Stoll on the move? Rangers want another All-Star? Penguin Veteran on the block?

– The Detroit News mentions Oilers C Jarret Stoll as being on the trade market and after being a healthy scratch Friday night for the Oilers is only further evidence he’s on his way out of Oilerville given he don’t start producing SOON.

– According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Wild defencemen Keith Carney, Kurtis Foster, and Petteri Nummelin could be trade bait.

The Los Angeles Times mentions Todd Marchant, Francois Beauchemin and Sean O’Donnell respectively could also be part of the Ducks recent trade talks. Mathieu Schneider which we know already, is being offered around already.

– According to the Ottawa Sun, the Panthers are interested in Senators forward Antoine Vermette, though it’s not exactly clear what the Panthers would offer to entice the Senators, possibly Captain Jokinen…

– Mark Recchi isn’t/wasn’t the only Penguin veteran who has spent time in the press box this season. Darryl Sydor told the Dallas Morning News that the Penguins were shopping him around. Sydor does have a no-trade clause, but it’s at least conceivable he would waive it for the chance to play regularly elsewhere.

– Dreaming of big things for the Rangers this season, the New York Post wonders if the Blueshirts, in win-now mode, can put together an offer for a top player, mentioning Mats Sundin, Vincent Lecavalier and Marian Hossa as possibilities. Among second-tier vets, the paper notes that Sergei Fedorov or Rob Blake, if he’s willing to waive his no-trade clause, could be worth consideration. It’s worth noting that Sundin remains adamant about his desire to stay in Toronto, though those answers can change rather quickly if a deal appears imminent and the Leafs are out of the playoff picture.

– I know everyone is probably tired of this same story in Tampa with the Big Three but there have been a number of rumours that, as the sale of the team has fallen through, the Lightning will finally break up their Big Three if the team doesn’t improve and a goaltender would likely need to be a part of the package that comes in return. Vincent Lecavalier, the league’s leading scorer, is the one marquee player in Tampa Bay that doesn’t have a no-trade clause, so Richards or St.Louis will be the likely to go before Vinny.

The Denver Post notes that, without a proven puckstopper, the Avalanche need to find a goaltending solution. The paper also suggests that D John-Michael Liles would be Colorado’s most marketable commodity given his offensive ability and low salary.

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  1. wingerxxx says:

    The Rangers rumors/proposals are downright idiotic.  Neither Fedorov nor Blake would really help the Rangers that much.  The other guys are not coming to New York.  It's more of Uncle Larry's usual silliness. 

    Liles and a high pick might be enough to land a proven goaltender from somewhere, although I don't know of who, just yet.  One huge problem the Avs have is Theodore's big contract.  Once they can get rid of that headache, they won't be quite so hamstrung. 

    The Ducks will look at dealing Schneider.  O'Donnell, probably.  Beauchemin?  Yeah right. 

  2. Pronger44 says:

    Beauchemin's name is mentioned, I don't post stuff that isn't true so take it for what its worth…

  3. BruMagnus says:

    The Pens to the Ducks:
    Sydor, Malone and a 2nd round pick
    Schneider and a 3rd round pick

  4. wingerxxx says:

    My point is that it would be incredibly foolish to deal Beauchemin for anyone, including goal scoring help.  He plays a huge role on the Anaheim blueline, and is hardly ever talked about.  He regularly played more minutes than Chris Pronger in last year's playoffs.  Burke needs to be more concerned about somehow getting rid of Mathieu Schneider and Todd Bertuzzi. 

  5. mojo19 says:

    I'm sorry, did I misread this? Antoine Vermette for Oli Jokinen? Jokinen is a guy who will continue putting up 90 pts a season for a long time. Vermette is a good hockey player but let's not put him on the same page as Oli.

  6. mojo19 says:

    Hmmm, ya not bad. How much $ does Anaheim end up saving there?

    Imagine Matty Schneider paired with Gonchar on the PP. Dirty.

  7. Pronger44 says:

    Obviously I wasn't comparing them top to bottom. If these two were even considered in a trade, then obviously Ottawa would be sending more then just Vermette.

  8. dcz28 says:

    I will start by saying i doubt Jokinen would be traded but i doubt he meant Vermette for Jokinen straight up. Would probably look more like Vermette, Eaves and a draft pick/prospect for Jokinen or a bigger deal like Jokinen and Brian Allen for Vermette, Corvo or Redden (if Redden waived his no trade clause) and either Eaves/draft picks/prospect(s).

    Like i said though i don't think Jokinen is going anywhere and i doubt Martin wants to deal anyone to his former team unless he thinks he's ripping off Brian  Murray

  9. A-Train24 says:

    The Ducks only end up saving 1 550 000 dollars, which, I am not sure is enough.  Plus, Sydor is signed at 2.5 million for next year as well, which could prevent burke from re-signing Perry.

    Look for the trade to either be for draft picks, a cheap UFA to be, or a player that would immediately be bought out.

  10. Pronger44 says:

    The reason I put Jokinen as a possibility in a trade involving Vermette was just my oponion. But what exactly does Florida have to offer that would benefit Ottawa, besides a top six forward in Jokinen. I was gonna say Steven Weiss could be another name, but he ain’t going nowhere after inking that 4 year deal.

  11. jarcpitre says:

    I heard a rumor that the Sens are in the hunt for Marleau, which would be the top six forward that Murray has been talking about, the only thing is where would he fit in the cap. I heard that Corvo and Vermette could be included in this trade, anyone hear the same.
    Talking about the Avs, do you think Kolzig would be a good fit, he is an UFA at the end of this year, but in order to do this they would have to rid themselves of Theo's contract. Things should heat up a bit with the holiday freeze of rosters starting on 19 Dec.

  12. BruMagnus says:

    OK. Change it to Orpik instead of Sydor… then what?

  13. CDyer says:

    -I get the feeling it'll be Marchant on the move in Anaheim. I would love to see him in a Sens uniform, although his salary alarms me.
    -Vermette for Jokinen isn't happening. Jokinen is not moving anywhere, he is the Panthers after Luongo was dealt.
    -The Rangers aren't going to make a move unless it's for a defenseman. I know the defense has been performing well in New York but a Power Play specialist from the point is what they need.
    -Lecavalier is not going anywhere, yes he's the only one without a No-Trade Clause but who in the right mind would trade Lecavalier? Not me, not Feaster, and in no way the Tampa ownership group.
    -Colorado won't be able to find a goaltending solution until Theo is off the books. I hate to say it but they are gonna have to ride it out with Theo and Budaj until Theo's contract expires. I somehow can't shake the feeling that Huet is gonna end up in Colorado SOMEHOW this season… And I don't really think that Huet is gonna be the answer for them either.

  14. Maximus says:

    man, I would hate to trade Malone a big strong man with good hands…young….I saw him on the teams western swing through the prairies and he was very good.  I can see him being traded because he is a UFA next year…..but that would be a tough trade…..he is playing very well.

  15. Maximus says:

    I agree with you about Lecavalier… but stranger things have happened ….. Gretzky, Thornton, great players get traded when you do not expect it….

  16. 2006 says:

    I highly doubt that Weiss is more off limits than Jokinen

  17. nyr42205 says:

    To Rangers:
    Mathieu Schneider, 4th Rd Pick

    To Ducks:
    Paul Mara, Petr Prucha, 2nd Rd Pick

    That way, the Ducks clear some cap space and the Rangers get the Power Play point man that they need.

  18. czarrichter says:

    Schneider is the furthest thing we need as a defenseman.  We already have 3 greatly talented offensive defenseman, and Schneider although he is great, is undersized and lacks the physicality we are looking for in a defenseman.  Plus, his salary is a lot if we want to sign Fleury, Staal, and Malkin in the near future.  Also, Malone is one of our most consistant performers during the year, doing everything from scoring to fighting to killing penalties.  This would be an awful, AWFUL trade.

  19. Maximus says:

    I agree with you about Lecavalier… but stranger things have happened ….. Gretzky, Thornton, great players get traded when you do not expect it….

  20. oilers7890 says:

    There have being more rumors of Glen Murray coming to Edmonton, these rumors have being around since the oilers tried to pick him up in the  offseason for J.F Jaques and a 1st rounder. Now since Stoll's little healthy scratch the other night maybe stoll might be heading  to bean town. I personally don't  realy like Glens game even though he has being on a tear lately. I see him to resemble the other polite giant on the oil MR. Penner who is sort of coming around the last few games.There is another rumor that has Torres heading to the Devils maybe for Parise?? lol thats just wishful thinking. But i still think if Kevin Lowe would have signed Zach Parise instead of Penner to a offer sheet in the summer the oilers would be in a totally different place in the standing think about it hemsky and parise and horcoff that would be a leathal combination.

  21. GlenSather says:

    No way the Rangers trade Prucha, Mara and a 2nd rounder to the Ducks for Mathieu Schneider? Thats Schneider not Bobby Orr.  Thats a laughable proposal.  Start with second round pick and then maybe the Rangers will think about it.  I think the rumor of Svatos and jon michael liles for malik montoya prucha a prospect and a draft pick is also stupid.  Svatos for Prucha is like trading for the same player except Prucha handles getting hit better.  Montoya a prospect and a high draft pick for Liles naahh.  I would like to see the Rangers package Montoya and other young guys like Prucha and Dubinsky only for a young defenseman like Jack Johnson or if they take a run a Vincent Lecavalier.  Maybe even hold onto Montoya and use him to get high draft pick in 08.  I wouldn't trade him for a thomas pock like defenseman I mean Liles hasn't even put up 50 pts in a season.   Michal Rozsival has better stats this year than Liles the Rangers don't need him.

  22. hemsky79 says:

    Trades: stoll,torres,1st rounder ,roloson
    to  tampa bay for
    lecalvier and boyle
     tarnstrom, jaques                Let go : sanderson
    to ottowa
    for corvo
    Free Agents:
    sighn ovechkin since he wont want to go back to washington and edmonton is exactly like moscow were he was born

     claim Aebisher off waivers

                                 Our team


                                  Des Lauriers

  23. chimoty says:

    It wouldn't happen because the Pens were rumored to ship Sydor…Orpik will be in Pittsburgh a while

  24. pezzz says:


  25. hemsky79 says:

    how about this trade?     Shremp for Crosby

  26. czarrichter says:

    where's the money coming from?

    ovechkin will ask for the max
    lecavalier around $8 million
    penner $4+ million
    souray $6.5 million
    and i'm just going to stop there and not even go any further
    plus your trades/moves aren't really that fair either
  27. pezzz says:

    hemsky79……….are you serious?????????????? you're nuts if positive

  28. Pronger44 says:

    Ummmm…. I dunno if this is even worth commenting on but you seriously are not aware that the NHL does have a salary cap…. so yeah….

  29. iamnewfie1 says:

    the blues need a center badly and stoll is a young guy with alot of upside,maybe deal a defensman to the oilers for this guy….

  30. BruMagnus says:

    I dunno, Orpik is a UFA next season and after the Sydor debauchery I think the Pens will be looking and willing to pay for a TRUE top 2-4 dman…
    Gonchar and Whitney are still around for a while (signed). Scuderi is truly a number 6 dman, Eaton a number 5 dman. Letang could move up the ladder but I dont see Whitney and Gonchar pairing together. Which leaves Orpik a top 4 still, but still needing a true top pairing defensive (or all-around) defenseman, plus a solid top 4 guy.
    Orpik may command $2 mil +… so it may be better to spend more on a better player.

    I'm still surprised they didn't go after Markov.

  31. BruMagnus says:



  32. Sjostrom says:

    I'd move Crosby before I'd move Malone; seriously.  I'll build a team full of heart and soul guys before solo artists any day.  In fact, after the shennanigans last night (tripping of Biron, intending to injure him when down by 4), I think it's time to stop handing Cindy everything so fast.  The shame is he doesn't know how good he could be.  He could be 3 weapons, but usually choses to be 1, dives, sits on the ice until a ref sees him, and is concerned more with his stats than winning.  He clearly isn't saying what needs to be said in the locker room, and now ran Recchi out of town for the second time.

    The Pens need a dependable goaltender and a top 3 d-man.

    Crosby for Lupul.  Go for it.

  33. hemsky79 says:

    wow sorry its just a joke … der

  34. paulieplatypus says:

    In my oppinion the Rangers have no need for any other all-stars.  The "only" kind of player that the Rangers could possibly add to their roster that will actually make them a better team, is another Avery type player or two or three.  But finding an Avery type play that is healthy and still in his prime is hard enough… Finding a team willing to trade that type of player away (A hard checker with skills to play against and wear down the opponents top two lines) is almost impossible.  So I say the Rangers should just be patient not make any major trades, unless a player like a Chris Neil on Ottawa becomes available?  Unfortunately Ottawa would never trade a player like Neil in his prime, nor would almost any other teams GM.  Would you agree?


  35. JCob says:

    I'm pretty sure that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard

  36. ericthered1961 says:

    " I would like to see the Rangers package Montoya and other young guys like Prucha and Dubinsky only for a young defenseman like Jack Johnson or if they take a run a Vincent Lecavalier."

    Who's the stupid one now?

  37. hemsky79 says:

    Trades: stoll,pisani,roloson,1st rounder,2nd rounder,shremp
    to tampa bay for

    to ottawa for

    to new jersey for

    Free Agents:Ovechkin 10 mil

    Ovechkin=10 mil               Total=49.8
    Lecalvier=8 mil
    Hemsky=4.2 mil
    Penner=4.25 mil                                              The Team:
    Horcoff=3.6 mil
    Parise=2 mil                                     Ovechkin-Lecalvier-Hemsky
    Nilsson=550 thousand                       Penner-Horcoff-Parise
    Cogliano=750 thousand                     Nilsson-Cogliano-Gagner
    Gagner=750 thousand                       Moreau-Reasoner-Brodziak
    Reasoner=950 thousand                        Corvo-Souray
    Brodziak=950 thousand                         Gilbert-Pitkanen
    Souray=5.6 mil                                     Greene-Staios
    Corvo=2.5 mil
    Pitkanen=2.5 mil ( re-sighn)                        Garon
    Gilbert=1.5 mil ( re-sighn)                      Des Lauriers
    Staios=2.2 mil                                          Dubnyk
    Greene=1.2 mil
    Garon=1.5 mil
    Des Lauriers=550 thousand

  38. lukeleim says:

    you're outta your mind

  39. Canadiangold316 says:

    I can think of 29 other teams who can give a better package for one of the top three players in the league other than your EA sports 2008 trades.

    On another note, do you really think Ovechkin will be a RFA by years end with 29 other teams showing up on his doorstep salivitating like a dog in heat w/ they're golden pen and contract in hand ? Washington would rather trade him then let him walk for nothing but a bunch of picks…

    just my 2 cents

  40. Canadiangold316 says:

    crack kills braincells and can lead to death by various circumstances, please take this warning seriousley.

  41. BruMagnus says:

    change Lecavalier to Parise and you'll realize what it would ACTUALLY take for NJ to give up their one promising future superstar… geez… some people!

  42. wayne2 says:

    To Ottawa: Stoll
    To Edmonton: Corvo + 3rd round pick.

  43. frosty says:

    i think Jokinen would be great in Edmonton.Hes had issues in Florida and would play good with hemer. Just like hemsky 79 i think OV would be good in edmonton too and we have a chance at him in free agency. Ryder for torres rumors would also be a good deal.We'd have to clear cap spaces so it would look like this:
    Stoll=2.2,Pisani=3.5,Roli=3.5,1st rounder to florida for Jokinen=5.6, Boumester=2.5
    Ryder for torres                Total here: about 9.1                                      Sighn OV=8.5
    for Halak                        Total= 53.5/54.3 (salary cap going up in 2008)
                                        OV-Jokinen-Hemer   (18.3)
                                        Penner-Horc-Ryder   (11.35)
                                        Nilsson-Cogs-Gags   (2.25)
                                        Moreau-Reas-Brod    (3.5)

                                            Greene-Souray    (6.6)
                                       Boumester-Pitkanen (5.0)
                                           Gilbert-Staios       (3.0)

                                               Garon        (2)
                                               Halak        (950)
                                         Des Lauriers    (550)  (1.5)


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