if the team gels…. well it hasn’t

Leafs are not gonna win the cup but there is still time to make something of this season and save the embarasment of handing Boston another top 5 pick

Burke needs to make a move. Not for the sake of making a move, but the Leafs just don’t have the right players.

it could get ugly…… very soon

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  1. Leafs420 says:

    I completely agree a move needs to be made now. Sitting there and watching the game i was going nuts and im such a loyal leafs fan it takes a lot for me to get frustrated with me team and i did last night. If a move doesn't happen now we are screwed.

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